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No #SquadGoals Here; Critics Skewer Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad. Photo: Clay Enos/Warner Bros.N

-I happened to be on Twitter last when the Suicide Squad review embargo was lifted and oof! The critics are absolutely hating on it, so much so that dumb fanboys are now petitioning to have Rotten Tomatoes shut down — which is kind of like complaining that a newspaper prints too many crime stories. (This is why I now try to limit my tweets about superhero TV; DC fanboys are the WORST.) Meanwhile, THR’s deep dive into what went wrong with this movie is fascinating. Warner Bros execs were reportedly so blindsided and rattled by the critical response to Batman v. Superman that they even brought in the team who made the (admittedly great) first Suicide Squad trailer to help tweak the movie, which is…wow.

Channing Tatum is set to star in Splash remake, playing the mermaid while Jillian Bell will play the character originally played by Tom Hanks. I love this news, especially since Tatum is never funnier than when he’s with Bell. Have you seen his Idiotsitter episode? If not, this clip should convince you to rectify that.

-Teen Wolf star Tyler Posey has apologized after pretending to come out. Wait, what?

Bradley Cooper allowed James Corden to tase him. I really wish I had that opportunity after seeing All About Steve.

-Surprise! We’re getting a new Britney Spears album this month!

-Welp. This isn’t good news for the Cruel Intentions reboot starring Sarah Michelle Gellar. NBC is reportedly looking at “alternative platforms” to air it.

-Pro gun nuts ran Daisy Ridley off Instagram.

Jonah Hill told Fallon a story about the time he accidentally emailed Drake his daily food journal (the point of said story is to let y’all know that he has Drake in his contacts).

-I cannot believe I forgot to record The Hills anniversary special when I was away.  Sounds like they showed lots of forth wall-breaking clips. (Spencer Pratt, who was not invited, still managed to add his commentary.)

-As if you didn’t already love the kids from Stranger Things, it turns out they’re all really good singers.

-Meanwhile, as good as Stranger Things is, this is a really great piece on how the show misses the mark with its female characters.

-I don’t know what makes me happier: that there are a bunch of videos floating around of the Arrow cast breaking into showtunes from Hamilton, or that in each one, the guy who plays Det. Lance seems really annoyed by it.

-Once again at the TCAs, HBO was somehow blindsided by questions on its shows defaulting to sexual violence against women. Sigh.

-Meanwhile at the TCAs, Archie Panjabi gracefully deflected questions about her messy exit from The Good Wife. Proper ’cause that wasn’t the place for those kinds of questions, but can she just go ahead and do a Vanity Fair tell-all interview already?

Julia Stiles didn’t love riding a motorcycle with Matt Damon on the Bourne set.

-Excuse me while I go build a shrine to this photo Joshua Jackson just posted on Instagram…

Tatiana Maslany heads to the Arctic but can’t escape her past in her new movie Two Lovers and a Bear.

Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney Call Off Engagement

-It’s a bad week for Hollywood’s longtime couples (especially the ones who’ve been plagued by blind items). Yesterday was Josh and Diane, and today it’s Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney who have called it quits.

Matt Damon and Julia Stiles responded to Lena Dunham’s critique of the Jason Bourne poster, politely telling her to PFO.

-Meanwhile, I really like this cover story on Matt Damon, mostly because they got other celebrities to talk about him instead of doing the usual profile thing. Tina Fey’s comment is the best. Clearly.

-Here’s a good look at what’s next for Taylor Swift, now that her “aw shucks, math sure is hard, y’all!” persona has been blown to bits.

-Even her ex-guitarist is coming after her on Twitter now.

-Meanwhile, a lawyer has weighed in on if Tay’s “character assassination” claim is legit.

-Ohhh…I really hope this photo means Scott Speedman is on Aisha‘s podcast soon. Even if it’s just him repeating the word “hey” for an hour.  No one heys like Speedman…

-Here’s a peek at Anna Kendrick’s book cover. This feels like a “Oh god, what do I do with my hands?!?” pose.

Chris Pine showed off his Jeff Bridges impression and proved he’s the king of inflatable flip cup on The Tonight Show. (Weird sidenote: I tweeted about Chris this morning and it went crazy with RTs. Y’all like him, huh?)

-I really, really like this article on why you should go see Ghostbusters right now (because it matters).

-Meanwhile, celebs came out to support Leslie Jones after her Twitter harassment.

-Yikes. Tom Sizemore was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence.

Norman Reedus‘ latest prank on Andrew Lincoln makes him downright giddy.

Viola Davis reminds us she’s a badass in the final Suicide Squad trailer.

Chloë Grace Moretz Covers Marie Claire

Chloë Grace Moretz Covers Marie Claire

-We have the first truly terrible magazine cover of the year, courtesy of Chloë Grace Moretz on Marie Claire.

-The Girls season 5 trailer hints at a rocky start for Marnie‘s marriage. Also, Aidy Bryant!

-Disney has postponed the next Star Wars movie. Deep breaths, everyone.

-Mark your calendar. This is the week we all collectively fell in love with Jamie Foxx.

-Blackish stars Tracee Ellis Ross and Anthony Anderson face off on this week’s Lip Sync Battle. I’ll take her version of  “Super Bass” over the original any day.

-On GMA this morning, Spike Lee said we need to push for diversity at the studio level with the people who green-light movies, not just The Academy. Church!

-Also, Academy members who use the “I voted for a black person so race isn’t a factor” excuse need to shut it.

-Random: Alexis Arquette just responded to Jada Pinkett-Smith‘s Oscar boycott comments by accusing her and Will of being gay.

Mindy Kaling is my TV fashion hero.

Stephen Colbert‘s secret Netflix codes are perfection.

-Earlier this week, Heather McDonald said that she “100 percent lived in fear” while working on Chelsea Lately, and now Chelsea Handler has responded: “When I found out at work that [McDonald] was trading stories to US Weekly about my personal life in exchange for having her photograph run in the magazine, that was when I could have fired her. I did not fire her.”

Chuck Klosterman is writing a new book? I’m so in.

Chris Hemsworth’s bicep, though.

Robbie Amell and the girl who played the sister on Jessica Jones just landed a new Netflix show. I heart both of those people.

-The Stacey Dash vs BET fight is a glorious thing to behold.

-Dammit, Agent Carter returned to series low ratings last night. Though I guess we should just be happy that we ended up with a second season to begin with…

Colton Haynes playing Rob Lowe’s kid on The Grinder is perfect casting.

-The cast of Will & Grace have signed on for NBC’s James Burrows tribute (also known as that thing people mistakenly keep referring to as the “Friends Reunion.”)

-Ellen’s audience really, really enjoyed Zac Efron’s twerking. Really.

-New Wonder Woman footage debuted last night. I like it but it looks so dark. Not grim dark but dark dark — I squinted through that entire thing.

-The Suicide Squad trailer is here. Everyone on Twitter raved over it last night, but I’m still on the fence. Yes, DC is finally shaking off their rep of only doing serious, dour films and yes, it looks a million times better than Batman V Superman trailer (though that’s a low, low bar), and yes Margot Robbie seens to be crushing it as Harley Quinn, even when she’s saddled with terrible lines like “we’re bad guys; it’s what we do”. But I need to see more of Jared Leto. And using “Bohemian Rhapsody” is cheating.