Jessica Chastain Gets Teary on Twitter

-Ooohhh boy, I wish famous people on social media would get it together when talking about social change. If you’re white and you’re pissing off POC with your sheet-caking advice, maybe just shut up and listen for a sec. At least Jessica Chastain got there eventually.

Mandy Moore got a black eye from her shower door handle. Been there, girl.

-Jesus Cripes, what the hell is DC doing? Now there’s reports that Warner Bros. wants Leonardo DiCaprio to star in its Joker movie.  I don’t understand any of this.

-Here’s our first look at Rihanna’s cosmetics line. Want.

-This article about how Jim from “The Office” is actually a total dick made me really sad because it’s kind of true.

George Clooney is talking up the joys of fatherhood and I’m not ready.

-Speaking of new parenthood, Serena Williams just welcomed a baby girl.

-True Detective season three is officially happening with Mahershala Ali. Just when I thought I was out…

-This story about Nic Cage flirting with a woman at a restaurant until her husband showed up is just what we all needed to launch our long weekend!

Robert Pattinson admitted that he misses his first roommate, Screech from Saved By The Bell, because he introduced him to Hot Pockets.

-The Lil J/Taylor Swift meme is kind of making my week.

-This deleted scene from The Devil Wears Prada makes no sense. Which I guess is why it was deleted.

Drew Barrymore and The CW seems like a match made in heaven.

Mindy Kaling says her romantic life is “a little bit mysterious” right now. Ya think?!

-Here’s the trailer for The Mindy Project’s sixth and final season.

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