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Michelle Williams Talks Film & Feminism in Harper’s Bazaar


-This Michelle Williams cover is making me wanna cut off all my hair.

Tiffany Haddish gave a 17-minute acceptance speech and it was awesome. (Here’s the full transcript.)  I hope she wins everything this awards season because I need at least nine more of these pep talks.

-I really like The Fug Girls’ thread on how red carpet questions should be handled this weekend.

-In a new interview with Vulture, Diane Kruger opened up about her split from boyfriend of 10 years, Joshua Jackson. “This was a long time coming.. Also we broke up many months before we said we were broken up.”

-The Good Place returns tonight (thank gawd!) and this interview with Manny Jacinto in which he gets all flustered when asked if he’s Team Janet or Team Tahani is all kinds of sweet.

-The X Files returned last night and the gross ending made me so mad I was shaking. If you are already spoiled, I wrote about the twist and the immediate outrage on Twitter. I thought it was weird timing that Gillian Anderson announced that she’s not returning to the franchise in any form the day before the premiere, but now I get it.

-On the plus side, its ratings are way down.

-Well, I guess  someone’s enjoying the storm. Ansel Elgort channeled his Baby Driver character to pull some stunts during a blizzard.

Matt Lauer is reportedly still watching The Today Show and trying to give the producers notes. Ha ha ha!

-Good for Robbie Amell. He just landed a new Amazon pilot from The Office creator Greg Daniels.

Cate Blanchett is a great choice to lead the next Cannes jury.

-Look at Paul Wesley subtweeting his Vampire Diaries costar Ian Somerhalder. Savage.

-Just in case you weren’t already excited about Black Panther, the soundtrack will be produced and curated by Kendrick Lamar.

-Oh goodie! Steven Seagal wrote a deranged, unintentionally hilarious, racist anti-Obama novel.

-Like the rest of us, Mira Sorvino thinks it’s pretty boss that her dad wants to lay a smackdown on Harvey Weinstein.

-Moonlight director Barry Jenkins watched Notting Hill over the shoulder of the woman next to him on a plane and live-tweeted it. It’s very funny.

-I wish this story about Rumer Willis setting up her mom Demi Moore with Nick Jonas was true.

-Speaking of stories I hope are true, Us Weekly says Meghan Markle wants to break from tradition and have her mom walk her down the aisle.

-The TCAs started today with HBO leading the way, where they announced that the final season won’t premiere until 2019. They also revealed the last season’s all-male writers and directors roster. So by the time it ends, it will have aired 73 episodes and employed one woman director (who helmed 4 eps).

Jon Hamm, Catherine Keener, Amber Tamblyn and Nick Offerman star in the Nostalgia trailer.

Game of Thrones Trailer: Winter Is Here

-The new Game Of Thrones trailer for season 7 teases multiple battles and confirms that winter is finally here.

-After two high-risk pregnancies, Kim Kardashian is reportedly hiring a surrogate. I know nothing about how much surrogates cost, but doesn’t this seem like not a lot?

George Clooney is having a moment. The new dad just sold his Casamigos tequila brand to beverage giant Diageo – for one billion dollars!

Kate Beckinsale, 43, is dating 21-year-old actor Matt Rife. Get it, girl.

-Holy shit, this is messy. Phil Lord and Chris Miller (of The Lego Movie and the 21 Jump Street) were ejected from the Hans Solo movie after clashing with LucasFilm President Kathleen Kennedy. To leave a project when there’s just three weeks of shooting left because of “creative differences?” Ron Howard is reportedly among the directors in talks to take over.

-There are a lot of new faces on The THR 100 (The Hollywood Reporter’s list of the most powerful people in entertainment), including Barry Jenkins, Reese Witherspoon and Patty Jenkins.

Miley Cyrus says she was the one who gave Instagram the idea to disable comments on some posts.

Jesse Williams‘ divorce from Aryn Drake-Lee is getting messy. The Grey’s Anatomy star is fighting for joint physical custody and says his estranged wife refused his request for more time with their two children.

-This is a great piece on Sofia Coppola‘s The Beguiled controversy, and what we should expect from white directors.

-Drew Barrymore makes a very brief cameo in SZA’s music video for the very good song “Drew Barrymore”.

-This is pretty damn admirable: Law & Order: SVU star Mariska Hargitay is fighting to get all of America’s backlogged rape kits tested.

Amy Poehler and Jimmy Fallon played “Are You Smarter Than a Smart Girl?”  (Spoiler alert: they are not.)

Prince Harry revealed he suffered regular panic attacks after the death of his mother and recalled the emotional difficulty of walking behind his mother’s coffin. “I don’t think any child should be asked to do that, under any circumstances. I don’t think it would happen today.”

-If a show dumps six cast members, is it still the same show? NBC’s Taken is about to find out.

-Shocking report: diverse casts are bringing in serious box office cash.

-My Best Friend’s Wedding came out 20 years ago today! I still dig this movie — despite the fact that it’s based on people who make a marriage pact for if they’re still single by the time they’re 28(!). The best part about it is how the three people in the love triangle are basically monsters, and the movie never lets you forget it.

Damon Lindelof is developing a Watchmen TV series for HBO. After what he did with The Leftovers, I’m willing to give this a chance.

-ATX’s panel for Sweet/Vicious has landed on YouTube. How did I never realize that the main actress is Bryan Cranston’s daughter?!

-EW has some exclusive new Blade Runner 2049 footage.

Miles Teller fights PTSD in the Thank You for Your Service trailer.

Moonlight and La La Land Directors Share Variety Cover


Damien Chazelle and Barry Jenkins compare notes on a scandal in Variety’s new cover story, which features an interview with them conducted the morning after the Oscars. There’s a lot of controversy about Jenkins having to share this cover (and yes, that headline is terrible) but the story itself is much more balanced than the shared narrative/white grace slant the headline suggests. Also, the assumption that Chazelle muscled his way in is not entirely accurate. As Jenkins tweeted, “This cover is traditionally reserved for Best Director. It’s tradition. I’m the guest here.”

-Meanwhile, Warren Beatty asked the Academy to cut him a break and “publicly clarify” his Oscars mix-up “as soon as possible.”

-After attending Oscar parties on Sunday together, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom have confirmed their split. In *completely* unrelated news, anyone remember this blind item from last week?

-Now that he’s got an Oscar, Casey Affleck has broken his silence on those sexual harassment allegations.

-Us Weekly is claiming that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston are talking again after he tracked down her number and texted her to wish her a happy birthday.

-Brace yourself, ladies: Dev Patel was spotted holding hands with rumored new girlfriend Tilda Cobham-Hervey. I hope she takes advantage of this and strokes his glorious hair at least 7 times a day…

-The Good Fight’s Cush Jumbo and Stephen Colbert recited an entire Shakespearean sonnet in perfect harmony. (Also, she’s British?!)

Rihanna received the 2017 Harvard Humanitarian Award and opened her speech with “so I made it to Harvard…”

Blair Waldorf is back on TV? With the guy from Happy Endings? Yes, please!

Courteney Cox’s ancestors killed the king of England, according to Lisa Kudrow. She also says the entire Friends cast recently reunited for a dinner.

-I was looking forward to the documentary about the Eagles of Death Metal and the Paris attacks,  even before I found out Colin Hanks made it.

-The original cast members of The Big Bang Theory have reportedly taken a pay cut to help their co-stars get raises. I don’t like that show, but that’s still pretty swell.

Oprah Winfrey is reportedly entertaining the idea of running for president. I…don’t hate that?

-Does THR keep doing these egregious covers on purpose? Because this is really, really bad.  (The replies on that tweet delight me, though.)

-I can’t imagine that Beyonce fans are super thrilled with the news that Lady Gaga will replace her at Coachella.

Chance the Rapper bought a bunch of Get Out tickets so people could see it for free. (Have you seen Get Out? I’m not into horror AT ALL and I loved it. I’m a scaredy cat and I found it no more terrifying than an episode of Black Mirror.)

-I’d normally be stoked that Fringe’s Anna Torv is back on a TV series, but seeing as what Fincher did with House Of Cards I’m not sure how I feel about this.

-Aw nuts. Anna Kendrick‘s Table 19 is getting bad reviews. It’s not a good sign when critics say the most interesting character is the cake.

-We meet Star-Lord‘s dad and get more cute Baby Groot in the new GotGVol2 trailer.

-Netflix dropped a bunch of new trailers this week, including Alison Brie’s wrestling comedy Glow, a German import called DarkBong Joon Ho’s monster movie Okja starring Tilda Swinton, and 13 Reasons Why with Kate Walsh.

-Netflix also released our first glimpse at War Machine, featuring Brad Pitt as Gen. McChrystal.