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Cameron Diaz Confirms Retirement

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-I’m still waiting for my reunions issue of EW to arrive (I just know I’m gonna be stuck with the Dawson cover), but they’ve released a bunch of awesome articles online. The cast of The Sweetest Thing remember the film (and Cameron Diaz confirms that she’s retired from acting),  Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter reunited and say there’s a Bill & Ted comeback in the works, and Anthony Edwards talks about feeling like he’s watching his son when he looks back at Fast Times at Ridgemont High. My fave is the article on the ER episode where Lucy and Carter were stabbed  which really took me back. (I’m also impressed that Noah Wylie addressed the rumours that he was a bit of dick on that set).

-Also, this is a very cute clip of the Dawson’s Creek cast trying to remember the lyrics to “I Don’t Want to Wait.”

Will Ferrell and Joaquin Phoenix interviewed each other, and the article made me laugh out loud multiple times. My fave exchange: “FERRELL: I was recently thinking about your role in Gladiator , which is a big studio movie.  PHOENIX: Are you reading off prepared questions and trying to pretend that they’re just popping into your head?  FERRELL: Maybe wait to hear what I have to say: I was thinking about your role in that movie, and the reason why it works is because you’re such a little bitch.” This is also perfect: “FERRELL: Well, next year I’ll invite you over to watch the Super Bowl. PHOENIX: You don’t have to. FERRELL: You don’t even have to watch it. PHOENIX: I’m trying to do this thing where I’m being honest with people — I don’t want to come.”

Cynthia Nixon is kicking off her gubernatorial campaign with a pit stop on Wendy Williams’ talk show, which is super smart.

Seth Rogen told Ellen that he knew about Stormy Daniels and Trump ages ago. “I’ve known Stormy Daniels a long time…It didn’t really occur to me that it would come out or anyone would care about it, but then when I saw it I was like, Oh yeah, Stormy told us all about that.”

-**Stefan voice**  This Elizabeth Hurley tweet has everything: an inappropriate pose with an underage family member, a stabbing, “oozing blood,” a criminal at large.

-This article on what happened to Ricky Gervais’ comedy over the last few years is so, so good.

-Page Six says Sanaa Lathan was the actress who bit Beyoncé. They report that multiple sources identified the Love & Basketball star as the person behind the famous bite, though Lathan has denied that she was the culprit.

-Never thought I’d type this, but here we go: actress Kristin Kreuk has denied any involvement in her Smallville costar’s sex cult.

Lindsay Lohan shared a series of videos on her Instagram story in which she claimed to have been asked to give an upcoming commencement address at Harvard Law School. And it seems like it was an April Fool’s prank, which might actually be the saddest thing I’ve heard all year.

Mandy Moore climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro and still looked like a supermodel.

-The CW renewed 10 of its current series, which Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and Jane the Virgin returning for their final seasons. They’ve yet to renew iZombie and The 100 yet because their current seasons just started and are about to start respectively, while there’s no news on likely-to-be-canceled newcomers Valor and Life Sentence. One good thing: Deadline reports that the network is expected to play with the sizes of the orders more than ever next season, especially around the DC shows. Both Arrow and The Flash could definitely benefit from less than 23 episodes.

-The grand total to-date for the Roseanne revival to a stunning 29.4 million viewers — more than the Oscars. I still have no interest.

Kumail Nanjiani and Billy Eichner got into a Twitter debate with Sarah Silverman over her support for the show.

-It sounds like Fox’s New Mutants is a mess. Not a good sign when the studio brings on 12 writers to fix the script — and  not one of them is a woman.

-It’s great that Jessica Jones’ showrunner recognizes that “there aren’t enough women of color in meaningful roles” but she’s two seasons in now. What’s the plan to fix it?

-Why is Meek Mill’s judge not being forced to recuse herself? This is nuts.

Chris Brown tried to defend himself after a photo circulated of his hands around a woman’s neck.

-I haven’t watched Grey’s Anatomy in ages but all the Twitter talk about Scott Speedman’s episode had me tuning in. SWOON!

Stephen Glover says a proposed Taylor Swift episode was what killed the animated Deadpool series with his brother Donald. “There really was a Taylor Swift episode. It was HILARIOUS. And it definitely was the last straw.”

Sterling K. Brown‘s appearance on Brooklyn Nine-Nine was a delight.


Kim Cattrall Supports Cynthia Nixon

-She may be feuding with Sarah Jessica Parker, but Kim Cattrall still has (kind of?) nice words for at least one of her former SATC costars. She tweeted her support for Cynthia Nixon’s New York Governor bid. It wasn’t the most glowing endorsement, but still…

-The Shia Labeouf comeback tour is upon us. There’s a new biopic starring Lucas Hedges as Labeouf (because white dudes in Hollywood get countless chances for redemption), and now there’s a new Esquire profile, which mentions he turned down offers to appear in The Social Network, 127 Hours, and The Bourne Legacy.

Chris Evans is plotting is post-Captain America career.

Drew Barrymore wants you to know that she didn’t actually mean to insult Jake Gyllenhaal‘s acting skills.

I really hope this tweet is Gillian Anderson’s response to the news that they plan to continue The X Files without her. Or the reaction to the season finale which I haven’t watch yet, but according to the outrage on Twitter, did her character dirty. Whatever it’s about, it’s expert shade.

-In advance of this weekend’s march, George Clooney penned a letter to Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school students, telling them “You make me proud of my country again.” Bill Murray also expressed his support in an NBC News op-ed.

-Terrible: a firefighter died on the set of an Edward Norton-directed movie.

-According to a new lawsuit filed against Russell Simmons, a woman claims she met him when he invited her and her son backstage at a DefJam concert and then he trapped her in a hotel room and told her “I am going to f**k you or I’m going to f**k your son.”

-The Cannes red carpet is full of weird rules (like women have to wear heels) and they just added another one: no selfies.

Will Smith and Jimmy Fallon performed the history of sitcom theme songs.

Rosario Dawson stars in the Krystal trailer, directed by William H Macy.

-Andrew Garfield might be losing his mind in the trailer for Under The Silver Lake.

SATC’s Cynthia Nixon Is Running for Governor of New York

-Sex and the City star Cynthia Nixon just threw her hat in the ring for the New York governor race. Unlike other celebrity political candidates, she actually has a pretty impressive history of public schooling advocacy.

-Her SATC costar Kristen Davis is already backing her.

-He’s only been on it for three months, but nobody in Hollywood does Instagram better than Will Smith. Nobody.

-Everyone was hating on Arcade Fire’s Twitter performance on SNL, but I kind of loved it? In any case, the second song was interrupted by a commercial, so the show released the full performance online.

-Speaking of this weekend’s SNL, did anyone notice that Jon Hamm jumped onto the stage during the exit hugs?

Lin-Manuel Miranda and Ben Platt joined forces to record “Found Tonight,” with proceeds going to March For Our Lives. No, YOU’RE crying!

Vivica A. Fox is talking about her sex life with ex-boyfriend 50 Cent and he’s not very happy about it. I’m not sure why; besides calling it “PG-13” she was mostly complimentary.

Renée Zellweger is playing Judy Garland and the resemblance is kind of amazing.

-In the early days of their relationship when they were trying to keep things quiet, Prince Harry would visit Meghan Markle in Toronto and they stayed at Ben Mulroney’s house.

-Sweet. If Legends of Tomorrow is renewed (and it very likely will be), Matt Ryan will join the cast as Constantine. The trajectory of that character/actor is unheard of. He started on an NBC show that was quickly cancelled, the CW somehow convinced NBC to lend him to them for one episode of Arrow, and now he’s a regular on that network.

-Oh god. Steven Spielberg really is planning to go ahead with Indiana Jones 5.

-I’m not sure I get this petition to ask Matt Smith to donate a portion of his salary from The Crown to the Times Up movement. I’d rather the petition ask the producers to donate the difference between his pay and Claire Foy‘s. Smith is not like Mark Walhberg, who recognized a shitty situation and held the producers hostage until they paid up.

-The young leads of Stranger Things have reportedly negotiated hefty raises, moving from $30,000 per episode now up to $250,000 an episode, and the adults are up to $350,000 an episode, with Millie Bobby Brown somewhere in the middle. Even the kids who play Steve, Jonathan and Nancy got bumped up to $150,000 per ep.

-I really liked this article questioning whether any show from the golden age will actually endure. Drowning in new shows means that very few people have time for rewatches these days.  “If medium and message truly are synchronous, then maybe television is simply something that only really works in the moment.”

Melissa McCarthy plays a down-on-her-luck writer who starts faking letters from famous novelists in the Can You Ever Forgive Me? trailer.