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May 29, 2015

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner Stand United

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner in Daredevil (Twentieth Century Fox)

-Well, it didn’t take Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck long to call the paps in for reinforcements. They’re presenting a united front with family photos amidst all the breakup rumours. Meanwhile, it’s now open season on blind items, while the New York Daily News is claiming they’re leading separate lives and Gawker is debating when the most PR-friendly time for them to announce their split.

Sarah Michelle Gellar and  Selma Blair reenacted their Cruel Intentions kiss last night, while Reese Witherspoon sang “Torn.”  So basically, it was the best night ever.

-I fully realize how sucky it must be to be famous and get photographed all the time, but there’s something really weird about the way Ian Somerhalder is begging fans not to take pics of him in this video. Is there not a better way to handle it? It seems like it would have taken less time to just shake some hands and pose a couple of times.

-As dark as Hannibal is, at least show creator Bryan Fuller has a ban on telling rape stories.

Matthew Weiner considered bringing Sal back for the final season of Mad Men, which I would have luvved.

Emma Stone says Bill Murray cheered her up on the set of Aloha by bringing her little gifts every day. He’s going to have to send her a GIANT present after she reads all the reviews.

–Despite how terrible Aloha sounds, I really liked this interview with Cameron Crowe, in which he takes us on a musical tour through his filmography.

-Sony is considering yanking their artists off of Tidal. You know who’s on Sony? Beyonce. How embarrassing would it be for Jay Z if his own wife’s music was pulled from his much-hyped service?

-I love this story about jargon that TV writers use, though I always thought “Hanging a Lantern” was called “Hanging a Lampshade.” Whatever it’s called, Buffy used to do it a lot, and it was hilarious.

-Here’s the first promo for Trevor Noah’s new Daily Show.

-This new Jurassic World clip stars Jake Johnson and Lauren Lapkus, automatically making it my favourite clip to come out yet.