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Chris Rock Schools Hollywood with Blistering Essay

chris rock

Chris Rock is on FIRE this week. First came his New Yorker interview, and now he penned an essay for the Hollywood Reporter and it’s a must read. Here’s a taste: “How about True Detective? I never heard anyone go, “Is it going to be Amy Adams or Gabrielle Union?” for that show. I didn’t hear one black girl’s name on those lists. Not one. Literally everyone in town was up for that part, unless you were black. And I haven’t read the script, but something tells me if Gabrielle Union were Colin Farrell’s wife, it wouldn’t change a thing.” Seriously, go read it right now. I’ll wait.

Eva Mendes talked about why she and Ryan Gosling stayed mum about her pregnancy for so long. (Mostly: it was none of your business.)

-It’s probably not a good sign with even People magazine is speculating that things between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are cooling off.

-Community’s Gillian Jacobs (who’s first name is pronounced with a hard ‘g’ – true story) looks lovely on the new cover of Flare.

-In other cover stories, Bradley Cooper speaks about his struggles with addiction in the new Vanity Fair.

-I don’t understand what kind of studio would upload a trailer for Jay Baruchel’s new movie and geo-block it from Canadians. Don’t they know we’re his peeps?

-This is weird, totally unexpected new: Source Code is getting a sequel. I really, really liked that movie but it made about $3 at the box office.

-I’m not sure this is Anna Kendrick’s best colour, but I dig the clutch.

Rosario Dawson has adopted a 12-year-old girl. (Also, how did I not know she used to date Danny Boyle?!)

-The cast of Suicide Squad sounds pretty solid: Will Smith, Tom Hardy, Jared Leto, Margot Robbie. (I’d still rather see the TV actors in there, but oh well)

-Speaking of TV superheroes, Stephen Amell did a Facebook video Q&A and talked about how you should approach him in public. (TL;DR: it’s all cool, but be respectful if he’s with his baby. “If I’m out in public, it’s not like I shouldn’t expect it. Celebs who do that are assholes.”).

-Also, part one of the Flash/Arrow crossover was amazeballs. High hopes for tonight’s!

-Speaking of last night’s TV, I don’t watch Sons of Anarchy but everyone on my Twitter TL was freaking out over this scene.

Allison Williams says it’s impossible to hate-watch Peter Pan Live. Challenge accepted!

Tom Cruise really needs to figure out that whole ‘they drive on the other side’ thing while filming in London.

Meryl Streep had a Thanksgiving kitchen emergency so she ended up using neighbor Gwyneth Paltrow’s oven.

Reese Witherspoon belted out “Random Phrase Carols” last night with Jimmy Fallon.

Evan Rachel Wood “Felt Like Meat” During Vanity Fair Photo Shoot

Evan Rachel Wood Vanity Fair

Evan Rachel Wood wrote a series of sad tweets about her 2003 Vanity Fair cover shoot. “I was 15 and felt for the first time my identity being erased and the pressure to shut up and do what you are told.”

Iggy Azalea is NOT happy with her Maxim Australia cover.

-In other cover news, Kerry Washington looks fresh-faced and amazing on Allure.

Blake Lively made her first red carpet appearance since she announced she’s expecting and I thought she was going to strain something the way she was pushing out her tummy so hard.

-Also, there are more suggestions that parts of Blake‘s Preserve is plagiarized.

-I’m not a comic book fan so the only thing I know about the Suicide Squad is what I’ve gleaned from superhero shows on The CW (where I’m mostly  only paying attention to the abs), but I might have to read up now that Ryan Gosling, Will Smith, and Tom Hardy are rumoured to be joining the cast of the upcoming movie adaptation.

Jane Campion‘s Top of the Lake is officially returning for Season 2. As much as I admired that show, I think I’m taking a break from unrelentingly bleak TV for a while.

-To that point, I didn’t stick with The Knick, but this direction-focused recap makes me want to pick it up again.

-Speaking of bleak TV, I steered clear of Gracepoint after watching the terrible first episode, but every TV critic I follow on Twitter seems united in their belief that Anna Gunn is really, really bad in it.

-It’s been a rough week. Here’s a lovely photo of Joshua Jackson in Glamour, where he says he and Diane Kruger aren’t married because they’re both children of divorce and “not religious.”

Gillian Anderson thinks the next X Files movie should be of the “monster of the week” variety. I don’t disagree. I was a HUGE fan of that show and I still have no idea where the mythology ended up. Something about bees, maybe?

-I don’t know about you, but I always feel better knowing that George Clooney is in the same country as I am.

-The cast of The Wire came together last night for a reunion at PaleyFest. Here are 12 revelations from the panel, or you could just watch the whole thing here.

Chris Rock‘s Top Five was really well received at this year’s TIFF. Here’s the first trailer: