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June 5, 2017

Ariana Grande Sings ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ in Manchester

Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Coldplay, Pharrell Williams, Black Eyed Peas, and Liam Gallagher joined Ariana Grande for her emotional One Love Manchester charity concert this weekend. And the night before the concert, she spent the day visiting injured fans.

Julia Roberts is really leaning into this whole TV thing. Last week she nabbed an HBO series, and now she’s in talks to star in a thriller by Mr. Robot’s Sam Esmail.

-Meanwhile, Sam Esmail and Emmy Rossum went to Rwanda for their honeymoon, which I’m pleasantly surprised by.

-Remember last week when we thought the new Spider-Man poster was the worst thing ever? Transformers just pulled a “hold my beer.”

Taylor Swift spent the weekend in Nashville with new boyfriend Joe Alwyn. I continue to be fascinated by her social media blackout, and curious about how she’s going to ease back in when her new album is ready to drop.

-After dropping his second racial slur this weekend, why are people even debating whether or not Bill Maher should be fired?

-Wait, so Halle Berry is not pregnant? Then what was with all the red carpet belly cupping?

-This doesn’t bode well: UnReal’s new season was supposed to premiere this summer and now it’s been delayed until 2018. That means when it returns it will be almost two years since the last ep aired. On the plus side, maybe this gives them enough time to undo all of last season’s wrongs.

-Wife swap: Kevin Can Wait dropped Erinn Hayes (who plays Kevin James‘ wife) for his King of Queens costar Leah Remini. I don’t watch that show (cause, ewww) but man, that’s gonna be an awkward transition.

-Congrats to Katie Cassidy, who just announced her engagement. (Weirdly though, I saw her and her boyfriend in September in Toronto and it was not that guy.)

-I’m so happy about Wonder Woman’s performance! It had a  record-breaking opening weekend, debuting to $103M at the North American box office and $223 million worldwide and marking the top opening ever for a woman director. It’s especially impressive considering Wonder Woman isn’t a sequel and the audience skewed female (52 percent), when most superhero films rely on 60 percent or more of the audience being male. And it only dropped 16% from Sat to Sun (instead of the predicted 28%), which bodes really well for it’s staying power over the next few weeks. It also did really well in China, which is becoming increasingly important.

-After watching Wonder Woman, I’m inclined to agree with this take that Chris Pine is the best famous Chris (or at least tied with Evans). He’s definitely the best actor.

Chris Hemsworth is attempting to make his way up the list by acting out his own Avengers movie with action figures. Nice try, but then Pine said this.

Vulture’s Wonder Woman movie review is getting slammed for being weirdly pervy and sexist. It’s terrible but I’ve come to expect that from David Edelstein. As a commenter pointed out, this was his take on a 10-year-old Emma Watson in his review of the first Harry Potter movie: “The prepubescent Watson is absurdly alluring to those of us who always went for bossy girls; when she fixed her sharp brown eyes on Radcliffe… my heart did about five somersaults.” Just let that sink in: she was ten when she filmed that movie.

Dan Aykroyd went off on Paul Feig, saying the director ruined any chance at a Ghostbusters sequel by blowing the film’s budget with $30-$40M in reshoots. Sony has responded, saying that the reshoots were actually around $3-4 million.

Donald Glover interviewed Zazie Beetz, who plays his love interest on Atlanta, and the results are super charming.

-The OITNB hackers leaked 8 episodes of Steve Harvey’s unaired talk show. Of all the shows to leak, this is a weird choice.

-I haven’t finished the new season of Master of None yet, but the New York, I Love You and Thanksgiving episodes are amazing. Here, Aziz Ansari takes us through the former.

Matthew McConaughey and Idris Elba face off in three new teasers for Dark Tower.

-Tom Cruise plays a hustler and a pilot who’s recruited by the CIA in the American Made trailer.