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New Photos From The X Files Reboot Are Here

x files reboot new photos

-EW has a new X Files cover story and exclusive photos from the new episodes. BE STILL MY HEART!

-Meanwhile, David Duchovny understands Tumblr about as much as I do.

Channing Tatum surprised fans by showing up to an advanced screening of Magic Mike XXL last night and started twerking on them.  Sadly, it was at the screening I was at (which was probably for the best. That audience was already filled with ovaries on the verge of exploding…mine included.)

Jennifer Lawrence decided to have fun with the paparazzi, which I’m pretty sure is breaking some sort of snobby Hollywood code.

Rose McGowan says she was dropped by her agent after calling out Hollywood bullshit by tweeting about Adam Sandler’s sexist casting call. If an established actress can’t point out crap without this kind of consequence, why would emerging talent ever speak out?

-Good on Jessica Chastain for showing Rose her support.

Mindy Kaling celebrated her birthday in style with McDonald’s. Obviously.

Ryan Reynolds joked that the difference between him and Ryan Gosling is that he’s a c***. I’m just gonna leave that right there.

-Well, well well. The NYT TV critic who once called Shonda Rhimes an “angry black woman” has been moved to a new beat.

-It’s only June, but I think we can already rule out this as being the summer of Ben Affleck.

-Here’s the first promo for Heroes: Reborn. I gave up on the original show somewhere in season two, but  Hot Rookie Blue Guy, Hot Orphan Black Guy and Evil Chuck might just suck me into this reboot. Seriously, was the casting office located in my cranium?

-Bless. Amy Poehler joined Seth Meyers for a Women’s World Cup-themed reprisal of “Really!?!”

Joe Morton appeared on The Nightly Show in character as Papa Pope from Scandal, and his rant about the confederate flag fight was EPIC.

-Buffy’s Charisma Carpenter just joined the cast of Scream Queens, the new MTV show that we are apparently unable to legally access through any of the multiple Canadian service providers I pay for. That’s swell.

-Speaking of TV shows I can’t (legally) watch, every TV critic I follow is raving about Amazon’s Catastrophe.

Jennifer Love Hewitt had a baby boy with that guy she met on her rub-n-tub show.

-Um, is AMC’s new Fear The Walking Dead promo supposed to be this bad? Like, is the thing we’re meant to fear most this kid’s acting?

-Saved by the Bell’s Screech was sentenced to 4 months in jail after “accidentally” stabbing someone.

-Poor Yvette Nicole Brown. The Community star announced yesterday that she’ll be moderating a panel for Once Upon a Time at Comic-Con and her Twitter feed got totally overrun by the show’s shippers. (Also, the fandom wants Regina and Emma to hook up? I haven’t seen the show in years, but whaaa?)

Jason Sudeikis and Alison Brie play two garbage people trying not to have sex in the Sleeping With Other People trailer.

Cate Blanchett Welcomes New Baby Girl

Cate Blanchett in Cinderella
Cate Blanchett in Cinderella. (© 2015 – Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures)

-She may be playing an evil stepmother in the new Cinderella, but Cate Blanchett is embracing her maternal side in real life. She just adopted a daughter with her husband. This is the couple’s fourth child.

-I’m intrigued by the Cinderella remake, but all these stories about Lily James having to wear a corset so tight that she could only digest soup because other food would “get stuck” is really disturbing.  This tweet pretty much sums it up.

-Gotham producers are scrambling since Jada Pinkett Smith unexpectedly announced this morning on Live with Kelly & Michael that she wouldn’t be returning for the next season. Does this mean that she basically told the world she’d be killed off in the season finale?

-I was actually super charmed by Ansel Elgort at TIFF, but this article about why he’s the worst is admittedly hilarious.

Kelly Clarkson insists that when she tweeted about a “pitchy stripper” she was not actually talking about Miley Cyrus. I love her so I’m just going to blindly accept this as truth.

Sarah Silverman regrets that she never got to make out with Jon Hamm. Join the club, lady.

-Is it just me, or is Jennifer Love Hewitt always pregnant?

Taylor Swift posted a ‘I just woke up like this’ selfie complete with eyeliner and lip gloss. Though to be fair, I wouldn’t be surprised if woodland creatures sneak into her room at night to apply makeup while she sleeps.

Emily Bett Rickards is living my dream right now.

-I really like this article about the need for more childless couples on TV. I’m still sore about the Parks and Rec finale.

-Here’s our first look at Lena Dunham on Scandal. Is the scandal going to revolve around who’s making her wear such a terrible wig?

Chris Hemsworth, Hugh Jackman and SNL castmembers Colin Jost, Bobby Moynihan and Kate McKinnon joined Jimmy Fallon for an epic game of Musical Beers last night. In case you aren’t already sold, mullets were involved.

Chris Hemsworth stars in another round of SNL promos. I wish Leslie Jones were as good live as she is in all the pre-taped stuff.

Rihanna just teased two new songs from her album.

-I actually don’t hate the new Supergirl costume. It doesn’t really matter because the fact that it’s on CBS means it’ll probably die a quick death, but still.

Aaron Carter wants Hilary Duff to stop talking about him, which is just adorable!

Nick Hornby revealed what would happen to the characters in High Fidelity if he wrote a sequel. (I recently met him and he gave me a quill. This is what happens when you drink three Old Fashions before striking up conversations with famous people. True story.)

Sir Ben Kingsley wants to use Ryan Reynolds‘ body in the new Selfless trailer. The line forms behind me, buddy!

Chris Evans Helps Betty White, Wins the Internet

chris evans betty white

-Captain America himself Chris Evans made the entire internet ovulate when he jumped up to escort Betty White up the stairs at last night’s PCAs.

-Speaking of the PCAs, Viola Davis expertly shaded the New York Times in her PCA acceptance speech.

Chris Pratt didn’t make it to last night’s People’s Choice Awards, but he appeared in the opening skit with wife Anna Faris, who hosted.

-The PCAs are beyond pointless and its online voting system means the gongs just end up going to whichever show/movie has the most fervent fandom but I’m still glad Jane The Virgin and The Flash won, especially if it means more people will watch The CW.

-Speaking of CW stars, Stephen Amell continues to use his Facebook page to do amazing things for charity.

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin are giving their relationship another go, according to People (which basically means according to their publicists).

-I really liked this article about Taylor Swift’s image strategy when it comes the photos of friends she posts on Instagram.

Jimmy Fallon is on a roll this week. First he inadvertently dissed Nicole Kidman and then he arm-wrestled with Liam Neeson.

-Fargo has added Nick Offerman, Kieran Culkin, Patrick Wilson, Ted Danson and Jean Smart to its S2 cast. All those people are great but I really hope there’s still room for an unknown to break out like Allison Tolman did in S1. However, the latest issue of EW had a script preview featuring a scene between Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Plemons, and my interest is officially piqued.

Jennifer Lopez may have reunited with that trolly guy whose name I never bothered to learn.

Jessica Chastain shot down Russell Crowe’s ageism remarks (yay!) while Meryl Streep defended him (boo!).

-This is flames: Alan Sepinwall reviewed every episode of The Wire twice, once for newbies, once for veterans.

Phylicia Rashad says she was misquoted when she defended Bill Cosby, but her “explanation” doesn’t really help matters.

Jennifer Love Hewitt is expecting her second child with the dude from Revenge.

Chris Pratt told Ellen the cutest story about his son. “He’ll say, ‘Hm, I thought about it and no thanks, Dad, Not right now,’ and I’m like, ‘HE’S SO POLITE! What am I supposed to do?'”

-Also, Chris “randomly” showed up to Jimmy Kimmel Live last night and it was amazing.

-I really liked this article with Wes Anderson’s cinematographer talking about how he shot nine iconic scenes.

-The people behind Serial have responded to Kevin Urick and The Intercept interviews. Good for them. The tone of that last article was so petulant.

Drake continues to make all of the rest of us here feel like bad Torontonians.

-The final four episodes of Parenthood begin airing tonight. I really liked this article on how it’s one of the last family-centred dramas left, especially since it references the wonderful and underappreciated Once and Again. (Most O&A eps are on YouTube, including one of my favourite hours of television ever — and seeing as it features Mischa Barton, that’s really saying something!)

Olivia Wilde is back from the dead in first trailer for The Lazarus Effect, which seems like Flatliners: The Sequel.

The Voices trailer makes it seem way better than the actually movie is. Blame Anna Kendrick.