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March 27, 2017

Samira Wiley Got Married

-Congrats to OITNB’s Samira Wiley and Lauren Morelli, who are officially married! (I’ve got nothing but love for any wedding outfit that includes a cape.)

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner were looking very cosy with the fam this weekend.

-This article wondering why male critics are so baffled by Big Little Lies is asking all the right questions.

-Speaking of BLL, Shailene Woodley will have one year probation for her pipeline protest, but she still encourages people to take a stand.

This photo made me feel really bad for Justin Bieber.

-And this video made me feel really bad for Selena Gomez.

-I assumed Aaron Sorkin‘s comments in which he appeared to be unaware of Hollywood’s diversity problem were sarcastic, but then I remembered this. And this. So yeah, he just sucks. It’s crazy that someone who writes the most self-aware characters has none of that self-awareness himself.

Katey Sagal opened up about welcoming her ‘beautiful miracle’ Esme via surrogate when she was too old to carry a child.

-CHIPS may be a flop, but it’s the latest reminder that Michael Peña is a Hollywood unicorn that should be protected at all costs.

-Tired of police destroying evidence of your sexual assault? Tatiana Maslany introduces the Sexual Assault Survivor’s Utility Belt!

-Dammit, Fallon, Migos, The Roots, and classroom instruments might actually make me like “Bad and Boujee.” I resisted for so long!!

-One Direction’s Liam Payne is a dad now.

-It’s stupid that they didn’t release the full Red Nose Day Love Actually scene on iTunes in North America and raise a ton for charity. No one is waiting two months to watch it on NBC.

-Speaking of Red Nose Day, James Corden and Take That were very cute.

-I am very glad Bravo Canada has picked up The Handmaid’s Tale. Yay!

Terrence Howard now says being abusive is not part of his history. Wait, we can do that??! In that case, I most certainly did not take belly-dancing for a year and end up at a recital wearing nothing but undergarments and a sheer skirt….

-Between David Milch joining True Detective’s third season, and Katie Cassidy returning to Arrow as a regular,  I literally don’t understand any of today’s TV announcements.

-The Justice League trailer is here, and it’s kind of a mess.

Sony’s upcoming Spider-Man universe won’t be connected to the MCU. But wasn’t he introduced in the last Captain America movie? Ugh, so confusing. At least the new trailer is cute.