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June 12, 2015

Laverne Cox Covers EW, Talks Caitlyn Jenner


-It’s a good week for Laverne Cox. Not only did the new season of Orange Is the New Black drop (a day early!), but she’s gracing the cover of the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly.

-Also, how awesome is it that the OITNB cast vacations together?

-Need a good read to end your week? May I interest you in the Top 35 Shadiest Pop Diva Moments, Ranked?

-Well, this sucks. All of David Letterman‘s Late Show clips on YouTube have been removed, leaving a sad trail of broken embeds.

-Ian who? Nina Dobrev was spotted kissing Austin Stowell at a comedy club.

Julianna Margulies is talking about feminism in Hollywood, which I’m having a *really* hard time wrapping my brain around.

-Interesting: Elizabeth Banks may direct the adaptation of the book Red Queen, with a script by a Breaking Bad writer. (It says a lot about how much YA I read that it’s listed as “finished” in my Kobo but I have no recollection of this book at all…)

-Do-gooder Taylor Swift continues to do good. She donated $15,000 to the firefighter who saved his own family.

Kim Kardashian is having a boy according to Us Weekly, who seem to have a reporter embedded in her uterus.

Jimmy Kimmel aired a trailer spoof of The Martian starring his enemy Matt Damon called The Mastronaut: Emission to Mars. Good stuff.

Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart got kissy at the Mr. Holmes premiere, launching a thousand fanfics.

-TV critics are split on True Detective season 2. The Hollywood Reporter says it’s “trying so hard it hurts,” while Vulture calls it “totally fascinating.”

-Speaking of shows that critics seem to love more than me, here’s the first promo for the new season of The Leftovers.

-Here’s Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Hit Record dark comedy skit written by Mindy Kaling and starring Chris Messina.

-I don’t read romance (but NPR’s latest PCHH podcast may be changing my mind), but it sucks that a usually solid site like The Mary Sue would write such a sexist takedown of the whole genre. No wonder Twitter went crazy.

-So ABC accidentally aired some LeBron James peen last night.

Is this more proof that CBS leaked its own Supergirl pilot, or just internet weirdness?

Britney Spears wants to be Brangelina’s nanny — an idea which no doubt *thrills* them.

Melissa McCarthy said she was so nervous when she first talked to Sandra Bullock, she couldn’t stop saying her full name. (Also, I finally watched the full Gilmore Girls ATX panel. Is it weird that no one — not even the guy who played her husband — mentioned Melissa at all?)

Chris Pratt says he only had to use three facial impressions to act in Jurassic World. Let him show you.

-Following up with yesterday’s links about fandom toxicity, now John Greene is being targeted by ignorant Tumblr-ers.

-Watch Man From U.N.C.L.E. trailer and see just how much sexual-innuendo-laden dialogue you can handle.