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July 17, 2017

Mindy Kaling Is Pregnant?

-Jeepers von creepers, Mindy Kaling is reportedly pregnant! A source tells E! News that the future arrival for the 38-year-old actress was “an unexpected surprise.” Part of me is super curious about the dad, part of me hopes she January Joneses it and reveals nothing, and all of me is super happy for her. She’s talked a lot in the past about wanting kids, so mazel.

Mindy had a busy weekend. Before this news broke, she joined Oprah and Reese Witherspoon at the D23Expo to unveil the first trailer for A Wrinkle In Time, which looks amazing!

-Everyone at D23 lost their poo over the Avengers: Infinity War footage shown, but a good quality version has yet to leak and we’re not getting the first trailer until November.

-I really like this video of Don Cheadle and Mark Ruffalo at D23. You can see Don trying to pull Mark back from bad-talking Universal Studios, and then it just turns into a mutual lovefest.

-If you only read one thing today, read Buzzfeed’s exposé on R. Kelly. The parents of three young girls are claiming he’s holding them at his home against their will in a “cult.” The article is disturbing and certainly sounds like an older man grooming his victims.  The craziest thing about this is all the fans who came out to cape for him on Twitter today. How is this still happening?! Do we really care so little about young black women? People have known about him for 20 years now, and if anything, it sounds like instead of facing consequences he’s actually been escalating his behaviours. Everyone involved needs to be held accountable for this: his label, the people who still collaborate with him (looking at you, Gaga and Pitchfork), and everyone who still blindly stans him.

-A statement through his lawyer says he “unequivocally denies such allegations.”

-Look, I’m not sure I believe this story about Taylor Swift being smuggled out of her house in a box, but this has been the Monday-iest of all Mondays and I NEED it!

-Congrats to Kate Mara and Jamie Bell, who got married in a secret ceremony after two years of dating.

-If all goes as planned, the Wonder Woman sequel will be announced later this week at Comic Con.

-Yikes. Spider-Man: Homecoming suffered Marvel’s worst second-weekend drop ever. In happier box office news, The Big Sick expanded nation-wide this weekend and is doing really well.

-The Aladdin movie continues to make headlines — and not in a good way. After this weekend’s lukewarm response to the cast reveal comes news that Guy Ritchie’s script is being re-written — by a blonde white lady.

-I hate this nipple-y shot of Nicole Kidman on the cover of Love magazine. Hate it.

-It’s a big week for Attack the Block stars. Jodie Whittaker was announced as the first female doctor on Doctor Who (which of course made all the butthurt fanboys cry), and John Boyega landed on the cover of GQ, where he talked about getting relationship advice from Robert Downey Jr. and Orlando Bloom over waffles.

-Disney says it fired Kermit the Frog voice actor of 27 years over “unacceptable business conduct.

Alec Baldwin is set to play the Jack Nicholson role in NBC’s live production of A Few Good Men. Huh.

Rainn Wilson wants you all to stop reminding him of the role that made him famous, ok?

-Yay for Jordan Peele and Chelsea Peretti, who welcomed their first child.

-The new Blade Runner 2049 trailer looks great.

-Atlanta breakout Lakeith Stanfield plays a young man from Brooklyn sent to prison for a murder he didn’t commit in the Crown Heights trailer.