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Miley Cyrus Praises Dolly Parton in Cosmo


Miley Cyrus looks very good on the cover of Cosmo, in which she talks about the benefits of having Dolly Parton as a godmother (“Having access to her closet!”) and her worst red carpet looks (“Pretty much 2008-2013. The Grammys were rough and tough for me. Yoikes!”). We also learned that Miley Cyrus is the type of person to use the word “yoikes.”

-We were gifted with another exceptional PR stroke from Jennifer Garner today. I mean, just look at those photos of her with Ben Affleck’s mom. They’re sharing sunglasses, laughing, leaning on each other and generally radiating genuine affection. Meanwhile, Ben is getting photographed in liquor stores by fans on his vacation with his new girlfriend in Maine. You know how people like Shonda Rhimes and Aaron Sorkin are hosting those Masterclass videos on screenwriting? I need Garner to host one on press manipulation and branding.

-Believe it or not, Jessica Biel is getting rave reviews for her new TV show, with Paste calling it her “Breaking Bad moment.” It debuts tonight  on the USA Network, and will air in Canada on Showcase later this fall.

Jessica Williams told a great story on Colbert about how she and J.K. Rowling became friends after the author DM’d her.

-The FBI is now investigating that HBO hack, which could be brutal as it involved “seven times the amount of data stolen in the Sony hack.”

-In her Harper’s Bazaar UK cover story, Kristen Stewart talks about her sexuality and says she’s open to dating men in the future — which she explains with a grilled cheese metaphor. (“Some people aren’t like that. Some people know that they like grilled cheese and they’ll eat it every day for the rest of their lives. I want to try everything. If I have grilled cheese once I’m like, ‘That was cool, what’s next?'”)

Jeremy Renner opened up about his friendship with late Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell on Howard Stern’s radio show.

Billie Lourd‘s interview with Sarah Paulson in Town and Country is worth a read.

-On Watch What Happens Live, James Van Der Beek admitted he was surprised when Katie Holmes married Tom Cruise, said he still speaks to Busy Phillips and Joshua Jackson, and revealed he was glad Joey ended up with Pacey instead of Dawson. You and the rest of the world, bud.

-I love that Wet Hot American Summer is using “nose job” to explain away how Adam Scott took over Bradley Cooper‘s role. (Also, this clip gave me major Ben/Leslie feels.)

Rihanna has finally announced an official launch date for Fenty Beauty, her cosmetics line that Sephora will carry.

-LucasFilm has brought in a new writer for Star Wars: Episode IX to revise the script from Colin Trevorrow and his writing partner, Derek Connolly. One has to wonder if this is the fallout from those terrible reviews of Trevorrow’s The Book Of Henry.

Mindy Kaling was photographed between takes while filming the final season of The Mindy Project. I suck at bump watch but I still don’t see it.

Vin Diesel is working on Miami Vice reboot for NBC and holy moly all those words are terrible.

-This is HILARIOUS: the Will & Grace revival will pretend the finale never happened. To recap: in the finale, Grace had a daughter with husband Leo (Harry Connick Jr.), Will was raising a son with husband Vincent (Bobby Cannavale), and Will and Grace were estranged — only to reunite 20 years later in a flash-forward when their kids started dating.

-I love that a reporter at today’s CW panel at the TCAs openly mocked Supergirl’s Mon-El. That…doesn’t happen there.

-The CW’s big superhero crossover will be a two-night affair this year instead of being spread out over four nights like usual. The only hint about the plot is “romance is in the air.” (If they squeeze the Olicity wedding into a crossover, Imma flip a table.)

-Also coming out of the CW panel, the network president recognized that maybe they’ve driven away their female audience too much.  Probably not a coincidence that last year, I saw showrunners/casts opening making fun of female viewers/shippers, and those shows’ ratings subsequently tanked.

-The CW day at TCA ended with an Everwood reunion panel in which the whole cast showed up and cried. God, I loved that show.

-Man, this article on Sharknado’s casting process is a fun read.

John Boyega is defending Kathryn Bigelow against critics who think she wasn’t the person who should have brought Detroit to the big screen.

-Here’s the harrowing first trailer for Angelina Jolie’s Netflix drama First They Killed My Father, which is coming to TIFF.


Jennifer Lopez’s Leaked Photos Prove She Doesn’t Need Photoshop

-In her unretouched photos, Jennifer Lopez still looks better than I would after eleventy million hours in a makeup chair. So that makes me feel great.

JLo also says she blamed herself for her cheating exes. (That’s sad. If she wants to cheer herself up, I have some unretouched photos she could look at.)

-For some reason, Leonardo DiCaprio‘s rep is vehemently denying the only thing that’s made Leonardo DiCaprio slightly interesting in years.

-Assume crash position: Chris Brown is now a father.

-It was the last straw for his girlfriend Karrueche Tran, who tweeted, “Listen. One can only take so much. The best of luck to Chris and his family. No baby drama for me.”

-First it was Begin Again, and now this. Adam Levine continues to win me over. Dammit.

Justin Bieber‘s Comedy Central roast promo is a parody of SNL’s parody of Justin Bieber’s Calvin Klein ads. I think? I dunno – I only made it through 0.07 seconds of his shirtlessness before my eyeballs started vomiting.

-Meanwhile, Justin Bieber continues to have a Twitter conversation with Seth Rogen all by himself.

-Speaking of Seth Rogen, he just can’t stop ruining Amy Pascal‘s life. First, The Interview led to the Sony hack which got her fired. And now she can’t move into her new office because it smells like his weed.

-Look, it’s total balls that the female lead of a TV show wasn’t asked to be part of the DVD commentary. But when your show is *thisclose* to being cancelled, airing your grievances with the producers and letting everyone know that there’s behind-the-scenes tension is a bit of a logic boner.

-Rejoice! The Oscars might be going back to five Best Picture nominees.

This makes me feel much better about not giving a crap about House of Cards. Seriously, there’s too much on right now to waste time on bad TV masquerading as good TV.

-If everyone who is hating themselves for binging the new season of House of Cards had just spent that time catching up on The Americans, the world would be a better place (albeit a place with a lot more intense conversations about wig budgets). Here’s a compelling argument for why you should be watching.

-I love that James Van Der Beek immediately admits in this interview that he’s doing CSI: Cyber so he can feed his kids.

Mo’Nique claims she was supposed to play Cookie on Empire, is met with the world’s largest side eye.

-I like this article on how The Mindy Project is keeping the main character a mess despite recent, um, plot developments.

-I can’t decide if Chris Hemsworth‘s hosting gig on SNL this weekend is going to be a tremendous success or a terrible failure. The promos are funny, but that’s all on Kate McKinnon. “I touched The Hems! You saw it!”

-Speaking of Thor, it took a lot of tweeting to unlock it, but the final trailer For Avengers: Age of Ultron is here, and it’s pretty effing great.

Lindsay Lohan Just Can’t Help Herself


-This week in “Lindsay Lohan Doesn’t Deserve The Internet” News, she Instagrammed a bedroom shot of herself with The Wanted’s Max George, and then Tweeted about the anniversary of Heath Ledger‘s death for attention.

-Speaking of gross tweets, Carl’s Jr. really outdid themselves with this one.

-The Beyonce lip-synching scandal is really sad, especially when you hear how great she was in soundcheck. The Marine Corps Band has retracted its earlier statement, making the whole thing even cloudier.

-Also sad: is Bey turning into GOOP?

-Speaking of Beyonce, is she working on a collab with H&M?

Joseph Gordon-Levitt just scored the biggest deal to come out of Sundance 2013 yet, selling his directorial debut Don Jon’s Addiction to Relativity for wide release.

Britney Spears removed her $90,000 engagement ring and replaced it with sideboob. Is she reverting back to her old ways?

Selena Gomez seems to be doing just fine without Justin Bieber, partying until 2:30 a.m. with a new guy.

-This is the freakiest thing I’ve seen in a while. It’s what happens when your brain can’t fully process the whole image and fills in the details, apparently.

Russell Crowe just proved he has a sense of humour (!) by retweeting this.

-Swatting is a stupid and terrible new trend, but does the fact that Chris Brown and Kris Jenner are the latest targets make it just a hair less stupid and terrible?

-The woman who played Mrs. Garrett on Facts of Life just revealed her husband was gay. You take the good, you take the bad…

-ABC just pulled Don’t Trust the B in Apt 23 from its schedule. Do you know what this means? Both Dawson and Pacey have disappeared from our TV screens in the span of a week. Sigh.

James Van Der Beek has already responded to the news. Sadly, it was not with this.

-Speaking of TV, I wasn’t keen on the idea of a Vampire Diaries spinoff until I found out it was going to focus on this guy. Sold!

Jessica Alba‘s umbrella holder = worst job in the world?

-Ya gotta give James Franco this: the man just won’t stop trying.

Chris Pratt shared some adorable photos of his new kid on Ellen.

-Speaking of babies, Shakira has arrived at the hospital to give birth.

Rihanna is following Justin Bieber‘s lead and showing off a butt pic on social media.

Lindsay Lohan has reportedly turned down Dancing with the Stars. So far.

-Woah. David Fincher is in talks to direct Gone Girl.

-The new trailer for At Any Price, starring Zac Efron and Dennis Quaid, has landed. Is this just a really quickly turned-around sequel to Promised Land?