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May 31, 2016

Emilia Clarke Wants to Play Bond


Emilia Clarke is petitioning to be the new James Bond (yay!) and her dream leading man is Leonardo DiCaprio (wait, what?).

-The fact that Fargo costars Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Plemons may be dating makes me weirdly happy. You go, Landry!

-I’m really digging Kristen Stewart‘s moody new Chanel ads.

Selma Hayek wants you to stop having so much sex.

-Two security guards (who happen to be on Johnny Depp’s payroll) are calling Amber Heard a liar. Meanwhile, her attorneys say she’s given a statement to LAPD about Depp’s alleged abuse.

-I’m not sure I’m buying the story about Rogue One “not testing well” because A) reshoots are the new way of life. They no longer spell box office doom, and B) there’s no way it’s ready to fully test yet.

-I didn’t even read this article to figure out why Mariah Carey wore lingerie on Live with Kelly. Co-host Jussie Smollett‘s expression in the accompanying photo was all I needed to see to feel fulfilled by life.

Kate Beckinsale says director Michael Bay body-shamed her while filming Pearl Harbor. Also, water is wet.

Lauren Conrad has announced a 10 year anniversary special for The Hills, which I’m going to watch the crap out of. Meanwhile, this look back at The Hills after show is surprisingly great.

-I love this Marc Jacobs dress on Diane Kruger, even if I’m pretty sure Kristen Stewart wore something really similar.

-If you come after Keira Knightley, Twitter is gonna come after you. And that includes her past directors.

-That “fandom is broken” article that trended today is so problematic and it bummed me out. (Not because I expected better from the author; I’ve read his stuff before and I really don’t. But I expected better from the many smart people who were sharing/liking it.) Look, death threats are *always* wrong. But equating the few people who pull that crap with fans who criticize a piece of pop culture is bullshit.  Also bullshit: conflating the organized, misogynistic campaign to down-vote the Ghostbusters trailer with the fan backlash to Nazi Captain America. The very small (but loud) amount of raging, sexist psychos who harass creators =/= fans who voice criticism about a creative choice. Creators don’t owe fans anything beyond making good art. But on the flip side of that, fans don’t owe creators anything beyond their honest reaction to that art. I’m increasingly seeing creators/showrunners who happily invade fan spaces, only to throw their hands up in the air and scream “entitlement” the second they see criticism, and I’m sorry but they don’t get to do that. Does fandom have entitlement problems? Sure…but so does the whole internet. </rant>

-Meanwhile, here’s a great counterpoint.

Jimmy Fallon and Amy Schumer swapped phones and forced each other to explain their photos. That is literally my worst nightmare.

Aubrey Plaza just landed a Marvel pilot. Is her superpower sarcasm?

Katy Perry says her Twitter was hacked and she didn’t really send a middle finger emoji to Taylor Swift. Way to ruin my dreams, Katy!

David Schwimmer rapping with James Corden made me laugh — and now I feel bad about myself.

-Whoa. Emily Blunt and Lin-Manuel Miranda will star in Mary Poppins Returns, directed by Rob Marshall?

-Jane the Virgin star Gina Rodriguez really did end up giving her Golden Globes dress to a high schooler for prom — and the kid slayed.

Kit Harrington says actors feel sexism in Hollywood, too. K.

-Good on Sleepy Hollow’s Tom Mison for trying to make the best out of a shitty situation and not downplaying it, but that show is sunk.

-It’s been too long since I’ve stared at Hot Neville photos. Balance restored!

-A bunch of famous people, including George Clooney and Jon Stewart, pay tribute to Norman Lear in this new doc.