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August 8, 2016

Leslie Jones Is Going to the Olympics!

Leslie Jones‘ Olympics commentary on social media¬†was so good¬†this weekend, she just got¬†invited to cover Rio¬†for NBC. And¬†she’s¬†doing it! This is what happens when you don’t let the haters scare you¬†off Twitter for good.

-Also, she has the cutest fan ever.

-Oh, FFS. Now Kim Kardashian is jumping on the “I’m not a feminist” train, saying¬†she’s “not a ‘free the nipple’-type girl.” A)¬†Feminist or not, she still benefits from feminism, and B) would someone please buy Hollywood a dictionary that’s been published post-1967?!

Lindsay Lohan¬†and¬†fianc√©¬†Egor Tarabasov¬†got into a nasty-looking fight¬†on a public beach, so of course there’s¬†photos. After they surfaced, she¬†spoke out, saying¬†“No woman can be hit and stay with that person if that person isn’t prepared to say sorry.” (I would have ended that sentence before¬†the word ‘if’, but at least she seems to have left him.)

-Between the movie poster Robert Downey Jr. posted on his Facebook page¬†and Supergirl’s “new” poster, it was a bad weekend for stars/official outlets sharing things that ended up being fan art.

New Girl and Brooklyn 99 are getting in on the crossover madness this fall. I stopped watching both of those shows ages ago, but good on them.

Mariah Carey really is going to guest-star on Empire, apparently. She’s not playing herself though, which seems like a miss.

-Suicide Squad may have opened big this weekend, but it’s not¬†necessarily a total success yet. After pulling in an impressive $65.1M on Friday, it dropped a massive 41% day-over-day. (A 30% drop is considered bad, so this is really not good.) We’ll see.

-CBS’s six new shows feature six white dudes as leads.¬†I mean, do we expect anything more of them¬†at this point, though?

Lea Michele just Snapchatted her lip waxing. Civilization is doomed.

John Oliver‘s segment last night on the decline of print news was pretty much a regurgitation of the conversation my friends and I have¬†been having since I was a young ‘un in journalism school. Much wittier, though. (“Digital First sounds like a high school euphemism for seductively sucking on a finger.”)

Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg will throw weekly joint dinner parties on a new VH1 series, which already sounds like my new favourite TV show.

-I’m probably really late to the party, but I just discovered the¬†My Dad Wrote a Porno podcast and Oh. My. God. If you have any interest in listening to a British guy and his two hyper-articulate friends break down his father’s terrible, terrible attempt at erotica, I highly recommend it. It makes me cry-laugh on the subway.

Seth Rogen competed against Jimmy Fallon in Lip Sync Battle, and his “Hotline Bling”¬†dance moves were pretty great. (Also, Rogen looks great!)

-Meanwhile, Rogen says he’s no longer mad at Katherine Heigl. That makes one of us!

-A new Moana trailer dropped during the Olympics coverage this weekend.