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September 14, 2015

Matt Damon Explains Diversity to Black Filmmaker

-This is a shitty day to be a woman or POC. First, Matt Damon mansplained diversity to a black woman, and then Vanity Fair released this photo of late night talk show hosts.

Rachel McAdams (who I’m seeing again tonight in Spotlight) officially joins Marvel’s Doctor Strange.

Elizabeth Olsen denied a relationship with Tom Hiddleston. But, but, why???

-This video is proof that Vancouver is actually the ultimate character actor.

Ellen Page went public with girlfriend Samantha Thomas at the Freeheld premiere last night.

-Also one of those people sobbing uncontrollably at Freeheld last night was me. I’m owning it.

Emilia Clarke is not a fan of gratuitous sex scenes. She’s on the wrong show.

John Oliver had to close his megachurch because too many people sent him semen.

-Let’s pour one out for Pink Is The New Blog — one of the first and the best.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was just named the new host of Celebrity Apprentice, which *I guess* is an upgrade? Maybe?

Amy Schumer told Stephen Colbert about the time she drunk-ate Jake Gyllenhaal’s cake.

-I think it’s HILARIOUS that Katie Holmes is going to such great lengths to disguise herself when meeting up with Jamie Foxx. It’s like she thinks we care or something?

Rihanna and Travis Scott made out — and made Justin Timberlake uncomfortable.

-I never thought I’d see the words ‘Kristen Stewart‘ and ‘dubsmash’ in the same headline.

-I’m swamped with TIFF right now so the blog will be a little light this week. Apologies!