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May 4, 2015

Vanity Fair’s Star Wars Issue Offers Lots of New Clues

Star Wars Vanity Fair cover

-May the 4th be with you, indeed. Vanity Fair’s new Star Wars photos solve the mystery behind Lupita Nyong’o and Adam Driver‘s  characters. Not sure how I’m feeling about Lupita’s character being purely CGI…

Gwendoline Christie as the Chrometrooper is totally badass, though.

-Also in the issue, J.J. Abrams reveals he wanted to kill off Jar Jar Binks. Who could possible object to that?

Sofia Vergara has broken her silence on the ongoing saga involving ex Nick Loeb and their frozen embryos.

-Here’s the first single off David Duchovny’s new album. While I was cringe-listening to it with my headphones on, my coworker asked why I was blushing, so that should tell you something…

-This story about how a lawyer fell in love with Michael Douglas’ son and smuggled drugs into prison for him is a good/crazy read.

-Ugh. Sleepy Hollow is dropping Orlando Jones. They totally misused that character in season 2 but that could easily be fixed. And that man understands and interacts with fandom like no other actor I’ve ever seen.

-If you ever wanted to watch Sean “Diddy” Combs have sex, his new NSFW perfume ad is for you. Also, what’s wrong with you?

-I, like the rest of the universe, saw Avengers: Age of Ultron this weekend, and while there was lots to like about it, I hated hated hated what they did with Black Widow. After her awesome introduction in the first movie, she was reduced to making googly eyes at a dude and sing “lullabies”? Super disappointing, especially since I expect more from Joss Whedon. This EW article sums up my issues nicely.

-Speaking of disappointing Joss Whedon news, he just quit Twitter. Sigh.

-In other blockbuster movie news, Harley Quinn and the rest of the Suicide Squad have been revealed — and the internet is underwhelmed. This is the second time in a week that David Ayer has tweeted out character art and been burned by it. 

-A Toronto woman saw Ricky Gervais trying to hail a cab and offered him a ride — which he took.

Busy Philips posted a hilarious Instagram pic with the drunk guy she met on a plane. It sounded a lot like when Liz Lemon met Oprah.

-Watch Justin Timberlake play a lime in this very strange tequila commercial. I…don’t get it.

-It looks like Amy Schumer is going to blow up the interwebs again with her 12 Angry Men bit, which debuts next week. Until then, her New Yorker profile is great.

Nikki Reed is posting cutesy pics from her Mexico honeymoon with Ian Somerhalder. The paparazzi is also helping out.

David Beckham finally got Instagram, and his first order of business was to post Spice Girl reunion pics. He’s a quick study!

-Just when you thought the Madonna/Drake kiss couldn’t get any weirder comes her comments about it.

-The Absolutely Anything trailer, starring Simon Pegg, is a total delight.