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August 15, 2016

Chris Evans’ Puppy Pushups

John Krasinski challenged Chris Evans and Miles Teller (ugh) to the #22PushUpChallenge, and Chris’ response features the most adorable dog distraction ever!

-You know what’s nuts? After that totally gross video that came out on Friday of Johnny Depp hurling a wine glass at Amber Heard, I still saw people on Twitter cape for him. I don’t get it. Let’s see what they say now that TMZ is reporting he once accidentally cut off the tip of his finger while fighting with her, then wrote on the wall in blood “Billy Bob” – the name of the actor he was accusing her of cheating on him with. Charming.

-Also, I appreciated this article on how Heard and Lindsay Lohan suffer from being imperfect victims.

Justin Bieber has threatened to make his Instagram private if commenters don’t stop attacking his new lady, Sofia Richie (who is Lionel Richie‘s daughter. You know who I found out this weekend is NOT actually Lionel Richie’s daughter? Nicole Richie. #MindBlown)

Justin‘s pleas for civility somehow led to a pissing contest between him and Selena Gomez, with her insinuating he cheated — and him shooting back with “oh I forgot about you and Zayn?” Not surprisingly, their fans spent the weekend having meltdowns.

Thomas Gibson is reporting mulling a lawsuit over his Criminal Minds firing. I guess that explains why his statement didn’t include an apology.

-Meanwhile, his ex-costar Shemar Moore is subtweeting him. (Also, I’m now going to end every Instagram video with “church is over.”)

Jared Padalecki got bad service from a waitress — so he posted a photo of her face to his 3M followers. And then he defended the post by comparing people who say he shouldn’t complain to people who say he shouldn’t be depressed. Nope, nope, all the nopes. You don’t get to play any of those cards, Dean.

This is a great read about how Mr Robot isn’t getting the critical reception this summer of Netflix shows like Stranger Things and The Get Down, but at least it’s trying something completely different.

-Speaking of Stranger Things, this interview/lovefest between Aaron Paul and the little girl who plays Eleven is all kinds of adorable. And then his wife jumps on the phone so she can fangirl too? Kill me now.

-Bad word of mouth resulted in a huge Batman V Superman-like box office drop in Suicide Squad’s second weekend. So why is WB still heavily investing in Zack Snyder’s vision of the DCEU?

-Lowly movie studio employees are rising up. First we got last week’s open letter to the WB and now the comments section of an interview with the directors of Sausage Party was overrun with anonymous sources claiming animators were reportedly forced to work for free and generally treated like poo. (I saw the film over the weekend. I thought it was just meh.)

Tom Hiddleston is blaming the deluge of photos of him with Taylor Swift on the fact that “we all live in a world where every phone has a camera.” Sure, but do we also all live in a world where everyone has long-lensed professional cameras on remote beaches?

The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore was canceled today, which sucks because they’re not even going to get to cover the election. It’s not exactly surprising giving its lack of ratings and buzz.  Wilmore released a statement about “The Unblackening” of the Comedy Network.

-This is weak sauce: Adele says she was approached by the Super Bowl to do the next halftime show and declined, so the NFL and Pepsi ran to Billboard with a statement about how there was no “formal” offer. Yeah. Because she declined.

Bella Thorne and Gregg Sulkin split after more than a year together. I have no idea who either of these people are, but my Twitter timeline is devastated. Sorry?

-Congrats to Kevin Hart, who married longtime girlfriend Eniko Parrish on Saturday.

Natalie Portman gushing about French women sounds like me every time I visit France.

-Is it weird that these photos make me want to party with Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus?

-This is such a good look at Nate Parker’s problematic past and how that may (or should?) change our view of Birth of a Nation.

Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard are oh so pretty in the Allied trailer.

-The untold story of NASA’s genius black women gets the spotlight in the Hidden Figures trailer, starring Taraji P. Henson.