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September 16, 2015

Helen Mirren on Talks Gambling and Guys

Helen Mirren for L’Oreal

-When Helen Mirren tells you how you can be just like Helen Mirren, you drop everything (which, in my case, was a half a bag of Cheetos) and LISTEN. Her advice: be on time, don’t whine, and go to the races. Oh, and don’t let a guy put his arm around you.  “It annoys me when I see men with an arm slung round their girlfriend’s shoulders. It’s like ownership. Of course, when you’re young, you want the guy to take your hand and look after you. But when I see girls being leaned on, I want to say, ‘Tell him to get his damned arm off your shoulder.'”

Ariana Grande‘s impressions of pop singers are actually surprisingly great. But why isn’t she opening her eyes?

Matt Damon apologized for those tone deaf diversity comments, but his apology was pretty weaksauce. Why did he have to same “some people”? Just “people” would have been swell. And claiming that his comments were taken out of context is pretty rich, considering it’s his show and he should theoretically have full control over what airs.

-In other celebrity backtracking news, Emilia Clarke has clarified her comments about onscreen nudity, saying she is “always in control” on Game of Thrones.

-Speaking of GoT, Kit Harington has finally changed his tune about the show. Shocker.

-So Liam Hemsworth was being kind of a dick at TIFF? It’s ok, guys. I met Liam’s Danish doppleganger earlier this week and he’s a goddamn delight. He’s already by second favourite Hemsworth.

-Has there ever been a more appropriate use of Robin Thicke than James Corden‘s “Lay It On Thicke” segment? (Spoiler alert: there hasn’t.)

-This is pretty astonishing: an actor from The League admitted he made up his story about escaping 9/11. His costars are tweeting their support.

-Someone created an all-female version of the late night hosts Vanity Fair photo and I want to get a mortgage on it so I can live in that photo forever.

-Ian Somerhalder didn’t actually profess his love for Nina Dobrev on Twitter; he was just hacked.

-NBC still has reboot fever. They’re now planning to remake Hart To Hart centered around a gay couple.

Jake Gyllenhaal sent a message to cake thief Amy Schumer on Stephen Colbert‘s show last night.  Sigh. Full flirt Jake is my favourite Jake of all.

John Mellencamp has moved on from Meg Ryan to Christie Brinkley. Moral of this story: John Mellencamp can still get it.

-I still think Fear The Walking Dead is a bullshit show, but this defense of it is pretty great.

Drake was pissed because the DJ at Serena Williams’s fashion show played the explicit version of his song instead of the clean one.

-Why ya gotta trash talk Jason StathamPaul Bettany?

Hayley Atwell and James D’Arcy just took the Dubsmash war to the next level by recruiting Stan Lee for round 2.

Jessica Biel is launching an online sex-ed series. Yup.

-Hollywood insiders picked the 100 best TV shows, proving that Hollywood insiders are kind of lame.

-You can now watch The Mindy Project in Canada (and you should. The season premiere features the line “It’s like I’m in 13 Going on 30 — but I’m still 26!”)

-Also, Mindy Kaling believes in couples on TV. I hope she’s right. It seems like every show I watch right now is putting together the main couple, and the thing that freaks me out about that is if/when they ever break up, it always seems like the writers immediately start destroying the female character (probably so we don’t resent the guy for not being with her). Though I guess Mindy doesn’t have to worry about that, since she IS the writer.

David Blaine astounds Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul and Jada Pinkett-Smith in his new video.

-The new Creed trailer is pretty damn great.