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April 2015

Anna Kendrick Defends Mae Whitman


Mae Whitman retweeted HitFix’s article speculating about why Independence Day 2 recast her, which basically confirms their theory that she wasn’t Hollywood hot enough. Total BS, especially since The Duff overperformed and solidified her status as bankable. I’m with Anna Kendrick on this one.

-How can you not love Mae when she wears a suit covered in naked ladies?

Ian Somerhalder’s wedding guests included Vampire Diaries’ costars Kat Graham, Paul Wesley and Matt Davis. If Nina Dobrev ever had an excuse to bail on an event, it was this one.

-Why would Susan Sarandon agree to be on a reality series? WHY?

-I adore Kristen Wiig‘s rambling, in-character (but not really) appearances on Fallon.

-NBC is pulling a Netflix and is going to make the entire season of David Duchovny‘s Aquarius available online after the first ep airs this summer. This is probably only exciting to people who’ve never tried to watch anything on

Chris Evans surprised the crap out of Scarlett Johansson on Ellen and it was hilarious. Thank god. That press tour needed a win.

-Weird: we nearly had John Krasinski as Captain America and Emily Blunt as Agent Carter.

Ben Affleck tried to creep around the Toronto set of Suicide Squad unnoticed. It didn’t work.

-This is a great story about how Hollywood keeps women out (even though it doesn’t depict George Clooney in the best light).

Kevin Spacey was owned by a 5-year-old in a presidential trivia challenge on Ellen.

-Can someone please explain Clickhole to Russell Crowe? ‘Cause this is getting embarrassing.

-I don’t understand how Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 keeps casting people I love. I don’t have to see this movie, do I? Please Hollywood, don’t make me see this movie.

-What it’s like to be friends with Amy Poehler? (Spoiler alert: it’s awesome)

-The custody battle between Rosie O’Donnell and her estranged wife over their 2-year-old daughter is getting ugly.

-Depressing: Nicholas Brendon (Buffy’s Xander) continues to break our hearts. There’s a warrant out for his arrest in Florida.

Jaden Smith shared a moment with Owen Wilson and tweeted about it because celebs are just like us.

Blake Lively’s backup plan is to go to Harvard Business School. Mwahahaha!

-No surprise here: Oprah just pulled the plug on Dr. Oz’s radio show.

-Wait, wait, wait — the new Emma Stone/Ryan Gosling movie is going to be a musical? I think I just got the vapors.

-Speaking of swoonage, how am I supposed to handle a double dose of Tom Hardy in the same film?!

-The trailer for Cameron Crowe’s Aloha, starring Bradley Cooper, Bill Murray, Rachel McAdams and Emma Stone, looks very Cameron Crowe-y. I can’t decide if that’s a good thing or not.

Amy Schumer’s 1D Parody is Perfection

Amy Schumer is only two episodes into the new season and continues to kill it. Her One Direction parody is on point! She also filled her Twitter feed last night with #girlyoudontneedmakeup pics, which was amazing.

-Here we go again. Miley Cyrus is reportedly “hanging out” with Liam Hemsworth.

-A cute song isn’t going to make me like you, Jeremy Renner. Nice try, tho. Ruffalo, you’re still perfect.

Amal Clooney continues to give good dress.

-When asked about her management style, Jessica Alba says she makes people cry. To be fair, if she was my boss I’d probably spend a lot of time weeping anyway.

Kristen Stewart says the industry “is disgustingly sexist” in her new Harper’s interview.

-Speaking of Hollywood being gross, Mae Whitman is apparently not hot enough to reprise her role in Independence Day for the sequel? Screw that noise! Twitter was not happy when the news broke. (Also, I love that this article links to Heather Matarazzo’s brilliant blog post on what it means to “be f*ckable,” which is always worth a read.)

-A  female-driven 21 Jump Street spin-off from the Broad City writers? WANT! 

Scarlett Johansson mocks the Avengers and says “testicles pickles” in her new SNL promos.

-Star Trek actress Alice Eve has apologized for comments she made about Bruce Jenner. Good intentions, stupid statement.

-There’s a new rendition of “Cups” in the Pitch Perfect sequel. Yeah, that clip wasn’t sad at all. No, YOU’RE crying!

Mariah Carey is best friends with a dolphin. Of course she is.

Blake Lively will breastfeed during interviews, as long as the reporter promises not to describe her areolas. Seems fair.

-Despite yesterday’s reports, Joni Mitchell is ‘alert’ and not in a coma, says a statement on the singer’s website.

-I really wouldn’t have guessed that Donald Glover had a six-pack. Not complaining, though.

-The network upfronts are almost here, which means we’re going to get a slew of TV cancellations in the next week or so. The first casualty: Revenge.

-There’s something really satisfying about watching Meredith Viera own Stacey Dash in the wage gap debate.

Kevin Zegers (aka – the prettiest man I’ve ever seen in real life) and his wife are expecting twins.

-I want — no, I NEED Carey Mulligan‘s UFO shirt.

-This time next week, Amy Adams may be a married lady.

Joss Whedon continues to crap all over Marvel’s choices, saying that he fought for Daredevil to be a movie instead of a TV show. (I’d love to know his thoughts on the show. Every critic I follow loves it but I’m five episodes in and want to bail so hard…)

-Here’s some insight into the way DC Universe movies are being developed. (Spoiler: BADLY.)

-The New York Times’ interview with David Letterman reflecting on his career is definitely worth a read. Speaking of his initial hopes for his replacement:  “I thought, well, maybe this will be a good opportunity to put a black person on, and it would be a good opportunity to put a woman on.”

-Dayum, the final Mad Max trailer is even better than the previous ones — and that’s saying something!

-Here’s Emma Stone and Joaquin Phoenix in the first trailer for Irrational Man. It has the requisite level of creepiness required for a Woody Allen joint.



Kristen Stewart Classes It Up for Harper’s Bazaar


-I love love love the hammock shot in Kristen Stewart’s Harper’s Bazaar spread (much more than the cover photo), but I still find it weird that they put her is such stuffy Chanel. I know she has to represent for the brand, but surely they could have found something more her vibe?

Robert Downey Jr. was on Howard Stern this week and I learned so many new insults from this interview! He called the interviewer he walked out on “a syphilitic parasite” and talks about being scrutinized “like a kiddy fiddler.” Bless.

RDJ also told Stern about his recent reconciliation with ex-girlfriend Sarah Jessica Parker. Tapas fixes everything.

-This Gordon Ramsay vs. a former intern drama is like foodie crack to me.

Laverne Cox had some predictably eloquent things to say about Bruce Jenner‘s interview.

-Meanwhile, Jenner may sue the privacy-invading paparazzo who took photos of the star wearing a dress.

-Did John Stamos really think that by calling out Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen he was going to shame them into the Full House reboot? That’s *adorabable*.

-Is Bradley Cooper’s awards snub streak going to come to an end with the Tonys?

-Jesus. Joni Mitchell is reportedly in a coma with “no immediate prospects for getting better.”

Zac Efron is strutting around the set of his new movie in a speedo and fringed crop top because Hollywood knows exactly what we want.

Adam Sandler‘s offensive  Ridiculous Six jokes have leaked online and they’re as terrible as you imagined.

-Um, Starz is making a new show about a ballet school and it stars BOTH guys from Center Stage? I’m going to watch this so hard.

-Does this blurry photo show the engagement ring Robert Pattinson gave FKA twigs? Do we care?

-The X Files reboot just recruited former writers Glen Morgan and James Wong.  Next we just need Vince Gilligan and Darin Morgan.

-I forgot that Sarah Silverman and Michael Sheen were a thing. Still are, apparently.

-Aw crap. Jared Leto‘s The Joker might be sucked into the mess that is Batman vs Superman, while Ben Affleck‘s Batman may show up in the Suicide Squad.

-Also, Jared Leto’s veins are creepin’ me out.

Courteney Cox says David Schwimmer always ‘flakes‘ whenever the Friends cast tries to hang out. Meh, no one wants Ross anyway.

-So if I’m reading this right, Netflix’s biggest show is Daredevil — but their ratings are comparable to The Flash?

-The redband trailer for Ted 2 has Law & Order lyrics and Tom Brady.