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Lady Gaga Adjusts Her Plans

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Lady Gaga covers Billboard’s Grammy issue and talks about how Fiona Apple’s Fetch the Bolt Cutters has been getting her through isolation (girl, same), and how she became den mother to a handful of her team who are quarantining with her. I feel really bad for her because I think her new album is great and in any other year it would be taking over the world.

-I love W Magazine’s new photo shoot with TV stars dressing as their fave TV characters. Millie Bobby Brown is Rachel from Friends, Ozark’s Julia Garner dresses as Shiv Roy from Succession, Schitt’s Creek’s Dan Levy is Emperor Peter from The Great, Normal People’s Paul Mescal pays homage to True Detective, and more.

-Covid keeps messing with TV. ABC, which had already renewed Stumptown, reversed its decision and cancelled the show. Sources tell THR it was an expensive show to produce, and paired with missing its fall launch and a planned creative reboot for S2 with a new showrunner, ABC decided to pull the plug.

-Former TMZ on TV, Ellen and Rosie employees detail their experiences with abusive work culture for the Hollywood Reporter.

Stanley Tucci is releasing a food-themed memoir, which would be annoying if it were anyone else.

-As a TIFF perk, me and some other members are going to be on a Zoom call with Tatiana Maslany tomorrow and they told us to prepare a few questions each. I was stumped about what to ask her and then this news dropped today: she just signed on to play She-Hulk in a new Disney+ Marvel series. Being part of the MCU means I can totally ask her about Chris Evans‘ nudes, right??

-Production on The Batman has resumed as Robert Pattinson has recovered from covid.

-We know Halle Berry has a new boyfriend from her cryptic Instagram posts but she hasn’t revealed who. Now it looks like it’s singer Van Hunt.

Kanye West was kicked off Twitter for 12 hours for doxxing Forbes editor Randall Lane by publishing his private contact information — all because Forbes didn’t include him in their annual list of billionaires.

Samaire Armstrong, who played Anna on The OC, is a Trump supporter and called called BLM “a billion dollar domestic terrorist organization.” Wow.

-The 2020 hits just keep coming: Cheer star Jerry Harris was arrested today on a federal child pornography charge.

Chris Pine and Thandie Newton are teaming up for a spy thriller called All the Old Knives which centers on two ex-lovers who are both spies that reunite for dinner when it becomes clear one of them is not going to survive the night. This sounds like a hotter Mr & Mrs Smith and I’m here for it!

-I don’t watch Real Housewives but my TL seems pretty shook up that NeNe Leakes is leaving. This feels like it will be bad for the future of reaction GIFs.

-There’s been a lot of talk this week about the movie poster for Cordelia, which makes it look like a period romance when it’s actually a modern day horror.

Joey King accidentally kills her friend in Veena Sud’s The Lie, which hits Amazon Prime next month. I saw this at a film festival last year and liked it, though I have zero recollection of how it ends.

Claire Danes Talks MSCL, Body Shaming and Baldness


-I really love Claire Danes‘ new Allure cover story, where she talks about how fans still approach her about My So-Called Life (my top 3 show of all time, just behind Buffy and TXF), how she once burned all her hair off with a perm, and how she’s learned to accept her body: “I’m attractive enough. I can do the work I want to do. I’ve found a wonderful man who wants to make out with me. I’m good.”

-Ohhh boy. It’s great that The Hollywood Reporter gathered 6 actresses from all different age groups to talk about the pay gap in their new roundtable interview, but how did anyone look at this photo and not think “hmmm, we may have a problem here”? And their “mea culpa” about its whiteness after Twitter bashed them for it is laughable. I mean, they’re right that it reflects a disturbing lack of diversity among this year’s predicted Oscar hopefuls. But perhaps that’s something that should have been addressed in their story?

-Also, did Brie Larson forget that she actually got the part she’s lamenting here?

-In less problematic cover news, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt get cuddly for the cover of Vanity Fair Italia.

-The Ant Man gag reel is short but cute. Kinda like Ant Man.

-The season 2 trailer for Agent Carter has landed and I am so here for it! (And her killer red sunglasses.)

-This woman won a lunch date with George Clooney and is somehow coherent enough to talk about it without fainting.

-Just when I thought I had reclaimed my life, there’s more to the “Zola’s Road Trip with a White Bitch She Met at Hooters” story! I’m going to need at least four days to fully process this…

-People magazine skipped over Chris Pratt, Daniel Craig and Idris Elba to name David Beckham the Sexiest Man Alive?!?

-Now that the embargo has lifted, the early reviews are coming in for Michael B Jordan‘s performance in Creed — and they’re glowing.

Jesse Eisneberg wrote a piece about film critics for The New Yorker and film critics are supes unhappy with him right now.  (I thought it was funny.)

-Welp. A judge just granted a new hearing in the Serial case surrounding Adnan Syed.

-It’s cute that all the One Direction boys (except for Harry Styles) are fronting like they’ve never hooked up with a fan.

Rose McGowan (sort of) apologized for her rant against Caitlyn Jenner — while spelling her name wrong.

-Has Avril Lavigne moved on Ryan Cabrera? That headline would be so lit if this were 2006…

Nene Leakes appeared on The View — and then tweeted about how much she hated it.

-I only know Bella Thorne as the mean girl in The Duff, but if she keeps dropping thinly veiled blind items I’m going to join (start?) her fan club.

Joel McHale‘s The Soup has been canned (like soup).

Matthew McConaughey and Kate McKinnon are banter-ific in his SNL promos.

-I don’t hate the first trailer for The Huntsman: Winter’s War, mostly because it’s all about Emily Blunt, Jessica Chastain and Charlize Theron chewing scenery and treating Chris Hemsworth like eye candy.

-The Zoolander 2 trailer made me laugh a couple of times, so that’s something.