New Photos From The X Files Reboot Are Here

x files reboot new photos

-EW has a new X Files cover story and exclusive photos from the new episodes. BE STILL MY HEART!

-Meanwhile, David Duchovny understands Tumblr about as much as I do.

Channing Tatum surprised fans by showing up to an advanced screening of Magic Mike XXL last night and started twerking on them.  Sadly, it was at the screening I was at (which was probably for the best. That audience was already filled with ovaries on the verge of exploding…mine included.)

Jennifer Lawrence decided to have fun with the paparazzi, which I’m pretty sure is breaking some sort of snobby Hollywood code.

Rose McGowan says she was dropped by her agent after calling out Hollywood bullshit by tweeting about Adam Sandler’s sexist casting call. If an established actress can’t point out crap without this kind of consequence, why would emerging talent ever speak out?

-Good on Jessica Chastain for showing Rose her support.

Mindy Kaling celebrated her birthday in style with McDonald’s. Obviously.

Ryan Reynolds joked that the difference between him and Ryan Gosling is that he’s a c***. I’m just gonna leave that right there.

-Well, well well. The NYT TV critic who once called Shonda Rhimes an “angry black woman” has been moved to a new beat.

-It’s only June, but I think we can already rule out this as being the summer of Ben Affleck.

-Here’s the first promo for Heroes: Reborn. I gave up on the original show somewhere in season two, but  Hot Rookie Blue Guy, Hot Orphan Black Guy and Evil Chuck might just suck me into this reboot. Seriously, was the casting office located in my cranium?

-Bless. Amy Poehler joined Seth Meyers for a Women’s World Cup-themed reprisal of “Really!?!”

Joe Morton appeared on The Nightly Show in character as Papa Pope from Scandal, and his rant about the confederate flag fight was EPIC.

-Buffy’s Charisma Carpenter just joined the cast of Scream Queens, the new MTV show that we are apparently unable to legally access through any of the multiple Canadian service providers I pay for. That’s swell.

-Speaking of TV shows I can’t (legally) watch, every TV critic I follow is raving about Amazon’s Catastrophe.

Jennifer Love Hewitt had a baby boy with that guy she met on her rub-n-tub show.

-Um, is AMC’s new Fear The Walking Dead promo supposed to be this bad? Like, is the thing we’re meant to fear most this kid’s acting?

-Saved by the Bell’s Screech was sentenced to 4 months in jail after “accidentally” stabbing someone.

-Poor Yvette Nicole Brown. The Community star announced yesterday that she’ll be moderating a panel for Once Upon a Time at Comic-Con and her Twitter feed got totally overrun by the show’s shippers. (Also, the fandom wants Regina and Emma to hook up? I haven’t seen the show in years, but whaaa?)

Jason Sudeikis and Alison Brie play two garbage people trying not to have sex in the Sleeping With Other People trailer.

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