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June 16, 2015

Anna Kendrick confirms Pitch Perfect 3

Happening #3

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-Universal has confirmed that Pitch Perfect 3 will hit theaters on July 21, 2017 and star Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson. Make that cash, ladies!

-I’m so freaked out by Kate Hudson’s rib cage right now…

-Lifetime’s unauthorized behind-the-scenes movies are uniformly terrible, but their next one will be about Beverly Hills, 90210 so we might have to drunk-watch this thing.

-Harsh headline, EW: “Did Grey’s Anatomy Just Replace Patrick Dempsey?” Not untrue, but harsh.

Tilda Swinton opened a school and it sounds like the happiest place on Earth. No grades, no tests, all Tilda!

Kristen Bell threw a dress up Game of Thrones finale viewing party, and she invited Major from iZombie? I want to go to there.

-Also, Game of Thrones, which showed a child being burned alive and marched a main female character naked through the streets while people threw poop at her, thought a character’s decapitation in the finale would’ve been “gratuitous”. Sure.

-In other depressing TV news: very, very few Orange Is the New Black episodes have been directed by women. Like, dude from Blaine from Pretty in Pink directed more of the series than Jodie Foster.

-Oh yeah, Mark Walhberg has totally reformed, guys.

-That moment when you’re singing an Ed Sheeran song at the mall and he joins in

Kristen Stewart’s mom says she never told The Mirror that Kristen Stewart is dating a woman, and now the reporter says she’s going to release the audio recording.

Aziz Ansari was on GMA this morning and made me super hyped for his Modern Romance book.

-People were so angry at Aaron Paul last night. How is that even possible? That’s like being angry at ice cream.

Chris Pratt‘s hot streak continues. He just signed on to a movie with Jennifer Lawrence. (Also, I love that JLaw can pull in $20M + 30% backend at this point…)

-Meanwhile, Chris handled this dinosaur prank so well. I would have throat-punched everyone.

-Excellent read from Grantland on how Jurassic World’s immense win of the weekend is not entirely free of collateral damage.

-Speaking of excellent reads, here’s the Washington Post’s glowing take on UnREAL.

-Starz has greenlit and adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods with Bryan Fuller and Michael Green as show runners. I’m scared/excited/mostly scared.

Helen Mirren calls Hollywood ageism “f-cking outrageous” in this new video.

Richard Gere made me tear up a little in this trailer for Time Out of Mind.