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Taylor Swift Wins Big at the Brits

-The Brits are taking place right now, and Taylor Swift just became the first woman and youngest artist ever to win the Global Icon award.

-This excerpt from Seth Rogen‘s new book about his encounter with Tom Cruise reminds us that he really does have some harmful and damaging beliefs, and yet he’s like teflon when it comes to anything bad sticking on his reputation.

-Meanwhile, if someone had told me this first picture is of Seth Rogen I wouldn’t have believed them.

-According to TMZ, Ben Affleck began emailing Jennifer Lopez in early February, shortly after his breakup with Ana de Armas (but when she was still engaged to ARod).

Ed Norton is the latest addition to the Knives Out 2 cast. I hope all the characters have wildly different accents.

-When the controversy erupted over Chris D‚ÄôElia, director Zack Snyder decided to digitally scrub him from every scene of Army of the Dead during postproduction ‚ÄĒ and swap in Tig Notaro.

-Prodigal Son has been canceled after two seasons at Fox, and the internet is surprisingly sad about it.

Chloe Zhao writes fan fiction? I wonder what her AO3 handle is?

Paul Bettany once pitched A Knight’s Tale sequel: ‚ÄúWilliam and Jocelyn have a daughter and she wants to get into jousting… You follow this woman who‚Äôs 18 or 20 years old as she seeks out his friends for help.‚ÄĚ I want this.

Mickey Rourke is a newly converted Law & Order: SVU fan, and his Instagram post about it is spectacular.

-Look, I get why Theo James isn’t coming back to Sanditon. The show was dead in the water and he’d probably lined up other work before its surprise renewal. But I hate his statement about why he’s leaving: “I‚Äôve always maintained that his journey concluded as I wanted it to. The broken fairy-tale like ending between Charlotte and Sidney is different, unique and so interesting to me.” Buddy, you were playing the lead in a Jane Austen adaptation. If you didn’t realize that it would end up as a HEA, you failed to do the required reading.

John Mulaney is performing a comedy residency this week, and it sounds like he doesn’t shy away from the tough subjects, saying at one point¬†“When I‚Äôm alone I‚Äôm with someone who tried to kill me.”¬†He also revealed that his intervention involved¬†Seth Meyers, Nick Kroll, Fred Armisen, Natasha Lyonne, and Bill Hader.

-It seems every cast member who’s ever been on Grey’s Anatomy is returning for guest spots, but when asked if she’d thought about it, Sandra Oh said “Oh my gosh, no.

Barry Jenkins‘ The Underground Railroad adaptation is getting incredible raves, with the only criticism seeming to be that Amazon is doing it a¬†disservice by dropping it all at once because it’s so dense and overwhelming.

-Here’s¬†the trailer for David Lowery‚Äôs Arthurian tale The Green Knight, starring Dev Patel.

Matt Damon fights to get his daughter out of jail in the Stillwater trailer.

Kit Harrington Talks Hair and Heroism in GQ

Kit Harington April 2014 issue of GQ
Kit Harington in the April 2014 issue of GQ. (Photo: PAOLA KUDACKI/GQ)

-Game of Thrones star Kit Harrington covers the new issue of GQ, in which he seems kind of bitter about his hair.

-Speaking of Game of Thrones stars landing mag covers, Sophie Turner (Sansa) is stunning on You.

-In other GoT news,¬†Nikolaj Coster-Waldau talks about his character’s¬†season 4 women trouble. Jaime+Brienne4eva!

-Now that How I Met Your Mother wraps up tonight, Neil Patrick Harris has gone from suiting up to donning fishnets and heels.

Neil Patrick Harris and Jason Segel have a history of singing Les Miz songs to each other, and they resurrected the tradition on Inside the Actors Studio. I will never tire of this.

-Meanwhile, Lindsay Lohan and Billy Eichner destroyed a car because they’re mad How I Met Your Mother is over.

Lindsay Lohan¬†talked about pole dancing, Tinder and¬†Oprah¬†on¬†last week’s Ellen. She also talked about launching a new app called¬†Spotted Friend¬†which she described as “like Shazam but for clothing,” which actually sounds pretty dope.

-Thank god Jezebel is¬†recapping Lindsay’s reality show¬†and eliminating the need to actually, you know, watch it.

-I saw Divergent this weekend and though it wasn’t perfect, I had zero problems with¬†Theo James. And now I find out¬†he can sing? COME ON!

Johnny Depp (who, admittedly, is looking really good these days) confirmed his engagement to Amber Heard in the most obnoxious way possible.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds were spotted visiting his mom in Vancouver.

-I’m not sure how I felt about¬†The Walking Dead finale¬†(I was down with it until that very last line, which was a¬†total cheesefest), but I know this:¬†Norman Reedus¬†is the¬†coolest mofo alive, and the woman who asked Andrew Lincoln a question on Talking Dead in the form of¬†a Love Actually tribute¬†is my hero.

-Meanwhile, the finale drew in huge ratings. The majority of network TV shows would kill for 15.7 million viewers.

-The mother of Paul Walker‘s daughter will get custody‚ÄĒ on the condition that she first goes to rehab.

-I’m not sure I’m feeling the white dress Emma Watson wore to the latest Noah premiere, but I’ve got nothing but love for her thoughts on airbrushing.

-Is Harry Styles dating Alison Mosshart of The Kills? What magical pull does this kid have?!

-A source close to Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin says they’ve been leading separate lives for years and were surprised it took them this long to announce their split.

-Feast your ear holes on “Listen,”¬†the Black Keys‘ first new song since 2011.

-Speaking of new music,¬†have you heard Alicia Keys’ song with Kendrick Lamar and Pharrell for the Amazing Spider-Man 2?

-Speaking of Pharrell, he and Jane Fonda are now BFFs, which is kind of perfect.

-Also, Pharrell just signed on to be a coach on the next season of The Voice. Will he and Usher start a hat war?

William and Kate released a new family portrait and it’s pretty damn cute.

-The¬†Magic Mike sequel just got a new title and a new director.¬†But don’t worry, Channing Tatum is still involved.

Nikki Reed stepped out ringless after announcing her split from husband Paul McDonald.

-Someday, I hope we all get the chance to sing karaoke with Bill Murray. Until then, we’ll just have to be content with this video of him singing “House of the Rising Sun.”

-Expect¬†Captain America: The Winter Soldier to be huge. It’s already opened to an insane¬†$75.2 million overseas.

-Guys, don’t make any sudden movements: Dave Chappelle is back¬†and we don’t want to scare him away again.

-Speaking of comics, here’s the weird-ass SNL sketch that was cut from¬†Louis C.K.‘s episode.

-Here’s everything you need to know about Sam Smith, the musical guest on the most recent SNL. (Anyone else think he looks like Kirk from Gilmore Girls?)

-The Office’s¬†B.J. Novak is now writing for NYT Book Review because he’s both a published author and a fancypants.

-Speaking of literate Office stars, Rashida Jones just scored a new column in Glamour.

Justin Bieber got booed at last night’s Juno Awards — but Serena Ryder had his back.

Hugh Jackman made fans swoon by bringing Wolverine: The Musical to life, if only ever so briefly.

-Meanwhile,¬†Hugh joined¬†James McAvoy¬†for the¬†X-Men promo tour. I’m not going to lie; I might have squealed a little when James popped up in the new Muppets movie…

Lee Pace (or, as Vulture calls him “eyebrow hero Lee Pace”) wages tech war in the new promo for AMC’s upcoming drama Halt and Catch Fire.

-I’m still watching The Killing because I’m a total sucker for A) ¬†Joel Kinnaman¬†and B) punishment, but I’m intrigued by this casting of Linden’s mom.

-Congrats to¬†Elton John and David Furnish, who are set to marry in May after more than 20 years together. My brain can’t even process what that wedding’s going to look like.

Chelsea Handler is pulling the plug on her E! show after complaining about how “sad” that network is.

Cara Delevingne and Michelle Rodriguez seem to be enjoying their  romantic vacation in Mexico.

Chris Carter, who created The X Files, is back with a new series for Amazon.

-Speaking of supernatural shows, the Space website is streaming the entire first season of Orphan Black in case you need to catch up.

-Wait,¬†Clive Owen is doing rom-coms now? Not that I’m complaining…