All Hail Halle Berry, The Queen of Twitter

Halle Berry owned Twitter last night and the internet loved it.

-Broken Social Scene debuted a new song on the Colbert show and the entire gang was there! Emily Haines, Jimmy Shaw and Amy Millan all showed up.

-The EW reunion issue is the gift that keeps on giving. This new Love Actually reunion photo is wonderful.

James Corden as Belle from Beauty & the Beast is everything.

Meghan Markle‘s former classmates are coming out of the woodwork — but in a surprising twist, they have nice things to say!

-She’s also being honoured for her humanitarian work in the UK edition of Vanity Fair.

-Well, here’s a new one: the Hoverboard company filed a lawsuit against Jennifer Lopez for failing to promote their product.

-The Big Little Lies finale is this weekend and I am not ready!

-Is this the most awkward interview James Van Der Beek has ever done? It’s possible.

-You can tell The Leftovers is coming back because Justin Theroux has been talking a lot about marrying Jennifer Aniston.

-I really like Lainey‘s piece in Chatelaine wondering if not doing housework undermines her feminism. Word, girl.

Tom Cruise is looking super fit in the new trailer for The Mummy.


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