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January 10, 2013

Olivia Munn Pulls a Kanye with Taylor Swift

-The People’s Choice Awards were a bit of a snoozer last night. Buzzfeed has done a good job of pulling together the only clips worth watching from it (except they somehow missed the moment when Olivia Munn tried to “Imma let you finish” Taylor Swift ). In Vulture’s last recap of New Girl, they made a great point about Olivia Munn haters vs. Zooey Deschanel haters and how your tolerance of either is dependant on whether you like actresses who play up their sexuality, or willfully ignore it. In spite of that, I was slowly warming to Munn, but last night put me firmly back in Haterville.

-Meanwhile, it was getting a lot of Twitter hate last night, but I LOVED Emma Watson’s People’s Choice outfit.

-Speaking of award shows, the Oscar nominations didn’t produce a whole lot of snubs and surprises (with the exception of the Best Director category). Meanwhile, I love this series of honest titles for the nominated movies.

-Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. While filming Liz & Dick, Lindsay Lohan allegedly tried to snatch a bracelet that once belonged to Elizabeth Taylor.

-Meanwhile, Lindsay is joking about going to jail, which seems like a really great idea.

-Hot on the heels of Justin Timberlake‘s new music announcement, Beyoncé took to her website to tell fans that Destiny’s Child is releasing a new song — their first in eight years. Is it Christmas morning again already?

-Is Parks and Recreation secretly Fraggle Rock?

-Is official. Britney Spears is leaving the X Factor. How is the world going to keep tabs on her now?!

-Meet Justin Bieber‘s uncanny doppelgänger. Nope, it’s not even a lesbian.

-Meanwhile, Biebs is being sued by a bodyguard over an alleged fight.

Megan Fox made it a whole week before quitting Twitter, which is about six days longer than I expected her to last.

-Here’s our first look at George Clooney’s tequila ad. Sigh. I don’t know if I can ever unsee that.

Jimmy Kimmel just sparked a feud with Will Ferrell and Ryan Gosling — with hilarious results.