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Jon Hamm’s Rep Confirms Rehab Reports

Jon Hamm rehab

-Proving that famous people can keep their ish locked down if they really want to, Jon Hamm‘s camp confirmed that he just completed a month-long stint in rehab for alcohol abuse. If his new GQ cover is any indication, he’s well on his way to returning to his dapper, healthy hotness.

-We now have visual proof that Chris Evans and Lily Collins are a thing.

-This Vine of Sarah Jessica Parker bitchfacing Tom Hanks is everything I’ve ever wanted from the Internet.

SJP also spent a big portion of the game reading a book. I feel her.

Leighton Meester is still best friends with the woman who played Dorota on Gossip Girl, which warms my cold, dead heart.

-My Twitter timeline exploded last night when Deadline posted this ridiculous, click-baiting article wondering if the latest wave of “ethnic” casting on TV is “too much of a good thing?” The outrage was swift and brutal, with everyone from Shonda Rhimes to Vulture reacting in justifiable anger. This collection of Twitter reactions is worth reading (especially scrolling to the end for Kristen Warner‘s thread).

-If you’d like a more nuanced piece on diversity in TV than from Deadline’s TV critic (that’s right; she’s on staff!), read this instead.

-Speaking of great TV features, this Lost writer’s 17,000-word essay reveals which twists were planned vs. improvised. Also, he worried about the initial plan to kill Jack in episode one because his experience with networks meant “you can’t kill the white guy.” It’s fascinating but super long, so here’s a TL;DR.

Randy Gerber talks about life as George Clooney’s BFF. It sounds as amazing as you’d assume.

-Meanwhile, Tom Ford is returning to filmmaking and he’s taking George Clooney along for the ride.

-If there’s a tween in your life, you might want to give them a hug: Zayn Malik has officially quit One Direction.

Jesse Eisenberg always struck me as one of those actors who is only good when he’s playing a version of his twitchy, neurotic self (much like Kristen Stewart). But he might just prove me wrong as Lex Luthor.

-I’m sad that the charming and under-watched Looking was cancelled (though HBO is promising a movie to wrap it up).

-The Mindy Project’s ratings hit a series low last night, making me even more doubtful it’ll ever air another new episode on Fox (despite Cancellation Bear’s prediction that NBCU will basically give it to Fox for pennies because they want syndication). It’s primed for someone else to pick it up, though.

-Good on Hitfix for pressing Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart on reactions that Get Hard is homophobic and racist.

-The Hollywood Reporter’s A-list issue is full of goodness, from their list of the most in-demand young actors, and their stories on the highest paid actors, how Alex Pettyfer’s bad behaviour cost him work, and why Taylor Lautner’s career stalled. Their cover story is on Emilia Clarke, who turned down Fifty Shades and is now being billed above Arnold on the new Terminator.

-That Beyoncé-led remake of A Star Is Born may finally, finally be happening — with Bradley Cooper in the director’s chair.

Cate Blanchett even makes asking a reporter “that’s your f**king question?!” seem charming and lovely.

Steven Spielberg is going to direct the adaptation of Ready Player One, a book that I adored.

Kelly Osbourne says she relates to Angelina Jolie because she also carries the BRCA1 gene. Meanwhile, here’s a good breakdown of how accessible the testing and surgery is here in Canada.

-The new Orphan Black season 3 trailer focuses on the male clones.

-Vin Diesel thinks Furious 7 will win Best Picture at the Oscars. Judging by the critics I follow who’ve already seen it and are calling it the worst one yet, he might want to temper his expectations.

Shhh, Hilary Duff. Just shhh….

-If you had any lingering doubts about the pointlessness of the upcoming Entourage movie, the first trailer will kill those dead right quick. The fact that the “big cameos” are people like Jessica Alba and Kelsey Grammer tells you everything you need to know. (I’m just going to go ahead and assume that Pharrell accidentally wandering onto the set and was too polite to bail.)