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Lana Condor Talks About Her True Love — And It’s Not Noah Centineo


-In her new Cosmo cover storyLana Condor admits she and Noah Centineo did nothing to stop those romance rumours, despite her having a longtime live-in boyfriend. But I wonder how much that was encouraged by Netflix during TATBILB’s press tour?

-Congrats to Jennifer Lawrence, who’s reportedly engaged to art gallery rep Cooke Maroney.

Bradley Cooper was refreshingly candid when he talked to Oprah about being “embarrassed” by his Oscar snub for Best Director. “I felt embarrassed that I didn’t do my part. I’ll work on that. I went, ‘Oh, gosh. I didn’t do my job.'”

-The Walking Dead has been renewed for Season 10, but there is a chance Danai Gurira may not return as negotiations have become more complicated since she became a superstar thanks to Black Panther. Meanwhile, Norman Reedus becomes No. 1 on the callsheet with a reported paycheck of $350,000 per episode on top of additional guarantees and advances in a deal that sources say could be worth anywhere from $50 million to $90 million. (That guy also hits the lucrative con circuit hard so he’s pretty much flush.)

In the new issue of British GQ, Armie Hammer (who might be Hollywood’s worst tweeter — discuss!) stands by his tweets that criticized celebrities’ selfie tributes to the late Stan Lee.

Hugh Jackman accidentally restarted his fake feud with ‘total f—ing a–hole’ Ryan Reynolds.

-Avengers: Endgame might clock in at 3 hours. Dear god.

Jennifer Lopez is performing a Motown tribute at the Grammys and people are not happy.

-I’ve been reading a bit of backlash about the third season of The Good Place and I just don’t get it. Yeah, the Earth-bound stuff wasn’t great and I’m not totally shipping Eleanor and Chidi (and I ship everyone!) but this was also the season that gave us the Jeremy Bearimy episode so I have no complaints.

-Just eat the damn pizza, Drew Barrymore.

-Here’s our first look at the Four Weddings and a Funeral reunion for Red Nose Day.

-Speaking of first looks, HBO just released a bunch of photos from Game of Thrones’ final season. I feel like I’m going to love Sansa this season.

-People’s cover story gives good press to Meghan Markle (which she can use after the trashing she’s getting in the British press — there was a headline yesterday about her being the cause of Harry’s baldness). People’s story has some new scoop, including how she leans on her faith and how everything went down with her father during the wedding.

Ed Westwick (who was accused by three women of sexual assault but prosecutors did not pursue charges) just landed a new gig. These men are Teflon.

-EW is doing a bunch of romcom retrospectives in time for Valentine’s Day. I’m not sure anyone needs a fond look back at He’s Just Not That Into You, but I really liked this piece about Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt getting together to re-watch (500) Days of Summer 10 years later.

-Celebs are getting in on the #FuckFuckJerry action and calling on people to unfollow their accounts.

-Here’s the first trailer for The Sun Is Also a Star. This book is on my bedside table and it’s one of two (alongside The Hating Game) that I pick up whenever I’m down because I can flip to a random page and it just brings the happy. So trust me when I say I do NOT want them to screw up this movie — and this trailer has me hopeful that they won’t. Yara Shahidi looks perfect; I’m less convinced about the Riverdale guy but I’ll give him a chance.

Sophie Turner Denies Using N-Word in Instagram Video

-Game of Thrones’ Sophie Turner should not say the n-word. Especially not when there’s a camera pointed at her. But pretty much just never. (She claims she didn’t say it, and says she was actually saying “motherf***er.”)

-Congrats to Zooey Deschanel, who welcomed a baby boy with husband Jacob Pechenik. They gave him a surprisingly non-twee name: Charlie.

Lil Bow Wow just got caught in a lie about flying on a private plane and this is the best use of the internet ever.

Lena Dunham blasted Us Weekly for praising her weight loss, since said weight loss was due to a medical issue.

-The trailer for Orange Is The New Black looks intense. I’m really digging the premise of the new season: it all unfolds real time over three days.

Nicole Kidman was on Ellen today and demonstrated to the world that she does indeed know how to clap.

Max Landis keeps saying stupid shit and getting called out for it. (The comments on that article made my day.)

Prince Harry’s buddy Usain Bolt weighed in on Meghan Markle, saying “She’s definitely a nice girl.” We all know that , Usain. Give us the dirt already!

-Planet of the Apes star Estella Warren was arrested for domestic violence over the weekend when she reportedly threw cleaning liquid at her boyfriend during an argument.

-Yesterday, everyone was gushing over Tom Holland‘s performance on Lip Sync Battle , but don’t sleep on his Spider-Man costar Zendaya doing Bruno Mars.

Simone Biles just gave the best “don’t tell me to smile” clapback ever.

-In yet another example of whitewashing, Shameless’s Zach McGowan has been cast to play Hawaiian native Ben Kanahele in the upcoming film Ni’ihau. Because Hollywood apparently forgot about Jason Momoa?

-Just 13 months after it ended its 15-season run on Fox, American Idol is heading to ABC.  This feels way, way too soon.

Frequency and No Tomorrow are the first CW shows in years to not make it to a second season. Meanwhile, NBC renewed Taken even though no it basically got no ratings or buzz. I’m guessing this doesn’t bode well for Timeless.

Richard Simmons is suing the National Enquirer over a “cruel” sex-change story, saying says he has “a legal right to insist that he not be portrayed as someone he is not.”

-Speaking of lawsuits, Demi Moore is being sued over the death of a man who drowned in her pool in 2015.

Jimmy Kimmel fake apologized for saying all kids should have access to health care.

-Mo Ryan’s Variety piece on Twin Peaks is stunning — even though it doesn’t reveal much about the revival. One interesting tidbit: Showtime chief David Nevins gave Lynch full creative control over the new series, recognizing that interference from the network caused the original series to derail in its second season.

-I got teary watching Anthony Edwards get teary in this video of him talking about Dr. Greene’s death on ER, which aired 15 years ago today.

The birthday cake Amal Clooney got George is intense!

Harry Styles is having a busy gossip week: he’s reportedly dating a food blogger and may have just bought a place next to ex Taylor Swift.

-Edge of Tomorrow is getting a sequel with Emily Blunt and Tom Cruise which is great because that’s an underrated action flick that was saddled with a bad name. Not so great? The sequel title is even worse: Live Die Repeat and Repeat.

-Watch Kirsten Dunst trip on weed in the Woodshock trailer.

Emma Watson & Dan Stevens are Beauty and the Beast on EW


-I don’t know why these photos of Beauty and the Beast have me simultaneously excited and worried, but that’s where I’m at.

-Speaking of Emma Watson, she’s hiding feminist literature in the London tube, which is pretty boss.

-The thing I hate about all the noise surrounding Lindsay Lohan‘s weird new accent is that she spends 3+ minutes talking about her recent visit with Syrian refugees in southeast Turkey, but all anyone is saying is “she talks funny!”

-It’s actually happening! Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were reportedly spotted together at a Halloween party in Toronto.

Val Kilmer is calling BS on Michael Douglas‘ comments that he has cancer. (“I love Michael Douglas but he is misinformed. The last time I spoke to him was almost two years ago.”)

Leah Remini urges everyone to “wake up” in the first trailer for her Scientology docuseries.

-Expect Atlanta to be on all the ‘best TV of 2016’ lists this year. That was a near-perfect first season.

Jake Gyllenhaal doesn’t mind riding the subway, even though everyone mistakes him for Aaron Rodgers.

-Networks are pulling their new episodes tonight and running repeats because of the World Series. (Except for the CW ’cause they’re all “Ratings? What are those?!”)

-Also new tonight is the Country Music Awards, which will open with Beyonce! I don’t understand how that works but I am not complaining.

-In a new essay, Mila Kunis says she was once told she’d “never work in this town again” after refusing to pose semi-nude for the cover of a men’s magazine. Spoiler alert: she kept working just fine.

-UnREAL will have a woman suitor in Season 3 to “shake up the show.” How about shaking up the show with decent writing instead?

James Corden and Zooey Deschanel paid tribute to Lionel Richie’s “Endless Love” by singing “Endless Glove.” It was weird.

-This is worth a DVR set: Lupita Nyong’o is doing an Enrique Iglesias song on this week’s Lip Sync Battle.

-How did Viola Davis get away with submitting herself in Oscar’s supporting actress category for Fences?

Katie Holmes struggles to make a better life for her daughter in the All We Had trailer.