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Emma Stone Is Excited As You Are for BTS

-Perpetual fangirl Emma Stone says she “involuntarily screamed” while watching BTS do their sound check for this weekend’s SNL.

Justin Bieber returned to Instagram today to update fans on his struggles, posting “Getting better everyday..bouncing back..I will never stop fighting.”

-Speaking of opening up about mental health on Instagram, Ariana Grande talked about her PTSD and documented her brain scans. She followed up with “Didn’t mean to startle anyone with my brain thingy. it just blew me away.”

-In response to Johnny Depp‘s $50M lawsuit, Amber Heard filed a court motion to dismiss the lawsuit, in which she cites several instances when the actress says he hit her, shoved her, threw cans and glass bottles at her or ripped out her hair.

Maisie Williams calling out Liam Payne on Twitter is life.

-Looks like Ben Affeck and Lindsay Shookus‘ reconciliation didn’t take.

-Now poor Emma Bunton has been dragged into the Scary Spice/Ginger Spice drama.

Donald Glover is not only dropping his movie with Rihanna this weekend, he’ll also be randomly AirDropping free pairs of his Adidas shoes at Coachella.

-Speaking of Coachella, people are convinced that N-SYNC is going to join Ariana Grande during her headlining set.

-Here’s our first look at Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott, and Ella Balinska in Elizabeth BanksCharlie’s Angels update.

-Disney announced details of its new streaming service Disney+ yesterday, and judging but online reaction they hit it out of the park. While Apple’s presentation failed because they held everything back, Disney won but doing the opposite. It’s way cheaper than everyone expected it to me ($6.99/month or $70/year), it will allow you to download content to watch online, and it’s coming with a slew of shows out of the gate, including a live-action Lady and the Tramp, starring Tessa Thompson and Justin Theroux, and Jon Favreau‘s The Mandalorian Star Wars series. Shows to be added later include MCU spinoffs The Falcon and The Winter Soldier (starring Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan), WandaVision (starring Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany) and the yet-unnamed show about Hawkeye and Kate Bishop, starring Jeremy Renner.

-I didn’t think I’d want a Perry Mason remake but one that stars Tatiana Maslany AND Matthew Rhys?? Well, shit.

-Gearing up for Game of Thrones? Here’s where we left off.

-I can’t believe I made plans on the night that Noah Centineo’s new romcom is on Netflix. What’s wrong with me?!?

-In today’s Star Wars event, they announced the title for Episode IX (it’s The Rise of Skywalker) and dropped the first teaser trailer.

-The Veronica Mars revival will bless our small screens in July.

Evan Rachel Wood Reveals She’s a Rape Survivor, Won’t “Stay Silent Any Longer”


-In her Rolling Stone story, Evan Rachel Wood originally said she’d experienced “physical, psychological sexual” abuse in the past, but the day after Trump was elected (just before press time), she emailed the writer to clarify that she’d been raped twice. “I don’t believe we live in a time where people can stay silent any longer. Not given the state our world is in with its blatant bigotry and sexism.”

Kanye West will not be released from the hospital today as originally planned. Meanwhile, sources say he’d been having nightmares about Kim’s robbery before his hospitalization and ‘wasn’t able to snap back‘ without his wife by his side.

-Every clip from Leah Remini’s new anti-Scientology show on A&E is like the fire emoji come to life.

Naomi Watts opens up about life after Liev Schreiber, saying “change is always scary.”

-I really like the new clips that are out today from Variety’s Actors on Actors series. Ryan Reynolds charms Taraji P. Henson with a story about his “failed” audition for a Coen brothers, while Emma Stone and Molly Shannon discuss their worst on-stage nightmares.

-Here’s the first clip of Lin-Manuel Miranda talking about Alexander Hamilton on Drunk History. I hope he gets 1000x sloppier.

-This might be the best celebrity story of the decade: at a fancy British party, Princess Beatrice joked to James Blunt that she could “knight” him, and she ended up slicing Ed Sheeran’s face with a sword. I love all of those words!

John Mayer and Mandy Moore are being all flirty on Twitter. New (fake) couple alert?

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas apparently spent Thanksgiving together. So that’s still happening.

Kit Harington and Rose Leslie also spent Thanksgiving together. I always forget they’re still a RL couple.

-Aww man, Ron Glass from Firefly passed away? Suck it, 2016.

Lupita Nyong’o talks about sleeping with goats on a new Billy on the Street segment. As you do.

Amber Heard spoke out against violence towards women in emotional Facebook video.

-This festive short from Wes Anderson for H&M is Adrien Brody‘s best work in years.

Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon‘s limited HBO drama Big Little Lies will premiere in February.

-Also debuting in February, Drew Barrymore’s new Netflix series Santa Clarita Diet.

-Overall I thought the Gilmore Girls revival was pretty good, though I had Issues with a capital “i” over the ending — and how terrible Rory was in general. The worst part was what a terrible journalist she turned out to be.

-Also, I love Vulture but their incessant Gilmore Girls tweets this weekend almost made me unfollow them.

-No, Scarlett Johansson. You’re not allowed to call for more diversity in Hollywood while promoting your lead role in Ghost In The Machine. That’s not how this works.

-In her new book, Kathy Griffin says that Ashton Kutcher is “rude” and a “d-bag.” Sounds about right.

-Star Wars is struggling to find a female director with proper experience, says Kathleen Kennedy. Total bs. They gave Rian Johnson a Star Wars movie and the only things he’d done before was Looper and Brick. Trevor Trevorrow got Jurassic Park after just Safety Not Guaranteed. Josh Trank got to do Fantastic Four after only doing Chronicle. White dudes who only have one or two indies in their credits get handed the keys to the kingdom, but no one will take a chance on women directors.

-Garbage’s Shirley Manson discusses feminism, beauty and aging like the boss that she is.

-Yikes. Anthony Michael Hall was charged with felony battery after an alleged beatdown and now faces a 7-year sentence.

-The new Riverdale trailer looks like the CWiest show to ever be on the CW. Who knew Archie had abs?!

Alicia Keys Opens Up in Ebony


Alicia Keys looks amazing on the new cover of Ebony. I almost want to watch The Voice this season to see how people react to her no-makeup look on a mainstream broadcast show.

-Set your DVRs: MTV will reportedly let Kanye West do whatever the hell he wants for 4 minutes at this weekend’s VMAs.

-This is an excellent and thought-provoking discussion on whether or not it’s still ok to want to see Birth of a Nation. Personally, I no longer have much interest, but on the flip side, I think it’s ridiculous that Oscar voters are refusing to see it. That’s like a critic refusing to review it.

Amber Heard called Johnny Depp out for donating her $7m settlement directly to charity. What a dick move. Her statement about it is fire, tho.

-Meanwhile, Elon Musk has been trying to date Heard for three(!) years.

Sarah Paulson is in talks to join the all-female Ocean’s Eleven spinoff, which is amazing! Wait, they’re not really calling it Ocean’s Ocho, are they? ‘Cause that’s less amazing.

-I’m always so intrigued by who big studios turn to when they needs scripts to be punched up. Doctor Strange’s script is reportedly being worked over by Community creator Dan Harmon.

Rob Lowe is being roasted and the lineup of celebs is incredibly bizarre.

The Rock has just been named the highest paid actor — and has promised to take us all to Waffle House!

-I can’t believe Nashville is returning. I’m much less surprised that Connie Britton is looking for an exit.

-When Jessica Alba was asked on the Today Show if her products were safe, she responded “They’re amazing!” Um, yeah. That’s not really the answer we were looking for but thanks for playing.

Aaron Paul tried to impress Tom Cruise with a magic trick, failed miserably.

-As boring as it is to hear celebrities complaining about their fabulous lives, I actually feel for Amy Schumer when she says that attending the Met Gala “felt like a punishment.” That would so not be my scene.

Justin Bieber’s family is denying any involvement with Bowmanville Zoo.

Leslie Jones‘ website hack being investigated by Homeland Security, the FBI says. Good.

-Meanwhile, Katy Perry, Anna Kendrick and more tweeted their support for Jones. I’m still surprised by Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy’s silence.

-Are Chris Rock and Megalyn Echikunwoke already engaged?

Britney Spears isn’t super thrilled that Lifetime is making a movie about her. (I’m really hoping there’s an extended scene devoted to her and JT picking out their matching denim outfits.)

-Meanwhile, this story about how Britney Spears‘ hair, which has been her mood ring for 20 years is all kinds of great.

-Speaking of great reads, here’s a piece on UnREAL, Mr Robot and the perils of taking big swings in your sophomore season.

-There’s a very good chance that Universal will sue Frank Ocean over his album switcheroo. Still, it was a pretty boss move. Not that I praise Jared Leto often, but his doc on his band’s struggles with their record label really helped me understand how the music industry sets out to screw over artists.

-Ohh..the new season of Poldark returns next month.

-I don’t watch Once Upon a Time, but I still find these bloopers a delight. (Well hello there, guyliner guy!)

-Dammit! Just when I think I’m out, the new trailers for The Flash and Arrow pull me back in.

Ben Schwartz confirms that Stranger Things’ Steve is Jean-Ralphio’s true daddy.

-The My Blind Brother trailer is a Parks and Rec reunion that only features Ben, Mona Lisa, and the Douche.

-It’s weird to see Nicole Kidman in the “mom” role, but this trailer for Lion (costarring Rooney Mara and Dev Patel) looks great.