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Lena Dunham Under Fire for Abortion Comments

Lena Dunham is such a weird mix of someone who champions women’s issues yet also someone how never gives up a chance to appear victimized. I just don’t get it. Her latest head-scratcher: “I still haven’t had an abortion, but I wish I had.”

-I have a LOT of questions about this photo of Justin Bieber.

Margot Robbie‘s wedding ring reveal is actually pretty great.

Diego Luna‘s (potentially sexual) obsession with Jabba the Hutt is all kinds of funny.

-This is incredible: starting in 2019, films that aren’t diverse won’t be eligible for the BAFTAs. I wonder what it would take for the Oscars to follow suit?

Leah Remini says Tom Cruise thinks that she’s “the devil.”  She adds, “All Scientologists are taught to believe that people like me are the devil. That we mean them harm.”

-IMAX accidentally uploaded the trailer for The Mummy with most of the sound effects missing. Universal is pulling the clip as fast as it’s being uploaded so click on this right now before it’s gone because it’s PRICELESS (and no doubt 200% more entertaining than the movie will end up being).

-After all this time, someone finally figured out what would make Jennifer Lawrence blush. And it’s lame.

-Meanwhile, I’d love to know which “collectively loathed” celebrities JLaw has all these nicknames for.

-Is it weird that I kinda want to sign up for Shonda Rhimes’ screenwriting course?

-Actually, after reading this interview I’d prefer to sign up for her “how to say words that don’t actually reveal anything” course.

-I actually agreed with most of this article about the joy of TV podcasts but how the hell do you talk about the rise of recap culture without mentioning the late, great Television Without Pity site?!

-I really liked this interview with acting legends Betty White, Don Rickles, Dick Van Dyke, Jerry Lewis, and Cloris Leachman on ageism in Hollywood. My favourite parts are Norman Lloyd on starring in Trainwreck (“Little Amy Schumer — oh God, what a mouth on her. I have never done a film where every line was improvised. I was raised in Shakespearean decorum, and she’s saying ‘F— you’every time I turn around.”) and Leachman on retiring (“Oh, I think about it, but pffffttt,” she says. Meaning what? [She]  looks me in the eye: “It means ‘f— you,’ ” she says with a smile.)

-The AirBnB estate that Mariah Carey is staying in during the holidays is really underwhelming considering the $22 million price tag. Imma need some solid gold bathtubs for that kind of money.

-I’m actually surprised it took Chris Pratt this long to guest on wife Anna Faris’ sitcom.

-2016 has been a pretty shitty year for everyone — except Disney.

-The Flash stars Tom Cavanagh and Carlos Valdes made a very cute holiday video.

-There’s something coming out called The Emoji Movie so humanity should probably just give up now…

Are Drake and Taylor Swift Dating?

-Wayment. Are Drake and Taylor Swift really dating? Or did she just dare to talk to a man in public and then the inevitable rumours started?

-Now that Mariah Carey‘s engagement may be off, E! is reportedly wondering what do to with her upcoming reality show. Maybe they’ll just focus on her rumoured new (gasp!) lover (gasp!).

-Wait, this is what Charlize Theron looks like after gaining 30 lbs for a role? Kill me now.

Kanye West made a 5-minute birthday video for Kim Kardashian using old family video footage and showed it at his concert. Logically, I realize that this is very sweet but in reality showing the world home videos of my awkward pre-teen years would be my worst nightmare.

-On a new podcastMel Gibson said it’s “annoying” when people bring up his anti-semitic comments because they’re a “thing in the past.” Then my friend Barry interviewed him and things got even more awkward. “I made the necessary apologies at the time. People can either accept them or they don’t have to. But I’ve done my part…That was, like, 10 years ago. It’s old, Barry, it’s so old. I’ve moved on, and I wish everyone else would.”

-Should Leonardo DiCaprio give back his $25M Wolf of Wall Street salary if the money was from a “corrupt” source?  I haven’t even finished this article but I’m gonna go ahead and say yes.

-Deadpool 2 has already found a new director in John Wick’s David Leitch. Good luck going from Keanu to Ryan, buddy.

Amy Schumer is defending her version of Beyonce’s ‘Formation’ video by saying “it was NEVER a parody“. Well, that’s one way to go, I guess. The wrong way, but still.

Daisy Ridley talked about dealing with those accusations that The Force Awakens’ Rey is a “Mary Sue” character. That criticism doesn’t make sense to me because that’s not what being a Mary Sue even means.  Instead of cloaking it in a canon term, haters should just have been upfront about what they didn’t like about Rey: she had lady parts.

Stanley Tucci is trying to get you to vote with cute metaphors.

-I don’t watch Pretty Little Liars but this is actually kinda cute: to mark the end of their show, the cast got matching “shhh!” finger tattoos with the first initial of their character.

January Jones is down for a threesome with Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes. Welcome to the rest of humanity, January!

-The Walking Dead’s Steven Yeun and Michael Cudlitz were “hired” by Conan.

Chris Hemsworth gives good apology. No “I’m sorry if you were offended” BS here. Good on him.

Leah Remini promises her new A&E show will tackle Scientology abuse, saying,”For too long, this multi-billion-dollar organization bullied victims and journalists to prevent the truth being told.”

-Holy shit, both Joan Jett and Bette Midler were mentors on The Voice this week? Do I need to start watching The Voice?!

Stephen Colbert and Run the Jewels created a new Halloween song, and it’s an instant holiday classic.

-The Flash’s Tom Cavanagh, Once Upon a Time’s Josh Dallas and  Arrow’s Emily Bett Rickards star in Sidekick star in a new short film called Sidekick that kinda gutted me.

Lady Gaga Kills It on Carpool Karaoke

-Like her or not, Lady Gaga just delivered one of the best Carpool Karaoke editions yet, vocal-wise. Also, I never want to drive with her.

Angelina Jolie and some of her kids reportedly spoke to the FBI for four hours about Brad Pitt’s plane incident.

-There are new reports that Tom Cruise is getting “serious” with his girlfriend of several months, which has absolutely nothing to do with his new movie now in theatres.

Bruno Mars said Adele was a “diva” when he worked with her but he insists he meant it as a compliment because he clearly doesn’t know how words work.

-The internet can’t tell if this photo is of Tom Hanks or Bill Murray. It’s Murray. The internet is dumb.

-Meanwhile, Tom Hanks wants to do love scenes with Channing Tatum. Tom Hanks is all of us.

-More details have emerged about that Tim Miller/Ryan Reynolds rift that saw the director leave Deadpool 2. One of the issues was that Miller reportedly wanted to cast Kyle Chandler, and Reynolds was against it. Who the hell says no to Kyle Chandler?!

-Meanwhile, Taylor Swift made Ryan Reynolds‘ birthday message all about her. Of course she did.

-There’s a new short debuting tomorrow on YouTube that stars Tom Cavanagh, Josh Dallas and Emily Bett Rickards. I like all of those people!

-Sadness: director Len Wiseman has filed from divorce from Kate Beckinsale after 12 years of marriage.

-Try to read this Patton Oswalt interview about his late wife and not cry. Actually, don’t even try. It’s not even physically possible.

-Here’s the first extended trailer for the latest 24 reboot. I don’t know how this will be without the Kief, but the last limited reboot of this series was way better than I expected it to be.

-The CW has bought yet another drama from Greg Berlanti. Does that man not sleep?!

Chloë Grace Moretz set up her pal Meghan Trainer with one of their friends, and now they’re in luvvv.

Amy Schumer‘s “Formation” spoof is getting a lot of flack, so she responded by posting a topless photo. Um, ok?

Jay Z is reportedly willing to drop big bucks on the rights to Prince’s unreleased music.

-Sausage Party is launching a big Oscar campaign? Really?!

Shia LaBeouf comes home from war in the new Man Down trailer. Sadly, the rattail does not seem to make an appearance.