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Zooey Deschanel Covers Cosmo


-Whoa. This Zooey Deschanel cover is rul bad. How can this be the least awkward shot they could find? She looks dazed/pissed.

Ashton Kutcher reunited with That 70s Show costar Laura Prepon and called her out for not telling him about her engagement to Ben Foster.

Sarah Jessica Parker says she now regrets wearing black on her wedding day. Ok, but what about this?!

Kelly Clarkson made her hubby get a vasectomy after her second pregnancy because it sucked so much.  “I was literally pregnant with Remi, and I was like, ‘You are getting fixed. This will never happen to me again.'” Bless her.

-TMZ claims to have gotten hold of the insurance claims for Kim Kardashian‘s jewelry that was stolen in Paris this week.

-Yay! Black Mirror debuts Oct 21 on Netflix. Here’s the first preview.

-The Affair’s season 3 surprises gets teased in its first trailer.

Rosie O’Donnell wrote a poem about meeting Ivanka Trump … as you do.

-NBC’s supernatural thriller Midnight, Texas looks like a PG-rated True Blood.

-Why are dumb commenters coming after Halle Barry for cropping her kids’ faces from Instagram?! That’s a good thing.

-Sweet! Veronica Mars alum Jason Dohring just booked a gig on iZombie.

-This is an interesting interview with the guy behind Crazy Days and Nights. I don’t usually trust his blinds, but he has had some recent wins lately.

-This Justice League sizzle reel is filled with awesome behind the scenes footage.

Matthew McConaughey gets rich in the new Gold trailer.

Zooey Deschanel Will Not Pose for “Body after Baby” Photos


Zooey Deschanel is on the cover of this month’s Cosmopolitan, in which she talks about how she’s not going to worry about her post-baby body.

-Now this is the kind of Marvel crossover I can get behind: Tom Hiddleston is dating Elizabeth Olsen.

-Yes, yes, it’s terrible to prank unsuspecting stars when they’re signing autographs and being nice to their fans, but damn there’s something really satisfying about watching Adam Levine get sugar bombed.

Channing Tatum does it for everyone, including Diane Keaton. Preach.

Kendall Jenner, you stay away from my boy Michael B. Jordan. You stay far, far away, young lady!!

-The Pitch Perfect sequel is getting great reviews and all is right with the world.

Kristen Wiig is the latest celeb to be scared poopless on Ellen’s show.

-A professor put Gwyneth Paltrow’s health advice to the test and proved that we should probably all stop listening to her.

-Meanwhile, Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin are reportedly “happier than ever.” If JLaw is now tight with the Lorde/Taylor Swift crowd, how does he handle that. Like, can you picture him tagging along at brunch? So cringe-y!

-I really, really like this prediction piece about how Mad Men will end (though I think whatever the final shot is in next week’s episode, it will be ambiguous and not the type of neat wrap up people seem to be expecting.)

-In other TV articles I enjoyed, this is a really astute take on how The Good Wife has completely fallen apart this season.

-Is Ben Affleck hanging out in Nova Scotia to “get his head straight”? Well, I always did feel better about life after a trip to Pizza Corner.

-No surprise here: Orphan Black has already been picked up for another season.

-In less happy TV news, Fox has canceled The Mindy Project — but there may be hope from Hulu.

-Meanwhile, Mindy Kaling doesn’t seem too worried.

-The Flash/Arrow got a a series order, a premise (finally!) and a title: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. (Well, at least it’s better than Fear the Walking Dead.) Weirdly, the CW passed on Marc Cherry’s Cheerleader Death Squad, despite it having the coolest name ever.

-Weird: Arcade Fire is going to open a Haitian restaurant in Montreal this summer.

-Here’s the trailer for Sense8, Netflix’s new show from The Wachowskis. Colour me intrigued.

-Speaking of intriguing trailers, check out Meryl Streep as a rock star in the new Ricki and The Flash trailer.

Jennifer Aniston is “Fine, You Guys!

jennifer aniston hollywood reporter

-Hollywood Reporter updated their online story about this week’s cover girl Jennifer Aniston with assurances that she’s fine after being snubbed at the Oscar noms — just in case you were worried. In the story, she talks about her fraught relationship with her mother and her struggle with dyslexia.

-It’s been a big month for Zooey Deschanel. First she announced her pregnancy, and now she’s announced her engagement to baby daddy Jacob Pechenik.

-Speaking of pregnancies, is this hinting that an Anne Hathaway bump watch has begun?

Victoria Beckham is the latest star to answer 73 questions for Vogue. I’m mesmerized by her top lip.

-I was just talking last weekend about how I’m increasingly worried about Jenna Fischer’s post-Office career. Glad to see she’s joining the cast of NBC’s apocalypse dramedy thingy.

-Whoa whoa whoa — Broad City’s al dente dentist blog is a real thing? Gamechanger!

Larry Wilmore‘s second episode in Colbert’s old slot was last night, and he came on strong right out of the gate by going after Bill Cosby hard. “Let’s consider for a second he didn’t do it. …. okay, that’s done. That motherf**er did it.”

Keri Russell played Inflatable Flip Cup with Jimmy Fallon last night, and it might be my favourite Tonight Show game ever.

-In other late night games, Stephen Amell and Eric Stonestreet proved neither knows what a cornucopia is on Kimmel last night.

-Early (non-spoilery) reviews for the Breaking Bad prequel Better Call Saul are starting to trickle in, and they’re mostly positive.

-Speaking of TV retreads, the American version of Luther continues to trudge along, but it’s cast-contingent, so… at least there’s that?

David Duchovny says he’s excited about the potential X-Files revival on Fox. Damn skippy!

-I don’t fully understand what Marvel announced yesterday but comic book fans are freaking out about what it means for the upcoming movies.

Tatiana Maslany is testing for the next new Star Wars? Hells to the yes!

-I love The Mountain Goats but I’m not sure I’m onboard with news that their new record is entirely about professional wrestling.

Chris Evans and Chris Pratt are having the politest, most gentlemanly Super Bowl bet ever.

-Speaking of Chris Pratt, this week’s Parks and Rec might have been one of the best episodes of the entire season — and not just because of the awesomely bad rendition of “We Didn’t Start the Fire.” This deleted scene is also great (of course Ben’s been sneaking veggies in Leslie’s waffles).

Salma Hayek is shooting guns in her underwear (’cause Hollywood!) in the new Everly trailer.