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May 6, 2015

Anna Kendrick Covers Glamour, Talks Gender Bias


anna kendrick glamour

Anna Kendrick looks lovely on the new Glamour, in which she talks about a new film she’s considering that won’t cut her deal until all the male parts have been cast. Ugh.

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel hired two gay nannies for their kid (possibly because Biel doesn’t want Timberlake around ladies?).

Danny Strong and Sarah Michelle Gellar‘s tweets are giving me Buffy feels.

David Letterman and his former writers reveal the 23 greatest jokes that never made it to air.

-Best birthday present ever? Mindy Kaling is writing a new book.

-Human pinkie ring Robin Thicke annoyed fellow passengers by blocking the aisle because he was busy making out with his 20-year-old girlfriend.

Jaden Smith just quit Twitter and now my life has no meaning.

Joss Whedon calls rumours that feminists chased him off Twitter “horseshit.”  Good on him, though I find his statement a bit problematic. The insinuation that declaring himself a feminist has destroyed him artistically is…odd.

-I’m glad Patton Oswald owned up to being wrong about Joss‘ reasons for quitting.

Mark Ruffalo jumped to Joss’ defense in his Reddit AMA,  but also acknowledged that the lack of female superheroes is an vital factor in the critique.

-Speaking of the Joss/Avengers thing, this is the most balanced, articulate piece I’ve read about the issues with Black Widow.

-Also, Scarlett Johansson maybe hated that Age Of Ultron romance, too.

-The New York’s cover illustration of 146 big moments from the last year in TV is awesome. (I knew way too many without having to look them up…)

-I know I should probably stop gushing about Amy Schumer, but last night’s episode of her show reached new heights. In her 19-minute 12 Angry Men sketch, Jeff Goldblum, Paul Giamatti, John Hawke, Vincent Kartheiser, Dennis Quaid and a bunch of other dudes debate whether Schumer is hot enough to appear on TV. It’s perfection.

Jon Hamm‘s character in Wet Hot American Summer is named Falcon. I’m so in.

-Wow, Wendy William’s husband/manager sounds like a real charmer.

Natalie Portman claims she doesn’t know where her Oscar is, and doesn’t care because it’s a “false idol.” Ok, then,

-Here was Gwyneth Paltrow‘s subtle MET Gala slam.

-Meanwhile, Reese Witherspoon just pulled a GOOP and launched her own lifestyle site.

-I have little interest in Reese‘s new movie with Sofia Vergara (though I still hope it does well), but their promo tour has been quite cute. Especially this moment where Buzzfeed asked them to draw portraits of each other, and Sofia drew a nude Reese.

-Also, Sofia made the Catchphrase game sexy on last night’s Fallon.

-There’s a new Magic Mike XXL trailer. I repeat, there’s a new Magic Mike XXL trailer!!