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Taylor Swift and Zayn Malik Release New Video

-Shouldn’t Taylor Swift and Zayn Malik’s new video for sexy sexfest 50 Shades Darker be… sexier?

Paula Patton and Robin Thicke‘s messy custody battle just got even messier. Yesterday they both requested temporary sole custody of their son, but Thicke’s request was not only denied, the judge issued a temporary domestic violence restraining order against him amidst allegations of physical abuse.

-Well, this isn’t good: Mischa Barton has been “voluntarily transported to a hospital for mental evaluation” after sources tell TMZ she was “she was hanging over her backyard fence in West Hollywood and rambling about her mom being a witch” yesterday.

Jon Hamm continues to eschew underwear, to the joy and delight of the world. Happy weekend!

-Meanwhile, did Don Draper really change for the better at the end of Mad Men? Jon Hamm doesn’t think so. “I don’t think that zen moment of understanding of anything really stuck. That leopard is not changing his spots…I think it was more about, he just had a really good idea for a commercial.”

Jake Gyllenhaal is questioning the lack of Oscars love for Ryan Reynolds’ “extraordinary” work in Deadpool.  You’d think he would have bemoaned his Nocturnal Animals costar Amy Adams‘ snub instead, but sure.

-POTUS has called yet another woman disgusting. Today’s lucky candidate: Madonna!

-This photo of Christina Ricci is legit terrifying. Photoshop gone mad…

-Pilot season has begun! NBC ordered new comedies from Mindy Kaling, Tina Fey and Bill Lawrence, while ABC is betting on Elizabeth Banks.

-Um, is Drake angling to be a late-night talk show host? On a podcast, he said “I miss Johnny Carson and the appeal of that sexy late-night TV that’s funny.” Simmer down, Wheelchair Jimmy!

Jerry Seinfeld landed in hot water after an incredibly dumb Black Lives Matter tweet.

-I watched the Riverdale premiere last night and I’m still not sure if I liked it or not. On the plus side, I discovered that Netflix Canada streams new eps the next day (along with a bunch of other CW shows like Jane The Virgin and The 100).

-Speaking of shows you should stream on Netflix, I really like this description of Crazyhead: it takes the Buffy recipe and makes it dirtier and hornier.

Ben Affleck’s “Live By Night” flop resulted in a $75 million loss. And yet he’s still going to have no problem green-lighting movies because Hollywood!

Kristen Bell‘s throwback picture from her wedding day is pretty damn funny. (Also, points for not wearing white.)

-God bless The Walking Dead stars for trying so hard to talk up this season.

-Here’s the first trailer for In Dubious Battle starring James Franco and Selena Gomez. I saw this at TIFF and it was ok.

Dakota Johnson Addresses Jamie Dornan Rumours … Kinda


Dakota Johnson addressed those rumors about hating her Fifty Shades co-star Jamie Dornan..but she didn’t exactly deny it. Interesting.

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp have finally officially finalized their divorce.

Joaquin Phoenix and Rooney Mara as a couple makes SO MUCH sense to me.

-The world will never get to see Joseph Fiennes as Michael Jackson, as U.K. broadcaster Sky said it has decided not to air that Urban Myths episode.

-It sounds like Robin Thicke and Paula Patton‘s custody fight is getting dirty. He is being investigated for child abuse after allegedly admitting to his son’s school that he’s “spanked” the kid.

-The Arrangement creator claims the show has nothing to do with Tom Cruise And Katie Homes’ relationship. This is not how to sell a show, sir!

-Following surprise nominations from the WGA, PGA and DGA, Deadpool pulled together an award season reel — which of course features assless chaps.

-Ohhh….Lifetime is developing an adaptation of the psychological thriller You, produced by Greg Berlanti and possibly starring Arrow’s Emily Bett Rickards if tweet teases are to be believed. I tore through that book in a weekend and loved it (and kind of started rooting for the stalker? It was weird).

-Awww…some actors from UNreal got married IRL.

Patti LuPone guest-stars as Rebecca’s rabbi on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend tonight and I am here for it!

-Girls star Jemima Kirke and husband Michael Mosberg reportedly separated months ago. But who’s going to grab her butt when she’s getting out of the shower now?

Jessica Biel, Bryan Cranston and James Corden made a soap opera…using only Kanye West lyrics. It works.

Ryan Murphy knows you want Taylor Swift and Katy Perry for season 2 of his show Feud, but it’s not going to happen. K, then how about Mariah vs JLo?

-Buzzfeed asks a really good question: Why the hell isn’t ER streaming anywhere?

-This story about Zsa Zsa Gabor’s widower holding her ashes hostage is bananas.

-The new XX album is streaming. Stick it in your ear holes now!

-If anyone else was publicly pushing this hard to be Green Lantern I’d find it gauche, but since it’s Sterling K Brown it somehow comes off as endearing.

-The first box-office bomb of 2017 (probably) is here: Monster Trucks is a $125 million live-action hybrid expected to take in just $8-10 million at the box office this weekend.

-Meet more of the monstrous residents of Skull Island in the new Kong trailer.

Kristen Stewart Covers Marie Claire

Kristen Stewart Marie Claire

-I’m really liking the styling on Kristen Stewart’s Marie Claire cover. I wish they’d taken advantage of her recent willingness to actually crack a smile every once in a while, but it’s still good.

-Still no official confirmation, but every major outlet is reporting that Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are engaged. She was spotted wearing a giant ring and has posted a few lovely dovey Instagram shots over the last few days.

-Speaking of engagements, Mary-Kate Olsen is engaged to Oliver Sarkozy. (She’s 27; he’s 44.)

Rihanna showed us all her nips again, and then channeled Whitney in The Bodyguard.

Kim Kardashian ended up leaving the Viennese Ball early after some bizarre incidents — including a guy in blackface approaching her and imitating Kanye. I think this is the part where we’re supposed to feel bad for her.

Angelina Jolie will wear silver peep-toe shoes to the Oscars, because that’s what she wore to rehearsals and told a bunch of college students who were there that she was trying to break them in. (She also asked them to call her “Angie”!)

-Now that all the Oscar votes are in, is Jared Leto  blowing off his public commitments?

-If you feel bad about how the Oscars shake down this weekend, just know that some of the voters are terrible people.

-The Oscars aren’t until Sunday (I’ll be covering them for — come visit!), but the parties have already begun.

Philip Seymour Hoffman‘s autopsy results are in. Not surprisingly, he died of an accidental mix of drugs, including coke and heroin.

-Is Robin Thicke trying to save face, or is he serious about his bid to win back Paula Patton?

-Meanwhile, Paula and her son were in a minor fenderbender after being chased by the paps.

-I wasn’t as completely enraptured by Gillian Flynn‘s Gone Girl as some people, but I did love the part where the main character explains the “cool girl” archetype, so I’m glad people are unpacking it. But I’m not really buying this argument that Jennifer Lawrence is trying to be one , mostly because women tend to like her even more than guys, and women see through the “cool girl” schtick really quickly if it’s an act. So Cameron Diaz, your reign remains secure.

-Here’s the new trailer for Orphan Black. Needs more Alison!

Conan O’Brien was honoured at the Oscar Wilde Awards last night — and it got so loud the cops were called.

-It’s official: Winona Ryder is Benjamin-Buttoning before our eyes. (Also, I love that Helen Mirren is her landlady!)

-A fan grabbed Justin Timberlake’s butt but he was cool with it.

-As a foodie, I loved this oral history of Pastis. As a gossip lover, I loved the section about its celebrity patrons (Matthew McConaughey was “such a bitch,” while Christina Aguilera refused to talk to waiters and delivered her order via bouncer.)

Colin Farrell on his first meeting with Elizabeth Taylor: “I had less anxiety waiting for the results of a home pregnancy test.”

Sarah Michelle Gellar did a Reddit AMA and it was great. She revealed that she thinks Buffy’s soulmate is Angel instead of Spike, and that David Boreanaz is a good kisser.

-Veronica Mars star Enrico Colatoni talks about playing a dad on his new TV show: “Every time I say “sweetheart” or “honey”, I can’t stop thinking about Veronica.” Awww!

Katy Perry surfaced after her split from John Mayer to grab dinner with  B.J. Novak. Free of Mayer AND dining with Ryan Howard? Looks like everything’s coming up roses for her these days.

-The new Muppets movie trailer is a million times better than the last one.