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Frances McDormand Under Wraps

frances mcdormand vogue

Frances McDormand covers the new issue of Vogue, and I actually looked it up to see if she’s in the new Dune movie because otherwise this cover shoot makes no sense to me. She is not. In any case, she still deserves all the covers!

Emma Stone is heading to TV. She’ll star in the Safdie brothers’ The Curse, which has been formally ordered to series at Showtime. The series from the Uncut Gems duo is described as a genre-bending comedy that explores how an alleged curse disturbs the relationship of Stone’s character and her husband (Nathan Fielder) as they try to conceive a child.

-Merry Swiftmas! Prolific pop singer Taylor Swift announced this morning that she’s celebrating her birthday by dropping another surprise album tonight. Considering how many folklore songs ended up on my Spotify Wrapped playlist, I’m very much looking forward to this.

-People are convinced that she’s wearing a wedding dress in one of the album’s promo pics.

Ariana Grande gets teary in the trailer of her Netflix tour docu-film excuse me, i love you, which is set to drop Dec. 21.

Ryan Reynolds got his mother to on an expletive-laden rant against Chris Hemsworth… but it’s all for charity.

Jon Bernthal is set to create and star in an Amazon drama called The Bottoms. I’m not even gonna look up what this show is about, because there’s no way it lives up to what I’m imagining in my head.

Pedro Pascal says his performance in Wonder Woman 1984 was partially inspired by Nicolas Cage. “With Wonder Woman, [Gal Gadot and Kristen Wiig] are doing the action, baby, and I’m doing the schm-acting! I am hamming it up!”

Kelly Clarkson says her estranged husband, who was also her manager, defrauded her out of millions by charging exorbitant fees.

Ellen Degeneres revealed that she’s tested positive for covid, but so far her symptoms are very mild. The show has paused production until next year.

-Speaking of covid, Chris Evans was photographed doing his own covid swab…which seems weird.

-Dancing With The Stars’ judge Carrie Ann Inaba also tested positive.

-iCarly is being rebooted with the original stars because Hollywood has run out of ideas.

-Whoa. Girls star Allison Williams is going to lead a remake of the Canadian drama Being Erica.

George Clooney‘s new movie The Midnight Sky is just getting so-so reviews but it’s on Netflix so we’re all going to watch it anyway.

-The French Exit trailer stars Michelle Pfeiffer as an ex-wealthy widow and Lucas Hedges as her son.

The Golden Globes 2018 Red Carpet Makes A Statement with #TimesUp

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This was the most unusual red carpet I’ve ever seen in my 10+ years of covering award shows. Every nominee and major star who walked the red carpet wore black in support of the #TimesUp movement in an effort to bring awareness to the cause. And that was great. As was the amount of famous women who brought activists  as their dates (a move that was reportedly led by Michelle Williams).

But it wasn’t without frustrations. As I worried about before the show, talking about fashion at all seemed to be frowned about — despite all the hard work the designers and stylists put into helping the stars make this statement. (This thread from the Go Fug Yourself ladies covers it more eloquently than I ever could.) And most frustratingly, the women seemed to be the only ones being asked about #TimesUp movement, putting the burden of solidarity totally on them, while men got the typical questions about their nominations and roles, which further made the movement seem more symbolic than transformative.

That being said, fashion-wise this might have been one of the best red carpets we’ve seen in a while. Perhaps because the gowns were all black, there seemed to be more focus on impeccable tailoring and stunning accents & accessories. Here are my 10 favourites of the night:

  Embed from Getty Images

Saoirse Ronan has been knocking it out of the park during her Lady Bird press tour and at the start of this awards show circuit with her dedication to mixing it up and keeping it fresh. She looks sleek and cool in Atelier Versace.

  Embed from Getty Images

Speaking of sleek and cool, this is a great look for Jessica Chastain. Her Armani Prive fit her like a glove.

  Embed from Getty Images

Pants was a big theme of the night, whether it was skirts over pants (Christina Hendricks, Alison Brie) or just a straight up lady suit. I don’t think anyone did it better than The Handsmaid’s Tale star Alexis Bledel in Oscar de la Renta.  

Embed from Getty Images

Gawd, is there anyone cooler than Tracee Ellis Ross? The black dress code didn’t stop her from serving up a whole lotta look in Marc Jacobs.  

Embed from Getty Images

I usually find Dakota Johnson a snoozefest at these things, but the back of her Gucci gown was stunning.

  Embed from Getty Images

Gal Gadot is all business in a Tom Ford column dress and blazer. I felt like the slit was a slightly awkward length, but she still made it work.

  Embed from Getty Images

Insecure’s Issa Rae takes a dramatic plunge in this stunning Prabal Gurung gown with perfectly paired Lorraine Schwartz accessories.  

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Allison Janney proved black doesn’t have to mean boring in this in Mario Dice with daring cutouts.

  Embed from Getty Images

Viola Davis was her usual stunning self. She’s pretty much the only person who can wear valor and still make me love it.

  Embed from Getty Images
Allison Williams stretched the black dress code further than most in this Armani Prive with a colourful bodice.

Kim Kardashian Is “So Over” Her Taylor Swift Feud


-In her new Billboard cover story, Kim Kardashian tries to convince us that she doesn’t want to talk about Taylor Swift anymore. Uh huh.

Kim Kardashian was assaulted by the same creep who grabbed Gigi Hadid. Here’s a history of his “pranks.” Kim reportedly plans to press charges; I hope she finishes him.

Benedict Cumberbatch interviewed Tom Hiddleston and refused to ask him about Taylor Swift. Jesus cripes, what kind of a Sherlock is this guy?!

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are texting again? Ruh-roh.

-Girls is ending after this season and is wrapping up filming this week, which Allison Williams celebrated with some adorable Instagram posts.

-Oh, FFS. Now Johnny Depp is in talks to star in a remake of Murder On The Orient Express? Sigh.

-CW”s new superhero fight club segment is so good, I almost want to watch more of this instead of the actual shows.

-How did I not realize that Rami Malek was on the Gilmore Girls? “All I remember was that was the fastest talking show…and I don’t have the most pace when I speak. I gently take my time.”

-I keep forgetting that Janet Jackson is pregnant. Good for her?

-YouTube star Lilly Singh met Drake and it was as adorable as you’d expect. The “#ScarboroughTingSinceTimeG” hashtag wins everything.

-I am so, so fascinated by THR’s story about how TV stars are getting rich at fan conventions. My brother and I once tried to calculate how much the average celeb makes at one of these things, and we clearly underestimated. I’d never judge the stars who attend or the people who regularly pony up hundreds of dollars for an autograph or photo, but there’s definitely an assembly line feeling to that component of cons. I’ve gone to two and had a blast, but mostly stuck to the panels. I lucked out when I met Gillian Anderson but from all accounts, that was a fluke caused by extenuating circumstances and most attendees only get to talk to the stars for a minute or so (mere seconds during photo opps). In any case, to each their own but I could devour a whole series on the commodification of celebrity interactions.

-Meanwhile, Stephen Amell is super unhappy about how that article portrayed the experience.

-Designated Survivor got a full season pickup (I think last night’s episode lost me), as did Speechless (which is surprisingly great. Minnie Driver FTW!)

-So glad to see Kate Middleton is enjoying our view.

-It tickles me to see Woody Allen’s new Amazon series get terrible reviews.

Jon Favreau is directing a new Lion King. Sigh.

-I saw Sandra Oh at TIFF and though I hated her movie, it reminded me how much I miss her. She just joined the cast of ABC’s American Crime.

-Speaking of TIFF, I liked Kristen Stewart‘s Personal Shopper. I think. It’s still percolating. In any case, here’s the new trailer.

Adam Driver plays a poetic bus driver in this new clip from Paterson.