Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez Split

Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez in Dark Tide. (Lionsgate)
Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez in Dark Tide. (Lionsgate)

-After months of denying marriage trouble rumours, Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez have announced the end of their 2-year marriage in a joint statement.

-Scandal costars Kerry Washington and Katie Lowes are teaming up to exec produce a new ABC show about nannies. Lowes was Connie Britton‘s nanny before becoming an actress, so I’m expecting a lot of hair-related storylines.

-Good on this Hollywood Reporter interviewer for really pressing the Walking Dead showrunner about the prudence of latest plot twist.

Colin Firth and Renee Zellweger are holding a baby in the latest Bridget Jones movie photos and it’s giving me the sads.

Tina Fey wrote a very touching tribute to her late father.

-Casting Jared Leto and Justin Theroux in the major male roles in The Girl on the Train surprises me. I mean, those two actors present as automatically suspicious to begin with. I guess they’re not sticking close to the book. Of course, unless Emily Blunt gains a bunch of weight, I guess that ship had already sailed anyway.

Robert Downey Jr’s response to a little boy with cystic fibrosis who is being bullied proves that he’s the goddamn best.

Anthony Mackie‘s press tour for Our Brand Is In Crisis has been it’s own brand of crisis, but his response to a reporter who was defending Man of Steel is kind of funny. “That scares me that you are reviewing movies…you have awful taste.”

-Also, here’s an interesting look at how Daniel Craig is sabotaging the Bond press tour. I love it.

-Not surprisingly, the trailer for Adam Sandler’s racist western The Ridiculous 6 leaves out all the racist stuff.

-The Voice judges competed in a karaoke challenge last night on Jimmy Fallon, and Gwen Stefani crushed it. Not surprisingly, Blake Shelton doesn’t know Drake.

-Meanwhile, Jimmy’s explanation for his new injury is…uncomfortable.

Billy Eichner teamed up with Jason Sudeikis for a bro-tastic Billy on the Street segment.

Melissa Benoist explained the feminism of Supergirl on Colbert last night and nailed it.

-Meanwhile, the first episode of Supergirl didn’t just get good ratings last night, it knocked it out of the park. Interestingly, it did better with male teens (1.7) than female teens (1.4).  (Greg Berlanti‘s other new show, Blindspot, tied Supergirl as fall’s most watched premiere, so he’s winning at life right now.)

-Speaking of Greg Berlanti, this is a good look back at when he took over at Dawson’s Creek and immediately put Joey and Pacey together. That’s the sign of a good showrunner: when they’re willing to totally change the shipper endgame once it becomes clear the original couple isn’t working. Some shows do it well, some shows refuse (I’m looking at you, HIMYM).

-I love all these rehearsal clips Beyonce and Nicki Minaj are releasing. In the latest, they take on Prince’s “Darling Nikki.

-Game of Thrones young ‘un Maisie Williams says, “I hope to never have to play a character that is only there to benefit a male lead.”

-The latest X Files trailer shows off some new monsters and includes a very cute flashlight moment.

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