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April 7, 2014

Leaked Demi Lovato Topless Photos Are Probably (Hopefully?) Fake

Demi Lovato topless

-Some leaked bedroom photos featuring Demi Lovato and Wilder Valderrama surfaced this weekend, but sharp-eyed observers noticed that her tattoos are on the wrong side, meaning at least one of the photos is probably a fake.

Demi responded on Twitter by posting (in Spanish) “I’m strong. I’m a fighter. So don’t underestimate me.”

-The Peaches Geldof story is unbelievably tragic. The 25-year-old leaves two children behind.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were spotted spending the night at a hotel and the interwebs melted into a sea of squees.

Amy Odell live-tweeted Madonna’s massive disinterest at Miley Cyrus‘ concert on Saturday night, and it was amazing.

Lindsay Lohan finally admitted to relapsing on last night’s episode of her reality show.

Naomi Campbell and Michael Fassbender are reportedly dating. Considering both of their histories, this should make for some volatile gossip.

Amanda Bynes looks happy and healthy on holiday.

-Is Zac Efron using a hot blonde to distract us?

Maisie Williams was the undisputed MVP of last night’s Game of Thrones premiere. In this new interview, she talks about the new season, dreamy Brad Pitt, and why marriage seems like a trap.

-Meanwhile, the ratings were huge, drawing the best numbers for HBO since the Sopranos finale.

Anna Kendrick was (pitch) perfect on SNL this weekend. I especially liked the sketches in which she sang (which were basically all of them).

-Speaking of SNL, was Chris Martin  in a relationship with a woman who worked on the show during his marriage?

-Meanwhile, Chris shows off his magic skills in Coldplay’s new video.

-It’s been a rough year for Gwyneth Paltrow. Her grandmother just passed away.

-Before he started dating Lena DunhamJack Antonoff took Scarlett Johansson to the prom.

-I saw Captain America this weekend, which almost makes me want to watch Agents of SHIELD this week to see if it impacts the show. And here I thought I’d never want to watch it again.

-Meanwhile, Captain America 3 will face off against Batman and Superman.

Aaron Paul’s new movie Hellion is heading to Cannes.

Kristen Stewart is a redhead now. Welcome! I’ll teach you the secret handshake later.

-The series finale of Being Human airs tonight and I’m seriously not sure if I can deal with another TV show making me cry this month. (I blame The Good Wife!). On the plus side, an indie movie starring two of the show’s three leads comes out this week, so that should soften the blow.

-Is Patrick Stewart holding a Habs cap in this photo?

Josh Lucas (who has the bluest eyes of anyone I’ve ever met) is not reconciling with estranged wife Jessica Ciencin Henriquez, despite their recent PDA in a park.

-Want to see Jennifer Lawrence as a bridesmaid? Her brother’s wedding was featured in Martha Stewart’s Real Weddings.

-Parks and Rec’s Nick Offerman did a Reddit AMA recently, and it was great.

Kate Middleton kicked off her tour of Australia and New Zealand in style.

-Speaking of style, Vanessa Hudgens and Lea Michele are reportedly charging $20k to be spotted wearing brands at Coachella.

-There are so many rumours flying around about who’s going to take over Letterman‘s slot. Neil Patrick Harris isn’t ruling it out, Whoopi Goldberg denies being in the running, and Chelsea Handler is reportedly in talks with CBS.

Tom Hiddleston is reciting Shakespeare for you in latest Jaguar ad. Set stunguns to “swoon.”

-Did you miss Bryan Cranston on last night’s Family Guy? Watch a clip here.

-Speaking of Cranston, here’s your best look yet at Godzilla in this extended trailer.

-The trailer for Damon Lindelof‘s HBO adaptation of The Leftovers looks pretty damn good. I really liked this novel, but I worry that the show will try to explain the mystery instead of just dealing with the aftermath, which made the book so great.