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May 5, 2015

Miley Cyrus Makes Us Feel Lazy

miley cyrus topless

Miley Cyrus had a busy day. She launched a foundation to fight youth homelessness and promote pro-LGBT causes, wore an outfit at the MET Gala that gave me a sudden fear of hipbones, and posed topless for V’s Diary of a Dirty Hippie.

-Also making me feel lazy is Anna Kendrick, who reflects on her hectic year.

-This is sweet: in memory of the late “Ryan Gosling Won’t Eat His Cereal” meme creator, who passed away at just 27, Ryan Gosling ate his cereal.

-Oh, so it DOES get worse than Jeremy Renner‘s “sorry, not sorry” apology. He’s standing by his “Black Widow is a slut” comments because he’s clearly a terrible human being.

-In other Avengers drama, Joss Whedon revealed on a podcast some tension between him and Marvel during the making of Ultron.  The studio basically told him to include that Thor/cave nonsense and if he didn’t, they’d cut all the character development scenes on the farm.

-The Walking Dead’s Seth Gilliam was arrested for DUI and marijuana possession. I feel like there’s a joke about The Wire to be made, but I’m not going to be the one to make it.

-I love Tom Hardy‘s statement about why he dropped out of the Suicide Squad movie, but I love Grantland’s annotated version of that statement even more. (And yes, we all must incorporate the phrase “f*cking alley” into our everyday lexicon.)

-Whatever you may think of Rose McGowan, her seven tips to fight sexism in Hollywood are pretty great.

-With the exception of SJP, Rihanna and Anne Hathaway, I was bored by most of  last night’s MET Gala — and angry about others. (The only thing I texted Nicole when Kristen Wiig showed up was “f**k Kristen Wigg!”)

Lorde and Jennifer Lawrence are friends? Does that mean Jennifer Lawrence and Taylor Swift are friends? My mind just broke.

-News the Josh Charles has joined the Masters of Sex cast basically left me breathing into a paper bag.

-Other great casting news: Martin Freeman just joined Captain America: Civil War.

Chris Brown continues to be a stellar human being.

-Congrats to Amy Adams, who wed her boyfriend of 14 years (which is like 97 in Hollywood years).

Jimmy Fallon and Jack Black did a shot-for-shot remake of Extreme’s “More Than Words” music video – -and it was glorious.