Dave Franco and Alison Brie Are Married

-Congratulations to Dave Franco and Alison Brie, who got married.

-Speaking of marriage, Broad City’s Ilana Glazer also tied the knot to her longtime boyfriend, David Rooklin.

-Not surprisingly, Angelina Jolie was reportedly “feeling butterflies” before taking on a job that she seems completely unqualified for.

Emma Watson will never be allowed to wear a yellow dress ever again.

-Forgot those skeevy tabloid rumours. Eva Mendes went to SXSW with Ryan Gosling (but she avoided the red carpet).

-Eva is also on the cover of the new Shape magazine, talking about her love of Krispy Kremes. Same, girl.

-Jesus, has there ever been an actor worse at PR than Iron Fist’s Finn Jones?? He’s blaming Trump for bad reviews, skating over the show’s diversity issue, and getting worked up over the “problematic” internet outrage. Doesn’t he remember that Marvel replaced Terrence Howard for less?

-Joss Whedon has mixed feelings about binge watching. Me too.

-I think half of the reason I push back against This Is Us is the way that show is so aggressively marketed as sad. We’re being told tonight’s finale is going to be “intense as hell,” “stressful,” “heartbreaking,” and go to the “darkest place we’ve ever been.”  Parenthood (the show it gets compared to most) certainly had its heavy moments but it didn’t drown in them. I don’t want to feel like that every single week. Plus, the show totally lacks nuance.

-I keep forgetting that Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk are having a baby. Probably because I keep forgetting about Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk.

-This is why I try to avoid reading articles about comic-based shows on comic sites. Because of crap like this. God forbid there are two shows featuring female leads without pitting them against each other!

-Out of all the Weekend Update duos that deserved their own spinoff, this one isn’t it.

-Between someone editing Breaking Bad into a 2-hour film, and the Game of Thrones creators bragging that they are making a “73-hour movie,” I’m pretty over people pretending that movies are better than TV. No one wants to watch a 73 hour movie. Make a TV show instead! TV is good!

-Here’s the new teaser for Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan ReynoldsLife.

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