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Selma Blair Is a Survivor


-In her Town & Country interview, Selma Blair talks about living with multiple sclerosis, and the power of makeup (“Makeup is not trivial to me. If anything moves the needle for me in my life—even before my diagnosis or challenges—it is my gorgeous war paint…I don’t mind if my muscles get caught at the intersection of a slow brain signal. I just want those words to come from lips covered in Chanel gloss”).

-In news no one was expecting: How I Met Your Mother is getting a spinoff on Hulu called How I Met Your Father, starring Hilary Duff.

Prince Harry and the Queen reportedly spoke privately on at least two different occasions while he was home for the funeral of Prince Philip.

-Meanwhile, Harry is now back in LA.

Zac Efron (who is currently filming in Toronto) and his Australian girlfriend Vanessa Valladares have reportedly split after 10 months of dating.

-Speaking of splits, Jennifer Lopez‘s camp is saying she broke it off with ARod because she could no longer trust him.

-I’m so glad Shadow and Bones (which hits Netflix this Friday) is getting such glowing reviews — it’s 93% on RottenTomatoes. “Game of Thrones meets your fave CW show” sounds like perfection. I thought the original trilogy was pretty good but then ended up reading the other series, Six of Crows, since the show will also feature those characters too, and that series was amazing. I’m not surprised that the Crows segments (which are less magic-y and more heist-y), seem to be getting the most attention. I’m also very glad the show retained all the shipper goodness.

-Odd couple Lucy Hale and Skeet Ulrich are an odd couple no more.

Robert De Niro‘s lawyers claim he’s working at an unsustainable pace in order to support his estranged wife. He’s also suing a former employee.

-Though the popular assumption online is that there’s some sabotage via glam going on backstage, The View hairstylist says that her intentions are pure and not at all passive-aggressive.

-A new season of Master of None is coming in May. I loved that show, but I’m not sure how I feel about seeing more Aziz, though this season will reportedly focus on Lena Waithe’s character, Denise.

-Chanel is replacing their annual Oscars dinner with luxury at-home gift boxes. About 150 VIPs will receive boxes while the legendary French fashion house makes a donation to The Actors Fund.

Lizzo introduced Taurus season with a nude selfie.

LeVar Burton is getting his wish to guest-host Jeopardy.

Eric Bana plays a federal agent investigating the decades-old death of a teenage girl in his hometown in The Dry trailer.


GQ Men of The Year Awards


-The GQ men of the year ceremony happened today virtually, and Normal People’s Paul Mescal squirmed through the sex scenes they showed while he was given his Breakthrough Actor award.

Megan Fox has officially filed for divorce from Brian Austin Green.

Zac Efron may have split from his waitress girlfriend.

-In happier couples news, Friends star Matthew Perry popped the question to his girlfriend of two years, Molly Hurwitz.

Joss Whedon has exited the HBO series The Nevers, citing exhaustion. I’d love if they found a woman to showrun the series about a group of Victorian women who develop strange abilities, but that’s probably expecting too much from Hollywood.

Jude Law says the scientist on the set of Contagion warned him a pandemic was inevitable. “The great scientists on set with us who had worked with Scott [Z. Burns] the writer and [director] Steven [Soderbergh] were very learned and experienced individuals who knew what to expect. And they all said to us that this was going to happen — and it was a case of when rather than if.”

-I’m not watching Happiest Season until tomorrow, but I’m loving all the praise Dan Levy is getting.

-The Rose Motel from Schitt’s Creek is on sale for $2 million.

Melissa McCarthy appeared on Jimmy Fallon‘s show to promote her new movie Superintelligence – and ended up struggling to sing Barenaked Ladies‘ “One Week”, which features heavily in the movie. Clearly not a Canadian.

Andy Samberg shared simple message to those who don’t like the Academy’s new diversity standards: “People who have problems with it can f**k off.”

-Here’s the first full-length trailer for The PromRyan Murphy’s Netflix musical starring Meryl Streep, James Corden, Nicole Kidman and Keegan-Michael Key. It hits Netflix Dec 11.

Paul Mescal Remains the Internet’s Boyfriend


-It feels like I watched Normal People 9 million years ago (it was in May) so I should probably be over my Paul Mescal crush, but this new GQ photo spread just pulled me back in. This is some Chris-Evans-in-Knives-Out levels of sweater perfection.

Zac Efron‘s girlfriend Vanessa Valladares threw him a star-studded surprise birthday party this weekend. Wait, is the pandemic over and nobody told me?!

Chris Pratt was trending on Twitter this weekend because most of the Avengers cast is assembling for a Biden fundraiser, and he’s the notable absence.  Who’s still surprised that this guy is most likely a Republican? Did we all forget that Ellen Page called him out for supporting an anti-LGBTQ church?

-It seems like only Canadians appreciated the “BonjourHi” sketch on SNL but Bowen Yang killed it. I also thought this cut sketch about Lovecraft County was also good in that they’re right — that show is impossible to describe.

Adele is hosting SNL next weekend, and I’m already exhausted by the discourse around her weight loss (and the thought that they might do a sketch about it.)

Harry Styles got a haircut and fans are all up in their feelings.

R Kelly‘s lawyers say he was beaten in jail and “no one raised a finger.” Presumably the ones who did the beating did though.

-A judge just ruled that Danny Masterson‘s rape case will go forward in court after the actor’s lawyers tried to get it tossed out.

-Black Panther’s Winston Duke had insomnia and spent the night posting shirtless thirst traps. That’s the kind of middle-of-the-night productivity I appreciate!

Cardi B deleted her Twitter account following her reconciliation with Offset, saying she’s tired of “a bunch of 15-year-olds telling me how to live my life.” She should probably avoid her Insta comments too then.

-Oh god, Kanye West is going to be on Joe Rogan’s podcast next week. I just can’t with either of them.

-Hahahaha – one of the kids from Home Improvement is getting divorced, and copy and pasted his announcement from Armie Hammer. Of all the ones out there to crib, you choose that one?!?

-Speaking of Hammer, his Rebecca costar Lily James is pulling out of interviews after those photos of her and Dominic West surfaced — reportedly because some of the bigger outlets are insisting she address it. I was actually surprised that she was still doing them last week (though not surprised by how awkward she was).

-I really, really liked Olivia Dade‘s new book and this interview on fat representation makes me like it even more.

-I haven’t watched The Trial of the Chicago 7, but there’s a ton of supercuts floating around of dialogue being directly lifted from Aaron Sorkin’s past projects. He remains the master at recycling old bits.

-Sony is denying rumors that originated from a sketchy fan site about Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire joining the cast of Spider-Man 3.

-I really liked this article on Bryan Fuller, shipping and fandom’s purity culture.

-CBS All Access just dropped a new trailer for The Stand. I couldn’t imagine another mini-series I’d want to watch less in the middle of a pandemic.

Kurt Russell’s Hot Santa is back to save Christmas in the trailer for The Christmas Chronicles 2.

-The trailer for All My Life is here and I’m definitely down to watch Harry Shum Jr as the lead in a romantic drama.