Gillian Anderson Gets A Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

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Gillian Anderson got a star on the Walk of Fame, which was attended by Joel McHale, Brian Fuller and Annabeth Gish.  David Duchovny didn’t attend — but he did send a very sweet tweet.

Jennifer Lawrence posted a very cute video on Facebook with Emma Stone explaining why they didn’t end up at Golden Globes after-parties.

-I love that Meghan Markle continues to wear Canadian designers. She stepped out in an amazing Smythe coat today.

Selena Gomez just did a big Instagram purge and now only follows 37 people. Sorry, you didn’t make the cut.

Jamie Bell says he and Kate Mara had a low-key wedding at their neighbour’s house. “We just walked back across the street and came home.”

-It’s over for Lena Dunham and Jack Antonoff. The couple called it quits after dating for more than 5 years. (Not a surprise to those who follow blind items.)

-Meanwhile, Tessa Thompson walked back her comments about Lena Dunham’s lack of involvement in #TimesUp (though she probably shouldn’t have).

-I’m really impressed by Emma Watson, who listened to criticism of her white feminism and made an effort to be better.

-There’s lots of talk about Harper’s Bazaar prepping a cover story that will out the woman who created the underground “Shitty Media Men” list. This is a really, really bad idea that puts a target on a woman’s back for merely trying to protect other women. Let’s hope there’s enough outcry before the print deadline for them to change their mind.

-As James Franco was voicing his support for #TimesUp backstage at the Globes, two women were accusing him of sexual misconduct on Twitter. This is the same guy who had to use a morning talk show appearance to awkwardly explain why he attempted to use social media get a 17 year old to go to his hotel room.

-By all accounts, the first two episodes of the Roseanne reboot that were made available to critics are excellent. Also by all accounts, the panel at the TCAs was incredibly awkward.

-I love that Netflix’s The End of the F***ing World is getting such great reviews. I really enjoyed that show (and not just because each episode came in around 20 minutes).

-This is a first: Netflix is shopping around BoJack Horseman’s rerun rights to traditional broadcasters.

-I’m looking forward to Jason Katims‘ new show Rise, but it’s not cool that he changed the lead character from gay (in the book) to straight to help him connect with the story. This is why we need more diverse writers rooms.

-The final trailer for Black Panther is out, and it looks amazing.



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