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Rihanna Will Kiss It Better

-How many times have you watched the “Kiss It Better” video today? It’s ok;  I won’t tell.

-Meanwhile, I still like Father John Misty’s cover better.

-Lululemon threw shade at Beyonce and then quickly realized how stupid that was. And here I thought introducing thigh gap leggings was the worst thing they’d do this month…

-DC has ordered reshoots of Suicide Squad because they want to funny it up like Deadpool? Well, that bodes well.

-This article on Ben Affleck and his changing image throughout the years is so, so good.

Seth Green once thought Jon Bernthal looked homeless so he gave him some White Stripes tickets. This just makes me love Seth Green even more.

-Oh geez. Now Tidal is trying to take on Netflix by streaming moviesKanye West is already developing a film with Bret Easton Ellis.

Rupert Murdoch’s ex-wife is dating Vladimir Putin? I thought we were still a day away from April Fool’s?

Lea Michele and Jonathan Groff continue to be adorable besties in this Ham4Ham video. Sidenote: who wakes up in full eyeliner and lip gloss?

-You stay away from Anna Kendrick, Kellan Lutz! You stay far away!

-Speaking of Hamilton stars, the producers perfectly pointed out the irony of the current”controversy” over their non-white casting.

Stephen Colbert had a musical interview with Crazy Ex Girlfriend star Rachel Bloom and it was beautiful.

-I’m glad Alyson Hannigan is still getting work, but this seems like a weird choice for her.

-Here’s the Alice Through the Looking Glass trailer. Meh.

Buffy and Willow Reunite!


-I love that Buffy’s Sarah Michelle Gellar and Alyson Hannigan still hang out. (Also, is it just me or is Alyson Benjamin Button-ing before our very eyes?)

-Sweet! Despite being dropped by Fox and only streaming in the US this fall, The Mindy Project will continue to air on CityTV in Canada.

Mariah Carey’s former BFF (and “lover”) is spilling details about her life, including the fact that she has a giant walk-in closet just for her lingerie, and she had to learn how to walk in sneakers.

-Is this Amal Clooney‘s first major fashion misstep? I guess she really is human after all. Huh.

-It’s about time. Gossip Girl’s Kelly Rutherford won sole custody of her children following the weirdest, longest court battle ever.

-Is American Horror Story: Hotel getting a douche jar? Max Greenfield just joined the cast.

Matthew Goode is leaving The Good Wife, which is not surprising since the writers had absolutely no idea what to do with him.

-God bless Chris Pratt. He has issued a pre-apology for whatever inappropriate thing he’ll end up saying on the Jurassic World press tour.

-Did anyone (besides John Stamos) really believe that the Olsen twins would join the Full House reboot?

-The Newsroom’s Alison Pill married Togetherness actor Joshua Leonard yesterday. I adore her vintage yellow wedding dress.

Rihanna mean-girled SNL cast member Sasheer Zamata like only Rihanna can.

Drake is still not over Madonna‘s kiss attack, apparently.

-The new adaptation of Stephen King‘s IT is dead after director Cary Fukunaga quit due to clashes with the studio. This may be for the best. In any case, King doesn’t seem too heartbroken.

-Congrats to FNL’s Scott Porter, who just welcomed his first son with his wife.

-I really needed this Guide to Coping with Game of Thrones because I’m pretty much ready to give up.

-I should probably not be surprised that I got 12/13 on this quiz: Can You Identify the CW Actor By Their Abs? Ashamed, but not surprised.

Katy Perry is done talking about Russell Brand, thank you very much.

-I can’t nope this new Johnny Depp trailer hard enough…

More on Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin’s “Conscious Uncoupling”

Gwyneth Paltrow photographed by Mario Testino for the September 2000 issue of Vanity Fair.

-Fallout from Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin‘s shocking split announcement continues. The pair are currently vacationing together in the Bahamas (they were seen dining together hours after the big reveal), and he reportedly gave her a painting of a bird in flight by Mila Fürstová to mark this new stage in their lives. As amicable as it all seems now, everyone’s wondering why they specifically pointed out that they’d spent time in this past year separated? Did they hold off on the announcement until they were certain it wouldn’t be part of Vanity Fair’s “takedown”? Or is some new bombshell coming that will be more easily explained if they’ve been apart for a while?

-Meanwhile, I really liked this article about what celebrity divorces tell us about “having it all.” And here’s a GIF guide to “conscious uncoupling.”

Gwyneth recently announced that she’s taking a break from acting to focus on her kids.

-Parks and Recreation’s Retta live-tweeted the last episode of The Good Wife last night, and she got so upset that Josh Charles had to call and console her. If only he could offer phone therapy to all of us…

-Speaking of Parks and Rec stars, Chris Pratt is teaming up with wife Anna Faris for a new movie.

-What happened to James Marsden? I’m not a fan of this new look.

-A rumoured Fox reality series will trick women into believing they’re competing for Prince Harry’s love, which is just so…wrong.

-Speaking of terrible reality TV, E! just ordered something called Kourtney & Khloe Take The Hamptons. Ugh.

Shia LaBeouf looks really gross coming from the gym, but I remember a Nerdist podcast where Casey Wilson was talking about always seeing him work out in jeans, so I guess this outfit is an improvement?

-Cripes. Fox just pulled Enlisted because no one’s watching it. This is why we can’t have nice things, people!

Captain Americais quitting, you guys.

Alyson Hannigan predicts you’re going to ugly-cry your way through the HIMYM finale next week.

-Here’s Louis CK‘s new SNL promos.

-So now True Detective is submitting itself as a drama instead of a mini-series? This awards show already makes no sense! (It also implies that HBO has no hopes for Game of Thrones’ award chances this season.)

Channing Tatum continues to be a wonderful human being.

-The Mindy Project returns next week with two back-to-back episodes, one of which is promisingly called “French Me, You Idiot.”

Kit Harrington thinks there should be equal opportunity nudity on Game of Thrones. Someone buy this man a cup of mead!

-Speaking of GoT, here’s a 9-minute recap to get you back up to speed before the season premiere. I really needed that.

-The cast of Lost were asked to describe the series in 30 seconds — and some did better than others. (Also, why does Maggie Grace look like she just arrived from a walk of shame?)

Rihanna flew back to London to join Drake for his final shows.

Miranda Kerr is back to Instagramming nekkid pics.

-I’m 99.9% sure this story about Kanye West buying Kim Kardashian a Burger King franchise for a wedding present is total crap, but I still love it.

-Could Community’s “six seasons and a movie” rally cry actually become a reality?

-The CinemaCon audience was treated to footage from Fifty Shade of Grey and Angelina Jolie’s Unbroken. Strap in for the next year of blanket coverage!

-Speaking of Angelina, the new international trailer delves into Maleficent’s’ tragic backstory.

Blake Lively was photographed in a wedding dress on the set of her new movie.

Jake Johnson sounds as happy about what happened on last night’s New Girl as the rest of the Internet. It’s always hard to watch a show try to back out of the corner it’s painted itself.

-In other Jake Johnson news, here’s the NSFW red-band trailer for Let’s Be Cops. Put your shirt back on, Nina Dobrev!