Viola Davis Gives Powerful Speech at Women’s March

-Celebrities joined the women’s march on Saturday and offered some rousing speeches. Scarlett Johansson (not a particularly unproblematic spokesperson but ok) talked about gender equality, Halsey wrote a gutting poem, and Viola Davis brought the roof down.

-On the day when hundreds and thousands of women took to the streets, Ciara shared a video that tells women how to find a husband. Gross.

-Every time Jennifer Garner calls her Alias costar Victor Garberspy daddy,” I get a little choked up.

-Oh. My. God. Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi are bringing the vampire mockumentary What We Do in the Shadows to the small screen. This is incredible news.

-It was a weekend of famous dudes that I didn’t even know were in a relationship getting engaged. Ed Sheeran debuted his new relationship status on Instagram, and Darren Criss popped the question to Mia Swier.

Tiffany Haddish and Andy Serkis will announce the Oscar nominations tomorrow. Uh oh. Does this mean she isn’t getting one? Because that seems to be the trend with announcers lately.

Tracee Ellis Ross clarified her Blackish salary dispute, and seems to dispel the rumours that she threatened to cut back on her hours.

-If Stranger Things star David Harbour wants to dance with penguins, then internet, we need to make that happen!

Olivia Munn texted Anna Faris to make it clear that she’s not dating Chris Pratt, despite what the tabloids say.

-The Stark sisters are sticking together IRL. Maisie Williams is going to be Sophie Turner’s bridesmaid.

-On the SAG Awards red carpet, Alison Brie addressed the allegations of sexual misconduct made against her brother-in-law, James Franco by saying: “I think that above all what we’ve always said is that it remains vital that anyone that feels victimized should and does have the right to speak out and come forward.”  So good! If she had stopped it right there, it would have been perfect. But then she had to go and add “not everything that’s been reported has been accurate, so I think we’re waiting to get all the information.”

-Speaking of stars I like putting their foot in their mouth, William H Macy said at the SAGs: “It’s hard to be a man these days. I think a lot of us feel like we’re under attack and that we need to apologize, and perhaps we do.” He goes on to talk about what men can do as part of the Times Up movement, but that first part…yeesh.

-It turns out it was Lily Tomlin that Morgan Freeman was calling out at the start of his SAG speech.  I thought he was reprimanding someone for being on the phone or something.

Alexander Skarsgård brought his longtime BFF Jack McBrayer as his SAG Awards date. I didn’t know these guys were buddies, and now I’m obsessed with how that possibly came to be.

-Also, Skarsgård may be in the second season of Big Little Lies (which makes no sense).

Nick Offerman has no use for your Ron Swanson parody account.

-Some hits are starting to emerge from Sundance already. I love that The Miseducation of Cameron Post is getting such raves because that book was wonderful. Lizzie is also sparking buzz, possibly because Kristen Stewart and Chloë Sevigny have hot barn sex and axe-murder a man together.

-This is a really good piece on how some of the pop culture romances we loved when we were young actually glorify or excuse predatory male behaviour.

-The Resident, Fox’s new medical drama starring Matt Czuchry and Emily VanCamp, debuted last night — but all anyone is talking about today is how one of the show’s staff writers managed to get a job there since he was investigated for sexual harassment on his two most recent shows, The Night Shift and Code Black.

-There’s a new Wrinkle in Time trailer. The more I see of this thing, the more I can’t wait!


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