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Kelly Ripa Talks Daytime Drama


Kelly Ripa says she feels anxiety about Ryan Seacrest‘s departure from their daytime show, seeming to reference Michael Strahan‘s rocky exit: “Ryan and Mark [Consuelos] were like, ‘What are you nervous about? It’s going to be fine.’ And I said to them, ‘You have to forgive me. I have a little PTSD.'”

-Did Emily Ratajkowski break girl code by kissing Harry Styles? She’s friendly with Olivia Wilde and the women were photographed hanging out at an Oscars afterparty on March 12 — less than two weeks before she was seen making out with Wilde’s ex.

-This is insane: A Maryland appellate court panel just reinstated the murder conviction of Serial podcast subject Adnan Syed, deciding a lower court had violated the rights of the victim’s family to attend the hearing that led to his release by not giving them enough advanced warning. Weirdly double jeopardy doesn’t seem to apply here. Syed won’t immediately be taken back into custody, though.

-The rumours are true: season 3 of The White Lotus will be set in Thailand.

-Is Judge Joe Brown telling on himself?

-FX has ordered The Secrets of Hillsong, an investigative docuseries based on Vanity Fair’s exposé of the controversial megachurch, which counted celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Kevin Durant, and Selena Gomez among its worshippers. It will feature Carl Lentz’s first interview since being fired as pastor.

Emily Henry’s bestseller Book Lovers will be adapted by the producers behind Aftersun. I like all of those words!

-I’m really here for the Sydney Sweeney/Glen Powell romcom based on all the images we’re getting from the filming.

-Black Panther director Ryan Coogler is developing a new X-Files series. Original show creator Chris Carter told CBC, “I just spoke to a young man, Ryan Coogler, who is going to remount The X-Files with a diverse cast.”

-Well, this is super refreshing: Rachel Bilson and Nick Viall admitted they faked being a couple in order to drum up attention for a podcast they were going to launch.

-This is a very good examination of what’s going on with J.K. Rowling.

-Of course Keanu Reeves helps lug equipment for his crew members.

Matthew Macfadyen is going from Pride & Prejudice to Succession to Deadpool 3. The range!

-Succession’s season 4 premiere was the show’s most watched episode ever.

-Meanwhile, I love how they determined which purse Greg’s date should have in the premiere. It’s exactly the type of purse (and Sandro dress) someone who was trying really hard to fit in with rich people would wear. But the really rich folk on this show are wearing the most nondescript looking stuff, even though it’s a $240 black tshirt and a $625 plain baseball hat. And the fact that it was Tom (the midwesterner who wasn’t born rich so he had to learn all the rules) who immediately clocked it makes it that much better.

Florence Pugh was the most excited celeb to ever do the Buzzfeed interview with puppies.

-This is a great interview with Delia Ephron on the 40th anniversary of her sister Nora Ephron‘s Heartburn, talking about family, heartbreak and what’s wrong with romcoms today.

Joel Edgerton plays a horticulturist who has to take on Sigourney Weaver‘s niece as his apprentice, and she digs up some secrets from his past in the Master Gardener trailer.