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June 17, 2022

Chris Evans’ Puppy Interview

-It’s been a rough week. Here’s 9 minutes of Chris Evans playing with puppies to see it off. (He also played with some senior dogs which was even cuter. “It’s ok. C’mere, let’s build some trust.”)

Ezra Miller has deactivated their Instagram account after posting a string of memes seemingly designed to taunt the courts who cannot serve them with a protective order because their whereabouts are unknown. Meanwhile, another parent was granted a temporary harassment prevention order after claiming Miller screamed at her, showed her their gun, and forcibly hugged her non-binary 12-year-old child. At this point, the WB but be having serious conversations about how to move forward with The Flash movie.

-In his new video for “Falling Back,” Drake takes a trip down the aisle to marry the love of his life – all 23 of them.

-On a podcast with Mandy MooreRachel Bilson said her breakup with Bill Hader in the early days of the pandemic “was probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Harder than childbirth.”

-A sequel series to the original Game of Thrones is in the works and will focus on Kit Harington‘s Jon Snow character. I’m surprised Harington would willingly re-enter that world.

-Today’s Actors on Actors pairing is Courteney Cox and Faith Hill. Cox said she’s too scared to watch the Scream movies (“There’s no way. I don’t care if I know what blood, what’s happening, who it was behind the mask. It doesn’t matter”), while Hill said she went to “cowboy camp” to prepare for 1883 (“I learned how to drive a wagon, which, by the way, is so hard”).

Mariah Carey gave a hilarious speech at the Songwriters Hall of Fame ceremony.

Anna Sorokin, which Netflix’s Inventing Anna was based on, says she’s trying to move away from the “scammer persona” …by launching a collection of NFTs.

-Rutherford Falls season two has dropped on Peacock this week to glowing reviews. Season 1 aired on Showcase but no word if/when it’ll air in Canada.

Will Forte will play a true crime podcaster in the Obamas’ first scripted series for Netflix.

Chris Hemsworth‘s Spiderhead dropped today on Netflix  — so why is there so little marketing?

-Here’s the new trailer for Billy Eichner’s Bros.