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Prince Harry and Megan Markle’s Toronto Debut

Prince Harry and Megan Markle were strolling through a park holding hands near my office, and I’m not gonna lie — for a sec I considered going for a lil creepin’ coffee break. But there are so many new pictures of the two of them coming out today, I really didn’t need to.  Her ripped jeans was a bit of a surprise; I wonder how her style is going to change after she marries into the pantyhose family?

George Clooney did an interview with the Daily Beast and let loose about politics. Some choice quotes: “Steve Bannon is a pussy,” “Hollywood elite? I don’t have a star on Hollywood Boulevard, Donald Trump has a star on Hollywood Boulevard! Fuck you!,” and “It was frustrating because I never saw [Hilary Clinton] elevate her game. I never saw it.” The more he talks about politics and the more he begins answers with “if I was President of the United States,” the more I wonder what his future plans are.

-I kind of love that Idina Menzel just keeps marrying her Rent costars...

-Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman-Palladino has a show about to drop on Amazon called The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, and the early buzz is great. No wonder they just locked her and her husband down for a multi-year deal. I’m guessing that means more GG episodes aren’t happening though?

-What is Paramount Network and how can I watch Taylor Kitsch as David Koresh in their six-part Waco mini-series?

-Some Ain’t It Cool News contributors have stepped down in wake of Harry Knowles allegations (which he denies).

-Disney developing a Cyrano the Moor musical from Moonlight writer Tarell Alvin McCraney, starring David Oyelowo. Man, I like ALL of those words!

-Goddammit, why do they keep giving Greg Berlanti new shows? He’s currently juggling 10(!) projects.  I like his joints well enough (though I think the quality has gone way down on most — probably because he’s spread too thin), but is there not any fresh blood in Hollywood?

Chris Pratt did a “which famous Chris are you” quiz — and did not get Chris Pratt.

Mandy Moore had an engagement party and Minka Kelly documented the whole thing on Instagram.

-Pretty Little Liars is getting a Mona-based spinoff. Makes sense.

-It’ll be interesting to see what happens to the new Star Trek. It debuted strong last night on CBS with 9.6 million viewers, but now it moves to a subscription-only model in the US.  I thought it was ok but I’m not sure if I’m going to keep up with it — which is way easier to do here because it airs on regular TV. I can’t imagine many people outside of a niche audience are going to pay for CBS All Access for just one show.

-Here’s the new trailer for Angelina Jolie’s First They Killed My Father, which is getting good reviews.

-The Barden Bellas are back aca-at it again in this trailer for Pitch Perfect 3. “Pick up your tits” might be my new catchphrase.

Emilia Clarke Is Pretty In Pink For Flare

Emilia Clarke of Game of Thrones on Flare

-Bow down to the Khaleesi! Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke looks amazing on the new cover of Flare.

-Here’s what happens when you ask Kevin Spacey the typical questions female stars get asked on the red carpet. (Spoiler alert: it ends with an f-bomb.)

Idina Menzel didn’t exactly kill it at the Oscars. You could see how upset she was about that voice crack at the end. Well, now she’s redeemed herself by singing ‘Let It Go’ with Jimmy Fallon and classroom instruments. Magical!

-Speaking of Frozen songs, here’s a clip of Kristen Bell and Santino Fontana singing “Love Is An Open Door” live.

Ellen Degeneres finally tipped the pizza guy from Oscar night. Not only did she give him the $600 she collected in the audience, she also threw in an additional $400.

Mary-Kate Olsen‘s engagement ring is ridic.

-Do you want to see Ricky Martin seductively bite Jennifer Lopez’s ear? Then you’re a freak — and you’ll love her new video.

-The John Travolta name generator is awesome. I got “John Mceezald.” (Travolta has since apologized for the slip.)

-Mexico and Kenya both want to claim Lupita Nyong’o as their own. Don’t we all?

-Meanwhile, Lupita’s brother is the coolest kid in his class now.

-Last week’s Parks and Recreation was kind of lame with the exception of the Iron Throne bit at the end. The newly released extended version of that scene is even funnier. I love how Amy Poehler keeps trying not to crack up.

Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey tried a bit last night that went horribly wrong — and it was hilarious.

-Oh god. Did last night’s How I Met Your Mother prove that the show is going to end the way the Internet feared it would? (Spoilers!)

-Also, I’m really hoping True Detective doesn’t end the way the Internet thinks it will, either.

Thurston Moore spoke out about the affair that ended his marriage to Kim Gordon. Everything is terrible.

Katie Holmes’ attempt to be a fashion designer is over. ::sadtrombone::

-The Bachelor Juan Pablo continues to be a mensch. He reacted to the Women Tell All episode by saying they should “have worried more about being sober.”

-When I was in Denmark last fall, every woman seemed to be wearing chunky sneakers with skinny pants, which is what Chanel just sent down the runway. Sigh.

-Speaking of Chanel, I love this optical illusion dress Keira Knightley wore to the show.

-The new M83 song on the Divergent soundtrack has a sensual sax solo and I still don’t hate it.

Cameron Diaz is talking about her vagina again.

Mila Kunis must really love Ashton Kutcher. She’ll guest-star on his struggling Two and a Half Men.

Aaron Paul just broke Top Gear’s speed record.

-It had to happen sooner or later: someone is putting on a James Franco film festival.

Hugh Jackson has come to terms with the fact that Wolverine will eventually be recast.

Iggy Azalea’s new Clueless-themed music video for “Fancy” is so, so good!

American Authors performed “Best Day of My Life” on Kelly and Michael yesterday and it was like every single person in that band started the song at a different time and just went with it. Definitely not the best day of their lives.

Nigella Lawson is going makeup-free(ish) on the new cover of Vogue UK.

-I hate this dress on Katy Perry.

-Community’s Dan Harmon has a new documentary coming up called Harmontown, and in the trailer he drinks his way across the country.

-In other Community news, Gillian Jacobs was a delightful guest on Speakeasy.

-A new trailer for Captain America: Winter Soldier has landed.

Amanda Bynes’ Mom Granted Temporary Conservatorship


-This is probably for the best: Amanda Bynes‘ mother has been granted legal control over her daughter.

-Congrats to Ashley Tisdale, who reportedly got engaged last night at the top of the Empire State Building.

-This photo of an Empire Records cast reunion warms my cold, cold heart.

-A sketchy report suggests Lindsay Lohan was spotted partying ’till the early hours of the morning. Does Oprah know about this?

-Speaking of Opes, she says she recently got the snotty Pretty Woman treatment at pricey Swiss boutique. Big mistake. Huge.

Idina Menzel and Taye Diggs are just as adorable together as I imagined them to be! (I also imagined that they’d invite me over for dinner and we’d all become BFFs. Still waiting on that one…)

-If you ever wanted to see Jennifer Love Hewitt awkwardly work out with an exercise ball, today is your lucky day.

Bono, just say “no” to mandals. Trust.

-I actually really liked the original ending to The Hills, which exposed its total lack of “reality” in the final shot. But this alternate ending is blowing my mindgrapes!

Jennifer Lawrence prepares for battle in the new international trailer for Catching Fire.

-I don’t know if this security sign that’s supposedly outside Taylor Swift‘s house is the real deal, but I really hope it is.

-Congrats to Vince Vaughn and his wife, who just welcomed a new son. They named him Vernon Lindsay, after the actor’s father.

-The LAPD have dismissed Leah Remini‘s missing person report for the head of Scientology’s wife, with TMZ reporting that cops had a face-to-face meeting with her. Something’s still…off.

-I love and adore Connie Britton and I love and adore everything she says in her new Ladies’ Home Journal cover story. I’m just not loving the styling. That doesn’t even look like her face in the first photo, and the cover shot makes her hair look terrible. How is that even possible? Connie Britton’s hair rules the world!

-On the flip side, I’m loving the styling in Miley Cyrusnew magazine spread. If only Kiernan Shipka hadn’t already beat her to the ‘young star looking hot in fuzzy couture’ punch this month.

-A sequel to Now You See Me is in the works. But I still need someone to explain away all the plot holes in the first one!

Chris Brown reportedly suffered a seizure in a recording studio early Friday morning.

Breaking Bad’s Dean Norris made a funny for FunnyorDie.

-Just in case you weren’t already convinced of Anna Kendrick‘s awesomeness, here are 11 ways she’d liven up your party.

-CBS is eying a Wizard of Oz-themed medical drama. In real life.

Liam Hemsworth has a “no shirtless selfies” rule for Twitter. If only his girlfriend would follow suit.

-Speaking of those two, they walked a carpet together last night for the first time in over a year. Yay?

Ariana Grande is begging fans to chill out after they went cray cray because Justin Bieber was spotted kissing her on the cheek.

Werner Herzog‘s gut-punching documentary on texting while driving might be the thing that finally stops it. You can watch the whole thing here.

-More evidence that Bruce Willis is a jerk: Sly Stallone would rather work with Mel Gibson than him.

-The trailer for Season 3 of Homeland just dropped, and even though the show kind of lost me last year, this promo is really, really working for me. Mostly because A) it features a lot of Claire Danes Cry Face, which is the quickest thing in the world to reduce me to vapor, and B) it’s soundtracked by The Cinematic Orchestra’s “To Build a Home,” which I once listened to non-stop for an entire week.