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December 14, 2016

Everyone Struggles To Survive in The 100 Promo

-I don’t know if anything will bring me back to The 100, but this new promo sure is trying hard.

-Welp, this isn’t a good sign: People is reporting that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are at odds over Trump and their friends are encouraging them to ‘hold on.’

-Welp squared: Johnny Depp is reportedly still trying to get out of paying Amber Heard.

-According to Us Weekly, Brad Pitt isn’t sure if he’ll be seeing his kids on Christmas.

-Lots of stars are paying tribute to Alan Thicke today, including Leonardo DiCaprio: “When Alan Thicke walked in the room, quite frankly, no one was cooler. I miss him already.”

-I’m actually surprised that it took this long for a Warner Bros shakeup.

Jennifer Lawrence continues to gleefully tell stories about being super gross.

-Speaking of Passengers stars being gross, Chris Pratt says he stays connected with his Parks & Rec costars Nick Offerman and Adam Scott by sending each other pictures of their poop.

-The Bruno Mars edition of Carpool Karaoke is kind of meh. Is the honeymoon over?

-I”m kind of living for this clip of Matthew Rhys talking about almost ruining Keri Russell’s dress during their White House visit.

Susan Sarandon is now counting on Kanye West to lobby Trump on climate change. Can she just…stop?

-After Piers Morgan questioned Lady Gaga‘s rape claims, she graciously suggested they end their Twitter war and hash it out in an interview instead.

-Goodness, I am not feeling Felicity JonesRogue One photocall dress. The premiere dress is just a slight improvement.

-Judging by her latest tweet, it seems like Emmy Rossum won her Shameless salary fight.

Ben Affleck is still pressed about the media’s coverage of his romance with Jennifer Lopez and Gigli. If he didn’t like it, why does he insist on reminding us of it?

-Is it weird that I’m looking forward to CW’s Riverdale? I mean, Archie’s parents will be played by Luke Perry and Molly Ringwald. That’s perfect casting!

Sarah Paulson doesn’t want to hear your questions about catfights on the Ocean’s 8 set.

-The SAG nominations have long been considered one of the most reliable Oscar-night predictors but this year’s noms are…weird. Snubbing Oscar fave La La Land in favour of Captain Fantastic? Nominating Emily Blunt over Ruth NeggaIsabelle Huppert or Annette Bening?  On the TV side, there were lots of new faces, with the Drama Actress category featuring 4/5 actresses from freshman shows (and 4/5 on Netflix). At least Sterling K Brown  was nominated twice (and cried when he found out).

Rachel Dratch attempting to survive obstacle courses on Billy on the Street is never not funny. “Drown Jimmy Fallon in beer!” “Rachel knows all the words to ‘F*ck the Police’ because she went to Dartmouth!”

-This is a great interview with Phoebe Waller-Bridge on how she created Fleabag, one of my favourite new shows of the year.

-Meanwhile, here’s Pheobe turning the “12 Days of Christmas” into a creepy stalker story.

-How the hell does this headline get paired with this photo and no one goes “uh, guys? we might have a problem.”

-Weird casting: Sebastian Stan is joining Margot Robbie in a Tonya Harding biopic.

-Weird casting, part 2: Rosario Dawson vs Katherine Heigl in a new Single White Female meets Obsessed movie trailer.

Christopher Nolan‘s Dunkirk trailer dropped today and this does not seem like typical summer film fare.