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January 24, 2013

JJ Abrams Tapped for Star Wars

J.J. Abrams and Kyle Chandler on the set of Super 8. (Photo credit: Francois Duhamel/ Paramount Pictures)
J.J. Abrams and Kyle Chandler on the set of Super 8. (Photo credit: Francois Duhamel/ Paramount Pictures)

JJ Abrams will reportedly direct the next Star Wars, which has led to some extremely geeky jokes clogging up my Twitter feed.

Christian Bale couldn’t meet a young cancer patient in person, but he did have a 10-minute phone call with him (mostly about Batman), which the kid’s family posted on Youtube. It’s kind of heart-meltingly awesome.

-More people are jumping to Beyonce’s defence and claiming that she was indeed singing. Bey, meanwhile, couldn’t give less flying f**ks.

-I haven’t seen the Fringe finale yet so I’m not going to watch this, but I have it on good authority that this YouTube clip of the cast talking about the show’s end will make me cry.

Brangelina’s kids are way more worldly than you, but that also means that they eat fried crickets “like Doritos,” so don’t feel too bad.

-Is it weird that I still haven’t watched Breaking Dawn: Part 2 yet? Not that I have a burning desire to see how it all ends, but the franchise was always a solid bet for some fun, drunken screen yelling. But this new behind-the-scenes footage isn’t doing much to sell me. Has the acting actually gotten worse as these movies progressed?! (Also, I’ve never seen Kristen Stewart more animated than she is at the end of this clip.)

Kate Hudson is designing a capsule line for Ann Taylor. Because when you think of professional lady office wear, you think of Penny Lane.

-I was just starting to rescind my hate for Emmy Rossum thanks to her admittedly fearless performance on Shameless, and then she went and released an album called Sentimental Journeys.

Michael Buble and his wife are expecting their first child.

-Everyone’s talking about Nicki Minaj storming off the Idol set on last night’s episode (which, coincidentally, was the first one I’ve watched this season. Has Keith Urban always been this charming!?). But no one’s really talking about how Nicki was completely in the right!

-Here’s a red band clip from Movie 43. I still don’t get it.

-Speaking of movie clips, here’s a new one of Ashton Kutcher playing Steve Jobs in the obnoxiously titled jOBS.

Jeremy Sisto named his son Bastian because of Neverending Story, which totally makes up for his suck-and-blow douchery.

-It’s been a big day for Justin Timberlake. He announced that his new album will be out March 19, and he released a lyric video for “Suit and Tie.” Man, that song has grown on me.

-A new Walking Dead trailer features the first Rick vs. Governor face-off and some broody “We’re going to war” voiceovers. Sweet!

Paul Giamatti re-enacts scenes from Twilight, Magic Mike and You’ve Got Mail with a reporter. I would rather rewatch this 500 times than sit through his latest movie Cosmopolis again…

-I’m happy that Adam Scott and Amy Poehler‘s upcoming film A.C.O.D. is getting good reviews out of Sundance.

-Meanwhile, Amy will direct another Parks and Recreation episode this spring.

-Speaking of NBC sitcom news, Steve Carell confirmed that he won’t be showing up on The Office‘s series finale, saying “it didn’t make sense.”

Community’s new season four promos have landed. A Hunger Games spoof? I predict awesomeness.

Marc Anthony and his JLo rebound have split.

-Oh no. Is Modern Family‘s Ariel Winter trying to launch a singing career? That girl needs to get away from showbiz, not get deeper into it.

-The trailer for the Coen Brothers‘ next movie Inside Llewyn Davis has arrived.