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September 2, 2015

Avril Lavigne Annouces Split from Chad Kroeger on Instagram


Avril Lavigne is the latest celebrity to prove she doesn’t need to release statements through official channels. She just announced the end of her two-year marriage to Chad Kroeger via Instagram.

-Here’s a closer look at Sandra Bullock’s new boyfriend. Four for you, girl!

Emma Thompson continues to give interviews that should become required reading for all humans. Her bit about women who don’t call themselves feminists is particularly inspired.

-Simmer down, E! News. Just because Robert Pattinson happened to be at the same place as a wedding, doesn’t mean he “crashed” it.

-The 007 author apologized about calling Idris Elba “street” and said it had nothing to do with race (which, if you read his full interview, you’d have guessed). But what about Idris not being “sauve” enough? That’s the apology-needing bit, IMO.

-Meanwhile, Idris Elba and Cary Fukunaga cover Variety and tell harrowing tales of almost dying during Beast of No Nations’s shoot in Ghana.

Gisele Bundchen threatened Tom Brady with divorce, which may explain their sudden PDA. This is why I always side eye articles that say nothing except how cozy a couple is. Like this one.

Next year’s Oscars will have two hosts, because the Anne Hathaway/James Franco debacle has taught us nothing. Unless it’s Amy Schumer and Chris Pratt, I don’t want to hear about it.

-This is a pretty fascinating story about what a mess the fall TV season is, and nothing has even premiered yet. There’s been a crazy amount of firings, recastings and showrunner swaps already.

-Nothing makes me laugh harder than the people on Twitter who are SO MAD about the all the press Kermit and Miss Piggy’s “split” is getting. Yeah, it’s basically just a promo for their new show, but the back and forth is also a clever commentary on celebrity coverage. I bet those Twitter complainers are the same people who point out that wrestling is fake…

-No matter what’s going on with Kermit, Miss Piggy is keeping busy, whether she’s flirting with Liam Hemsworth or helping the Agent Carter cast in their first installment of the #DubSmashWars (scroll down to see the video).

-I like all the words in this headline: “Helena Bonham Carter to Star in Nick Hornby Adaptation of ‘Love, Nina’ for BBC.”

-Hmmm…I’m conflicted about a lot of the words in this headline: “Cate Blanchett to Play Lucille Ball in Biopic Written by Aaron Sorkin.” I mean, surely they could have gotten somebody, anybody other than Sorkin? My faith in his ability to write female characters was nuked by The Newsroom.

Jimmy Kimmel‘s war against the gaming community is getting very meta.

-On good thing about Mr Robot’s finale being delayed is that it allowed Remi Malek an extra week to do promotion. He was adorable on Kimmel last night, explaining why he owes his role to Emmy Rossum.

Greg Berlanti is soon going to be responsible for every show on TV. But his new one sounds like it has a Hocus Pocus vibe, so I’m in!

Bryan Cranston compared being famous to being a pregnant woman, which is both hilarious and apt.

-I’ve seen a lot of shows on Vulture’s top 100 list. Like, A LOT. I should probably go outside at some point…

-Wait, Rosie O’Donnell is dating Tatum O’Neil?

-I was going to attempt an X Files rewatch before the reboot, but these super fast Vine recaps may be the better solution.

-I somehow managed to get TIFF tickets to Sicario. This new clip makes me think I’ll be watching it from behind my fingers.

Michael Fassbender rises to power in the new Macbeth trailer.