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May 8, 2015

Tina Fey Strips to her Spanx on Letterman

-Marry me, Tina Fey.

Jamie Foxx says he still isn’t dating Katie Holmes; we’re still side-eyeing him.

Amber Rose says Kanye West doesn’t write his own music. Shots fired!

-The upfronts to unveil new TV shows to advertisers are next week, which means cancellations are coming fast and furious today. NBC dropped Constantine (though the CW may pick it up) and State of Affairs, Fox axed Backstrom and The Following, and ABC just cut Forever, Cristela and Resurrection. But in surprisingly awesome news, they renewed Agent Carter!

-True Detective season 2 is dropping the occult angle, which is probs for the best.

Stephen Colbert just solidified his rep as an solid human being at South Carolina schools by funding every single teacher-requested grant.

Archie Panjabi talked about leaving The Good Wife, saying she wanted something “meatier” and “I’ve known I’ve wanted to leave since Season 4.”

Stephen Amell turns 34 today (proving that the best people in the world had bdays this week), so here are 34 times he slayed us with awesomeness.

-Speaking of excellent people celebrating birthdays this week, George Clooney gushed about his new wife while promoting Tomorrowland.

-The next Lip Sync Battle is between Stephen Merchant and Malin Åkerman.

-God help me but I laughed at the end of the red band trailer for the Vacation reboot .