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Gillian Anderson Debuts New Look, New Line

Gillian Anderson for Winser London

Gillian Anderson teamed up with Winser London for a new collection  and this look is a MOOD. Talk about BDE.

Ruth Wilson continues to be cryptic about her exit from The Affair, but promises there’s “a much bigger story” behind it. “It isn’t about pay parity, and it wasn’t about other jobs…But I’m not really allowed to talk about it.” I’m so curious!!

-In other news, she’s reportedly returning to the new season of Luther? YES!! I don’t even know how that’s possible storywise, and I don’t care.

-Wow, critics are LOVING First Man starring Ryan Gosling, which just opened in Venice.

-Venice is always known for grand entrances, but Lady Gaga’s takes the cake.

-I was really hoping Prince Harry would continue the song at a performance of Hamilton last night, but he only attempted the opening line.

Michael B Jordan challenged Will Smith to a cook off — and Gordon Ramsey offered to judge.

Emmy Rossum has hinted that she’s leaving Shameless in an emotional Facebook post to her fans. “I know you will continue on without me, for now. There is much more Gallagher story to be told. I will always be rooting for my family. Try not to think of me as gone, just think of me as moving down the block.” I know Showtime is known for beating dead horses, but the show should really end now.

-I’m soo curious why HBO made Tom & Lorenzo take down their series on Sharp Objects’s fashion because of “how much they were giving away.” The show is over. It’s based on a book. If people wanted to be spoiled, there are better ways than an article on its wardrobe.

-If Drake and Kanye West are going to continue this feud, they’re going to have to do more than talk in emojis for me to care.

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau is teasing Jaime’s relationship with Brienne in the upcoming season of Game of Thrones and this is really all I want to watch now.

-I’m glad I’m not the only one who was confused by TATBILB’s magical nightgown. (How did it not billow up in the hot tub?)

-Meanwhile, it’s weird af that people are shipping Lana Condor and Noah Centineo IRL. I mean, I get it because they have crazy chemistry, but it’s still weird. I’m glad the actors don’t seem too freaked out by it.

-Oh man, Mo Ryan gets INTO IT in her Hollywood Reporter column on Louis C.K.‘s set: “He controlled, in a monstrous way, the manner of his professional return — and then he used the word ‘rape’ in his set. For laughs. For a ‘joke’ about how rape whistles are ‘unclean.’ What the fuck? What the FUCK? He’s not done narcissistically inflicting pain on unsuspecting people. This past week proves that beyond a doubt…He didn’t take even one step down the road to a new chapter. Instead, he twisted the knife. He told a joke about rape whistles. He actually invoked sexual violence in that set.”

Roxanne Gay also wrote an excellent piece on it for the New York Times:  “We spend so little energy thinking about justice for victims and so much energy thinking about the men who perpetrate sexual harassment and violence. We worry about what will become of them in the wake of their mistakes. We don’t worry as much about those who have suffered at their hands.”

-In the first trailer for Jason Reitman’s The Front Runner, Hugh Jackman plays Gary Hart, a politician whose White House potential was derailed by an affair.

-I’m intrigued for the trailer for I Think We’re Alone Now, Reed Morano’s film starring Peter Dinklage and Elle Fanning.

Crazy Rich Asians’ Constance Wu Covers Marie Claire Malaysia

Constance Wu Covers Marie Claire Malaysia

-Crazy Rich Asians star Constance Wu wears Michael Kors on the cover of Marie Claire Malaysia. She’s lovely but I didn’t even recognize her in that second photo (at first glance I thought it was Chloe Bennet).

Jennifer Garner is poised to make a big splash with her Alias-reminiscent thriller Peppermint, so I really wanted her to BRING IT at the premiere. But this dress is a wrinkly mess.

-The Guy Ritchie-directed live-action Aladdin is reportedly doing reshoots because Disney wasn’t happy that they were using makeup to make the white actors look more Middle Eastern. So, they were trying to do brown face in 2018?!

-There was lots of good writing about the Louis CK comeback attempt yesterday, including from The Cut, The Daily Beast, and EW. I especially liked Rebecca Corry’s reflection on what has happened to her since she spoke out publicly about being one of his victims. But this account from two women who were actually at the show is a must-read: “It felt like there were a lot of aggressive men in the audience and very quiet women…There were at least four to five females that I could see, and three or four of them were not having it. They were just looking at him, deadpan, straight, not having it.”  Oh, and this little nugget: during his set he made a joke about rape whistles: “When he said ‘rape whistle’ people were laughing, and I was just sitting there like ‘oh my fuck.’ This is so uncomfortable and so disgusting. Everyone around me was laughing. That was just depressing.”

-Meanwhile, Michael Ian Black says he “hears all of your voices” in response to his Twitter defense of Louis CK, and has made a donation to two charities.

-Also, SNL’s Michael Che is still trash.

-Good on Gwyneth Paltrow for having a sense of humour about her “thinking about dick” meme.

Kanye West finally answered Jimmy Kimmel‘s question about Trump: “He wants to be the greatest president, and he knows that he can’t be the greatest president without the acceptance of the black community. So, it’s something he’s going to work towards, but we’re gonna have to speak to him.”

-The second season of American Vandals may be about poo, but critics say the show isn’t shit.

Alec Baldwin announced he’s no longer taking on the role of Bruce Wayne’s father in the Joker movie, sighting “scheduling” conflicts.

-In a new podcast, Clayne Crawford reflected on being fired from Lethal Weapon TV show — and he’s clearly learned nothing. Instead of being humble and apologetic and trying to prove to prospective employers that he’s worth a shot, he went with this instead: “Hollywood is very sensitive, so I should not have screamed and yelled, right, because it’s a bunch of very delicate flowers out there.”

-Paramount’s high-profile Top Gun sequel – starring Tom Cruise and Miles Teller – is being pushed back a year, and will now hit theaters in June 2020 instead of next July.

Ethan Hawke is not wrong about superhero movies.

-It sounds like Shaun Majumder’s departure from This Hour has 22 Minutes was not pleasant.

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx: still a thing.

-Aww man, why is Amandla Stenberg having to defend her new movie Where Hands Touch? I *just* bought tickets to it! (It’s from the director of Belle so I have high hopes.)

-Yes to the tuxedo dress Meghan Markle wore to Hamilton.

Rosamund Pike is addicted to war zones in the Marie Colvin biopic A Private War.


Hamilton Rules The Tony Awards (and The World)

-Thanks to Hamilton, the Tony Awards delivered their best overnight ratings in 15 years. I’m still not sure why they chose to sing “Yorktown” instead of, say, “Wait for It,” but the Ham performance was still amazing, as was Lin-Manuel Miranda’incredible speech-sonnet.

-Speaking of Hamilton, this is the best story about it I’ve ever read. And it’s on a sporting website. I don’t understand life.

-The Tony red carpet was all about yellow, floral prints, and Keri Russell‘s insane post-baby body. Seriously, she had a baby like, 9 minutes ago!

-Meanwhile, the best bits of the Tonys seemed to happen during the commercial breaks, like when Jake Gyllenhaal, Sean Hayes, and James Corden sang ‘A Whole New World.”

-This is a great deep dive into the behind-the-scenes workings on the UnREAL set, including the creator’s clashes with exec producer Marti Noxon, and the network’s insistence the show bring Jeremy back for season 2.

-This rumour was shot down earlier this year, but now it’s been confirmed: Nicole Kidman will star in the second season of Top of the Lake.

-This is a few weeks old but I missed it somehow: Natalie Morales awesomely reacted to The Grinder’s cancellation by Snapchatting herself sneaking onto the set and stealing stuff.

Adele told the music producer who speculated that her recorded voice is manipulated to “suck my dick.” Bless.

-Crazy Ex-Girlfriends’ Rachel Bloom gets her “Teenage Dream” on in this new clip from Lip Sync Battle.

-Aw nuts. It looks like Amy Schumer and Tig Notaro are not friends IRL — despite what Schumer may think.

Louis CK finally addressed that Gawker report that he harasses female comedians — by completely blowing it off. *sigh*
-Niceness in the midst of sadness: Adam Levine has offered to pay for Voice contestant Christina Grimmie’s funeral expenses.

-The perks of having Thom Yorke as a neighbour: he’ll performs an acoustic set at your garden party.

-Don’t mind me; I’m just crying over these Friday Night Lights reunion photos.

-It sounds like the ‘bury your tropes’ panel at ATX festival was problematic. The guy from The 100 and the woman from The Originals seem woke (and she followed up the panel with a great FB post), but some of the other panelists comments are troublesome. I’m so done with the ‘be grateful for what you get or you’ll get even less’ arguments.

-Why yes, I *would* like to watch Ugly Betty’s ATX reunion panel!

-Scary: a seizure reportedly force Lil Wayne to make an emergency landing.

-This year, the film industry is on pace to sell the fewest U.S. tickets per person of any year since perhaps before the 1920s and the fewest total tickets in two decades. It doesn’t help that streaming services are putting out the most interesting stuff, like this new feature starring Jason Segel and Rooney Mara.

-How is the plot of the new Harry Potter play not a joke? No, really.

-The first round of Emmy voting is now open, meaning we can all scan the Emmy ballot and see which episodes the actors and shows submit for consideration, which is always fascinating. The most head-scratching category this year is the writing one, in which my fave shows submitted a lot of my non-fave episodes. Does The Good Wife seriously think they’re putting their best foot forward with that terrible finale? Or “Canary Cry” on Arrow? Or “Babylon” on The X Files? Even The Americans’ choice to only submit their finale is odd; as amazing at it was, it didn’t compare to the one when Martha runs away or the one when Nina [redacted].

Disney’s Moana trailer is all about The Rock’s eyebrows.

-I’m getting behind this new Game of Thrones theory (especially since the author’s Arya theory mostly panned out last night).

-Allow John Oliver to explain everything that’s wrong with your retirement plan.