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Bill Murray Talks “Crazy-Handsome” George Clooney in Vanity Fair


-I can’t wait to devour Bill Murray’s Vanity Fair cover story. (I mean, I’d be even more excited if he combined this interview with a good movie instead of just a Netflix holiday special, but I’m not greedy.)

Adele looks lovely on the new Rolling Stone cover, in which she talks about her fear of fame and her lack of a squad.

Brangelina’s By the Sea promo blitz continues with the release of photos of Angelina taken by Brad, a joint interview in which they talk about her cancer scare, and a family trip to a bookstore.

-Meanwhile, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt get emotional in the moody new By the Sea trailer.

-I love all of the weird Tom Cruise stories that have leaked from Leah Remini‘s book. He gets super angry when he wants cookies, and he plays adult hide-and-seek. Charming.

Leah also says her inspiration for leaving Scientology was Nicole Kidman.

-Meanwhile, here’s the first look at Tom and Nicole’s adopted daughter and her new hubby after their secret wedding. One assumes he isn’t an “SP.”

Halle Berry‘s first ex husband went on a Twitter rant about how she uses men and then tosses them aside. Cool story, bro.

-There’s more rumblings that Fox is eyeing an X Files spinoff starring Robbie Amell and Lauren Ambrose. I love both of those people but how about a brand new, original concept, Hollywood?

-The People’s Choice Awards nominations are out, reminding us all that the people are stupid and shouldn’t be allowed to decide things. The Age of Adaline going up against Straight Out of Compton for dramatic movie? Really?? (I’ll allow The Duff’s nomination in comedic movie, though. I’ll ride for that film forever.)

Jon Stewart signed a four-year production partnership with HBO that includes “topical short-form digital content… refreshed throughout the day.” The Daily Show, multiple times a day? Yes, please!

-It’s becoming increasingly harder to pretend Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton aren’t dating. Let’s keep trying though, k?

-Mean, Gwen talked about returning to work after her split: “I wanted to be in my bed, like, crying.”

-Ohhh, Lisa Kudrow just joined the Girl on the Train cast. Consider me intrigued!

-Jay Z’s leaked tour rider shows that he really only cares about his daughter, which is super sweet.

-Speaking of happy families, Jimmy Fallon is in damage control mode.

Mark Hamill and John Boyega have joined the campaign to let a terminally ill fan see The Force Awakens early.

Mark Ruffalo just reached 2M Twitter followers, and posted a lovely video message about it.

Jimmy Fallon and Bryan Cranston spent a lot of time bumping into each other’s butts during their fake soap opera skit.

Mindy Kaling once again proves she’s my spirit animal with her spoilers tweet.

-Ugh. I couldn’t even make it through all of the trailer to James Franco’s The Sound and The Fury (or, as Vulture calls it, his latest book report.)

-I love and adore everything about Robot Chicken’s take on CW shows.

Jeremy Renner: “It’s Not My Job” to Help Female Costars Negotiate Equal Pay


Jeremy Renner still shouldn’t be allowed to give interviews. When asked about fellow American Hustle actor Bradley Cooper‘s recent vow to help his female costars negotiate their salaries, Renner sniffed “that’s not my job.” Also, he said this when he was on a press tour for a booze brand. Is that his job? Ugh. Just go back to flipping houses and only reading the parts of the script that you’re in, Hawkeye.

-Hold the phone. Jenny Lewis and Bill Murray are dating now?!? WHAT.

-In other weird relationship news, Henry Cavill is reportedly dating a 19-year-old college freshman. Not so super, Superman.

Anna Kendrick on Billy on the Street is delightful. She really gets into the head of Katy Perry’s cat!

Sandra Bullock is denying those rumours that she recently adopted another child, saying “There’s only one adopted child in my household.” Weirdly worded, but ok.

-Watch Andrew Garfield try to answer Buzzfeed’s questions while putting together an IKEA chair.

Adele wrote a letter to fans about her new album, saying “Sorry it took so long, but you know, life happened.”

-It’s official: Chris Rock will host the next Oscars.

Aaron Paul wasn’t the only celeb  to celebrate Back to the Future day, but he was certainly the cutest.

Kate Hudson is still not going to answer your questions about sexing Nick Jonas, mmm-kay?

-Yikes. Yahoo says they lost $42 million from Community and their two other original series.

-NBC  is proving yet again that they’ve run out of ideas by planning a Cruel Intentions TV show. It will follow Sebastian and Annette‘s son. NOPE.

-There’s a reason this Jurassic World deleted scene was deleted.

Grantland’s feature on Jan Hooks is a heartbreakingly wonderful portrait of a complicated, brilliant woman.

-What was Blake Lively‘s point with staging this pap opp? Just to show us that she can coordinate her outfit with her baby’s blanket??

Beyonce and Nicki Minaj put on a raunchy performance of “Feeling Myself” at last night’s Tidal event.

-Meanwhile, Beyonce gritting her teeth and saying “stop it” to her assistant is giving me life.

Amy Schumer is shooting down that talk of her stealing jokes.

Natalie Portman gets her Western on in the new trailer for Jane’s Got a Gun.

-I love Jennifer Lawrence (because I’m a living, breathing human on Earth) but every time I see a new Joy trailer, I can’t help but think this role should be played by an actress in her forties instead.

Ryan Reynolds & Blake Lively Confirm Daughter’s Name Is James

Blake Lively announced her first pregnancy
Blake Lively announced her first pregnancy on her website Preserve. (Photo: Preserve/Eric Lively)

Ryan Reynolds finally revealed the ridiculously hotly guarded secret name of his daughter with Blake Lively and it’s pretty damn cute. I mean, Rachel on Friends came up with it first, but still.

-Speaking of being pleasantly surprised by people I’m usually never pleasantly surprised by, GOOP just wrote about supporting something that I’m already heartily supporting which means our beliefs are aligned and I’m so confused.

Bradley Cooper and Suki Waterhouse are reportedly dunzo. Strange. You’d think a 40-year-old and a 23-year-old would be totally compatible and on the same page re: dreams and life goals.

Ansel Elgort says of Shailene Woodley, “I’ve never once wanted her sexually.” Way harsh, Tai!

Kevin Hart’s nice guy rep is no joke. He bought his ex-wife an Escalade for her birthday.

-He was also hilarious on the Daily Show this week, making Jon Stewart totally lose it with his airport bathroom story.

-During Maroon 5’s Toronto show this week, Adam Levine got angry with a broken microphone and threw it (of course he did), and it ended up hitting a concertgoer in the face. Said fan then called it the best day of her life, so clearly she suffered a serious brain injury.

-I feel really bad for that One Direction-er who quit the tour because of social media stress. Not enough to actually learn his name, but still.

Ryan Gosling is defending his woman and her silly sweatpants “joke.”

John Stamos has some important sex advice for you: stop asking for selfies.

-YASSS! I can’t wait to do this the next time some douche on the street tells me “to smile.” (But only when I’m not wearing this sweatshirt that my soon-to-be sister-in-law got me).

Bill Murray brought the weird (even more so than usual) on Kimmel last night.

-Speaking of weird, there are some really gonzo press tours happening right now (that are way more interesting than the projects that are being promoted). It’s a tie for me between Will Ferrell promoting Get Hard, and Madonna promoting her new album.

-This is a great piece on what it’s like to watch Netflix’s Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt as a Native American. That was the show’s most uncomfortable plotline to me.

-Also, Tituss Burgess doesn’t think the show has a race problem.

Justin Bieber‘s former neighbor is suing him over an alleged spitting attack and racial slurs. Geez, doesn’t this person know that Justin is in the middle of his rehabilitation tour?!

-I love this article on how Sylvan Esso is changing pop music. Theirs was hands-down my fave album of last year.

-Ohhh…the writer of THR’s Kyle Chandler cover story just posted some stuff that was left out of the article. Now I want him to make me a bacon sandwich.

-Here’s the first trailer for Infinitely Polar Bear, starring Zoe Saldana and Mark Ruffalo. I saw it at TIFF; it’s twee as hell but still charming.